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Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Soiled Gas Mask  CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

“Sugar brings nice sweetness to the sauce” says an accented voice a few minutes into group’s third album of 2019, one heavy on the fevered claustrophobia. Disturbing froth and gothic Mommie Dearest shame dissolve in a dark woont piece named after Alan Wagner’s legendary milk-bath poster (a Freakdom meme-of-the-year finalist). Joan Of Art — in surgery recovery mode, deluded and paranoid from the opioid painkillers — wanders out into traffic muttering the words to The Fall’s tale of sinister government agencies. Turntables and contact mics scrape layers of hardened parrot mucus for nearly twelve minutes in an epic examination of the difference between phlegm and sputum. There are two field recordings from The Dome in Scappoose, Oregon, made at the end of BLE’s August 2018 tour (one piece came about when The City Councilman’s phone was accidentally recording while stuffed into his pocket, and the other documents Gnarlos throwing balls of goat dung at a poster hung above the dumpster by the garage depicting President Shiklgruber cradling a baby dinosaur rescued from the twin towers on 9/11). Lucian Tielens dodges golfball-sized blobs of toxins and revelations that flicker across the bottom of an apocalyptic bucket, propelled only by grunting and orally expressed distress. A freeway execution narrated by a helicopter-bound ghoul. A jaunty celebration of urushiol. Cthulhu crèpe. Hemotoma. “The Funky Chicken” as fetishist’s instruction manual. So much dirty. So much unclean.


Butte County Free Music Society - T-Shirt   £15

Butte County Free Music Society

Pledge allegiance to these West Coast weirdos and you too could look as dapper as Mr Bruce Russell and his mound of coathangers.
medium, large or x large



Yuzo Iwata - Daylight Moon   LP £20


Daylight Moon is Yuzo Iwata's 1st outing since his debut lp, Drowning In The Sky, got the green light in 1999 on the legendary Org label. While Yuzo's been living stateside for a couple of decades, his roots, style & fluidity harken back to the Kichijoji Minor days of the late seventies Tokyo underground scene. He also put in some time as a member of Tori Kudo's Maher Shalal Hash Baz early on & there's no one else in Philadelphia who can make that claim. His pedigree is legit. As is his playing. For fans of Kousokuya & Hallelujahs especially + PSF & Org overall. This is a limited pressing of 250.


RRS - Card Funk LP £14

Cardboard Club

RRS aka Robert Ridley Shackleton aka The Cardboard Prince unleashes his first full length vinyl LP after countless cassettes and CDr's (and a 7"). Come and get yr card hard with the bedroom sermons of a outsider funk snack master. Lo-fi, lurid, lyrical & life affirming stuff.

Glands Of External Secretion - Convicted Felon Adjusted For Inflation CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

A surreal collage of songs, sounds, Barbara Manning’s vocals, voice samples, loops, out-of-context rhythms, field recordings, electronics, cut-up manipulated noises, a cover of The Shaggs’ “Why Do I Feel?”, and anything else which is not considered music, even if it is, and does not need actual instruments to be played, even if they are used. The duo’s twisted orgy of sound borders on audacious, which the phrase “extremely psychedelic” fails to completely encapsulate.



Felix Mace - Boundry Situation CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

It began as an undefined audio project in Spring 2012, a disparate collection of software-generated samples and crudely mixed tracks. Undergoing the early phase of chemo-therapy beginning in Autumn of that year, Felix Mace recognized that his cognitive parameters were adapting to the industrial chemicals he’d been prescribed, a side effect that left the usual creative outlets oddly unrewarding. The only thing that felt good in his head was sound. Digital audio generation and editing, demanding minimal physical effort and offering disproportionately great returns, mainly in the retention of mental acuity and a healthy sense of control over his daily life, came to the fore: the tedious minutia of micro-samples; the joys of arbitrary filter processing; reckless mixing; endless revision to the fullest extent. No rules, no expectations, no pressure. After a moment of realization that what he was doing was vitally important to his well being, a mere project became a personal exploration of mental, emotional and physical responses to cancer and treatment.

