Poot                                        Minton                                     Nyoukis


Skatgobs will be performing at Cafe Oto on Thursday September 1st along with Audrey Chen/Phil Minton Duo and will perform two sets at FORT PROCESS

at Newhaven Fort on Saturday September 3rd.


"Skatgobs is the visceral vocal improv trio of Phil Minton, Dylan Nyoukis and Luke Poot.  Channeling and contorting the voice

into enveloping textures and contours that can be subtley crepuscular one moment and howlingly nightmarish the next,

all three are peerless vocal performers." - Cafe Oto


"Minton, Nyoukis and Poot sat in chair in a row, with Minton at the centre flanked by his two proteges. The noises

that emerged from the three mens' mouths was a surprisingly low-key and often entertaining barrage of wordless symphonies

that ebbed and flowed into cartoon-like life as mini call and response narratives were set up in sketch-like performances.

Again, however constructed each section was, there was a wonderful purity in watching the trio let rip

with each other before coming to a close by way of a raging calm." - Herald Scotland


portrait by Gina Southgate


Excerpt from "pointless" CDr (chocolate monk) edition of 40


cover art by Rick Potts


"The cockney fug of Café Oto gives way to a relaxed domestic burr and the sharp acoustic slap-back you get

between Victorian terraces. "Please welcome Skatgobs" says some showbiz dude and the performance starts with Luke Poot

in your left ear, Dylan Nyoukis in your right and Phil Minton all over your face.  These three have been pulling gunk outta their necks

for about 1000 years or so but tonight they are concentrating on collective mouth-music and similar damp jaxx.

For those expecting duck-like explosions, brace yourself.  The sound here is mainly gentle; hissed swoops and whispered

threats are the vocabulary.  Each individual – Poot, Nyoukis or Minton creates fresh cockles and whelks from that tonsil

and mind conglomerate but it’s the collective that makes this one a speciality bean.  Ideas may launch individually but work in tandem

then triplicate.  Things lock pleasingly together for a while then peel away… reflective soap bubbles.

The ‘hssss-furrr-chow, chow, chow’ is lightning fast with pico-routines and micro-dramas played out and passed from cake hole to

shell-like to shrimp joke like a juggler’s hot nut.  The collected minds carefully splice each presented ‘bluurr’ or ‘tssshhhh-ch’

with an infinite number of other potential ‘blaaaahs’ to become a 50’s Radiophonic but without the sellotape and white coats.

The pace is brisk enough to satisfy any Minor Threat fan but the deepness of this game means we’re looking at things along the

vertical rather than horizontal.  I’m not saying this is a hippy-band meditative piece (this is way more large-colon than third-eye)

but a certain gravity and space is required to sup properly.

It’s been asked before but I’ll ask it again.  Does this work without the red-faced gurn and fat-cheeked pop;

the sweaty visual to eyeball wide and contextualise? Well of course it does, listening to this in your own dungeon, it becomes an abstract electronic,

they (P/N/M) become the human synths with a Mentat’s purple lips.

So dearest librarians… do you file this under Sound Poetry, free-release throat metal or tooth-jazz?

Categories become problematic and stifling with juice this fresh so park that thought buddy and slip these randomly

between Editions Mego and Naxos joints, let the punters sort it out.

Essential?  You betchya." - Joe Murray (Radio Free Midwich)



Saturday performance at ATP (stage 3)


Back by popular demand, ATP Sunday (main stage)


photos by Agata Urbaniak


"This is what happens when you reduce the history of jazz to nothing more than a wet-lipped smack?

Super-heavyweight mung-kings MINTON/POOT/NYOUKIS play a damp three-way shove of extreme vocal improvisations

Phil has slapped his chops round brass trumpets for real. He invented the god-damn Feral Choir and made folk stream warm piss across the world.

Luke  fears magicians. Put simply his Very Rich Lexicon re-birthed vocal jaxx to a new generation. A performer of rare intensity and sincerity.

Patron of the arts via the POOT imprint. Totally Mexico.rin

Dylan plays beef-harp in Blood Stereo and did do time in Decaer Pinga…yada yada yada. Reluctant prince of the international underground set.

You heard the Chocolate Monk? Aye, that Dylan’s thing.

Expect rid-raw throats and hockle-splattered cheeks, deep sinus explosions and kissy-kissy lip squelch.

Best to finish off with a trio of howls from the diaphragm. Nice!" - A Better Noise

. Totally Mexico.

Phil, Luke & Dylan would love to bring some Skatgobbery to your town