Boundary Situation front-loads dense tangles of diminutive noise squiggles and mechanical jitters, with elusive roars always corroding the fringes. It progresses through corridors and courtyards of increasing sparseness and disconnected unreality, and concludes in the peculiar triumphant glow of Man Against Nature. Voices with standard-issue clinical neutrality (as well as one or two that are unnervingly chummy) reciting assigned texts, institutionally formal instructions, and answers to FAQs zigzag between panting, birds chirping, owls hooting, a children’s playground, jet engines, railroads, and other sound effects. Mace’s labyrinths of looping and filtering, woozy guitar noise backdrops, appropriations of folky acoustic guitar, R’n’B instrumentals, and fragments of sharp piano playing are elaborate, yet navigable and uncluttered.

Boundary Situation is a masterful hybrid of electronics and musique concrete, inspired by good ol’ fashioned existential dread, overcome by dexterous manipulation of its own alienating elements.


Glands Of External Secretion - Meat Receiving CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

Two long tracks of ground-up tape noise and uneasy electronics, plus the five-minute "Venison" (previously released by From The Same Mother on a CDR comp; features Tom Lax on tongs), all previously released on the Ultra Eczema LP of the same name. Overall, an off-kilter abattoir of dread and fear and suffering. With bonus tracks.


Glands Of External Secretion - Inoperable Turmeric Malignancy CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

Released in support of the April 2019 tour by Seymour Cassel and Barbara Mandrell, as Aaron Dilloway refers to them, this mostly live recording reveals the crazed shards of flavor-blasted rock always present in the duo’s idiosyncratic gack but usually obscured by a psychotic interfacing of the psychedelic and the concrète, a là Ceremony. The five tracks here, including covers of The Dead C. and Traffic, writhe around like a bunch of unforeseen side effects to ill-advised pharmaceuticals sharing. Screeching, bellowing, collapsing, meandering toward oncoming vehicles, too many impaired functions to name.



Glands Of External Secretion - Masters Of Atlantis CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

This quasi-concept album chronicles an old man's nervous breakdown, his inevitable collapse, and the disastrous wake-up call. Like Meat Receiving (Ultra Eczema 2009), Tubular Bells (Starlight Furniture Co., 2003), and Icebox (Opax 2005), it is both an electronic album and a musique concrète album, though not strictly either. An unnerving montage of found sounds and field recordings (rusty hinges, antique calculators, security alarms, spewed liquids, defective mechanical pumps, public address announcements), narcotized sound effects from cartoons and children’s records, tape loops and tape cut-ups, and a smidge of electric guitar. Previously released on Inyrdisk.


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Loose Meat CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

Over an hour of viscera untethered! A cephalic card-counting snuffler memorizing the dress-code for visitors published by the Commonwealth Of Virginia’s department of corrections. Cranksters rutting through the neighbors’ storage shed and trying to power a homemade UFO with an aquarium air filter. Miscegenation of texts by John Steinbeck and Led Zeppelin. Foul seepage and damaged percolations. Toys-and-turntable spasticity recorded live on KXLU. Heat massage grimness. Gelatinous conflagrations. Brittle geekiopathy. A spontaneous gurnathon recorded at the fire pit behind The Dome. Lily McBilly’s WTF mash-up of the go-go-boot morality ditty “Teenie Weenie Boppie” by France Gall and Play It Again Sam’s failed-pick-up-at-the-museum scene. The 21-minute “Boiling The Grackle That Killed Suzanne Pleshette,” a live recording from The Handbag Factory in Los Angeles that delivers twice the juddering oomph of sleep-deprived space cats overdosing on bovine tranques dreaming of a laser battle with a hot water heater.



Seymour Glass - What's Going To Happen To Us? Book £20

Butte County Free Music Society

This perfect-bound paperback book is a 76pp account of the August 2018 tour that took S. Glass with and without the Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble to Los Angeles, Canada, Seattle, and Portland. Illustrated in color throughout with images from Lucian Tielens’s archive of objects and documents donated to and/or abandoned at the public library, photos and video stills shot along the way by The City Councilman, the book contains informal Q-and-As with many of the artists with whom the BLE shared stages (including Adrian Dimond of Pulsating Cyst, Verge Bliss of Dendera Bloodbath, Rick Potts of Dinosaurs With Horns, Dinzu Artefacts recording artist Jack Taylor, Ace Farren-Ford of Hangar Quartet, Doug Harvey of Mannlicher Carcano and F, Josh Stevenson of Magneticring, Joe Peg of Red Panda Death March, Jackie Stewart of The Tenses, and David Weinberg of Sic), along with kindred spirits Bill Chen of Baby Huey and KSPC, Jesse Dewlow of People Skills, Stanley Zappa of Manzap, former editor / publisher of The Ongoing Dialogue Blossom Ahmad, and Barbara Manning. Ask your doctor if What’s Going To Happen To Us? is right for you. Side effects include: nausea; fever; mass transportation dread; vulgar dining options; attempted murder; exploitation flicks; nightmare-inducing bedtime stories; weird fuckers doing strange shit; bio-mechanical warfare; radio interviews; vile lodgings; neurological issues; hostile environments; face-palms; hallucinatory companions; shopping sprees; celebrity touchstones; bizarre acts of customer service; and the restroom-ification of public space. As a follow-up to If You Can’t Be Good, Be Reasonable (Chocolate Monk 2018), it’s exponentially more paranoid, delusional, cryptic, bleak, over-the-edge, and disgusting. You’ll love it. Cover by Stanley Zappa.


Orchid Spangiafora - Tin Windows 7" £6

Heart Of Glue

Decontextualized public voices cut-up and repeated. Addictive, funny, oddly rhythmic, obsessive-compulsive. C'mon, your brain is at least twenty-five percent worms by now, surely you can tolerate a couple more.


Ute Wassermann, Dylan Nyoukis, Claus Haxholm & Duncan Harrison LP £15

Spricht Editions

A surreal Panel debate will take place, with four experimental vocal artists getting to the depths of what it means to be a human being with a voice - not through power points and well conceptualised reasons but by going straight for the heart of it.

The voice in its primal form, a voice with a verbal language, a voice that can travel incoherently between timbres and concepts.

Four very different aspects and views on the topics will be dissected live in the panel debate, creating a space for the body to speak it's mother tongue and for the mind to let it's non-linear impulses mutate for the sheer thrill of exploring it's (un-)natural habitat.

Live Recording from Click Festival, Elsinore, Denmark, 2018. Vocals by Ute Wassermann, Duncan Harrison, Dylan Nyoukis and Claus Haxholm. Red Vinyl.



Prices With Postage

Antsy #1 Booklet £5


The premier of Dustin Krcatovich’s squirmalicious publication. Interviews with The Space Lady, Ben Russell, and Dominic Coppola. Plus: Fargo, North Dakota scene report by Austin James Marts; the making of “The Ventures In Space” by Forest “Sikk Laffter” Juziuk; an essay by Nobody (fka Willis Earl Beal); a short play by Anna Vitale; noise poetry by James Victor Yeary; and drawings by Ash Wyatt
Perfect bound, 44 pages.


Matt Gustafsson's - Discaholics! Record Collector Confessions volume 1 book & 7" £35

Marhaug Verlag

Swedish saxophone player/improviser/ composer/music archivist Mats Gustafsson has worked in the outer regions of jazz, avant-garde, experimental rock and free improvisation for more than 35 years.

Gustafsson is also a passionate record collector who strongly believes that actively nurturing the urge to seek for rare and obscure vinyl is a gateway to higher musical knowledge – a knowledge that it is a musician’s duty to share. He has coined the term Discaholism – and on his website Discaholic Corner he interviews fellow artists who have the same urge to spend all their waking hours obsessing about music and records.

This book presents ten selected interviews with artists/record collectors: Brian Morton, Byron Coley, Dennis Lyxzén, Elena Wolay, Harald Hult, Henry Rollins, Oren Ambarchi, Paal Nilssen-Love, Thurston Moore and Robert Crumb.
Also included are 25 TOP 10 lists of Gustafsson’s personal vinyl obsessions; an in-depth interview with Gustafsson himself; numerous illustrations and photos; plus a one-sided 7” vinyl single with an exclusive new track recorded 2017,
created using elements from Gustafsson’s record collection.

This is the first press with black vinyl. FOR POSTAGE PURPOSES OUTSIDE OF THE UK PLEASE COUNT AS FIVE CDs


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Unable To Suppress The Twitching CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

Exploring the intersectionality of spooky chamber music and the failures of profane janitors, unnecessary announcements from the futuristic lair of a James Bond villain, and bones of the southern skull. Guests include Dylan Nyoukis and Warvette. Studio material and live recordings from Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland and KXLU in Los Angeles



Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - External Organs  CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

Simian incantations made of over-saturated squelch clangs and reptile-friendly textures that are smooth as a cheese grater to the back of the head. Hiding under asynchronous grinds and competitive echo sharpness, the five long tracks here seem to recede unnaturally, like reverse footage of a smoldering grease fire, or a predatory ballet choreographed for It Had Been An Ordinary Enough Day In Pueblo, Colorado. The ensemble feels cooked alive on External Organs, maintaining a rhythm throughout comparable to extras from Night Of The Living Dead bonking into a wall over and over again as if trying to memorize the bloodstains on the sheetrock.


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Worst Utopia Ever  CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

On their fourth full-length album this year, the Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble charges into a blood-snake melee like public-access heroes the Ill-Advised Mutants Of Wrestling. Psychedelic euphoria and dread-poisoned torpor grapple all over landscapes smeared with swirling scrape bubbles and the post-hypnotic wobble that cleanses residua from an overdose of personality suppressants. “Very smooth,” as one disembodied and uncertain and completely inaccurate voice describes hopefully, “And somewhat spooky.” Punctuated by phlegmy coughs and metallic chirps, phasing in and out of common-area ambiance, this slow-moving travelogue through between-station grinds, animalist crunch vistas, and long-form dissection of beige respiratory gack rises and falls inside an onslaught of sinister machine drones that flay and smother everything with placid steadiness. There are multiple screech havens embedded throughout Worst Utopia Ever, where ghosted rescue attempts suffocate under the hairy mud of cross-eyed tape manipulation, mushy expressway pile-ups, and out-of-control clang orgies.



Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Taxidermy Frogs Copulating  CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

Over an hour of primordial muck extracted from the squishy lobes of these rurality-damaged urp-meisters. Bendier and more musk-slathered than a nudist farm trampoline, this Eros-preoccupied companion to the group’s upcoming Thanatos-exploiting The Inevitable Typo On Sheila Ostrich’s Tombstone applies electronic yeem to backward Marx Brothers opera, the voices of slimy novelty degenerates, and everything writhing on the tiles in between. Ample time on their first release of 2018 is allotted to reimagining several of fiction’s great lotharios -- Dwight Shrute, Ernst Blofeld, Mr. Magoo, and Rod McKuen -- as a cross between fascistic playboys and sex Nazis. Bug-eyed gurgles and clacks advance and recede with satyriasis-enriched determination worthy of a home-made installation of Rauschenberg’s Mud Muse. All buttons on the cookie machine are pushable: Moistened sputters, lascivious fwaps, cascades of dirty corn popping, weird grunting, perv huff, dejected shuffling of objects unaccustomed to the attention, and primitive electronic wub from toys and gizmos and manipulations. Salacious alien screeches serenade the reluctant, propelled by the percussive fiddle-faddle of incessant gorge harassment and creepy shoulder rubs. In master suites where violins get sawed in half by morning-after dental floss spat out of inflamed urethrae, Thundertubes and Stylophones grapple like surreal Greco-Roman tadpoles. BLE’s confusing, heavily mirrored demimonde, where everything and nothing is disturbing and inappropriate, allows the sound of children’s toys to infiltrate the needlessly elaborate hideouts of villains and make everyone uncomfortable on several levels. Keeps things spicy.



Blood Stereo / Hair & Treasure - split LP £12

Discrepant Records

So successful is this split-LP at hoovering up every last atom of vitamin B12 from the listening parlor, it really oughta come with vouchers for a cobalt patch. Not that eerily smooth and slightly red tongues are totally lacking in merit — rule thirty-four and all that — but there are occasions when a person needs to stand up without fear of keeling over.

Karen Constance and Dylan Nyoukis’s “Six Soddened Scenes” effortlessly ushers believers through their funhouse hexagon like a couple of one-armed juggler docents. A plastic bottle rattles inside a lettuce spinner, maybe, and it’s more refreshing than a tumbler full of iced bees (docile when served chilled, but they wake up in your mouth); machinery grinds during upper respiratory trials in a sitting room, not to be outdone by the beauteous overdriven shred of Ali MacKinnon’s amplified foghorn blarf; scratchy Brillo remnants and snippets of Bollywood soundtrack hover above scenes of escape pods about to sink during the systematic decay of the mothership hull, each rivet popping one at a time. Murky woont, fractured lost-life howls, and tiny screechlets define the slow-mo suffocation of an audience of easily spooked walruses who can create a stampede of fat with the slightest provocation (you do not wanna get in front of that, seriously); monologues worthy of Jodorowsky make their presence known among passages of ivory tickling, typically judgmental chickens, and equine asthma demonstrations. The mockery of swooping ducks requires a heads-up, what with their air-bending wing extensions that emit gnarly death cries appropriate to WWI myths, digital feedback, bass amps, and the heavy condensation of anxiety into hard, hairy, sweaty balls. Lady Clackarella and her magnetic sisters pick at the metal washers under their skin and leave trails of ooze everywhere they go. One section, seemingly designed to resemble evacuation from the digestive system of a sentient cabbage, should convince some listeners that they are, in fact, Crohn’s Disease with shoes. Looped and cut-up piano slip through the haze of a recital hall filled with addicts vaping carolina reapers.

On the flip, Hair And Treasure’s stingers throughout “Juno Lake Loop(s)” remain sharp enough to deface one’s concept of space. Vestibular heat radiates from the mirrored walls of Alex Jones and Gonçalo F. Cardoso’s wobbling honeycomb — indeed, the contrast and activity of their montage rivals a newborn infant’s takeaway from baby’s first episode of Spongebob. Colored vinegar fountains immortalize the sacred gurgle; death snorts commemorate distant string ploink; an organ dirge is jauntified and reimagined as a drained-pond shanty; the flutter of rubber swimfin on facemask and the crackle of cattails getting snapped off provide the necessary dinner theater overture. Gag-and-raspberry cut-ups are peppered with Mirounga ululations; contestants joust blind-folded; volunteers regret having agreed to high-speed bandage removal; pizzicato ploink bouquets flourish like the bursting blood vessels in a drunkard’s last remaining bits of uncorrupted cartilage. Top-shelf grunts provide deep satisfaction; the appetite for deep-fried breaded chainlink fence is whetted by the scraping of the barrel; virtuoso paddle boing elicits titters and giggles easier than two nudists scooping cloudy oil out of a vat; the reed-abusive whine of oblique wind / brass / licorice protocols mimics advanced inhalation strategies for newly mono-nostrilled scotoplanes. The league of refrigerator-trapped amphibians assemble (heralded by encoded somnambulant chirps and sci-fi bleep bloop passed along via networks of malfunctioning baby monitors), and drift isolated in a gelatin cube where accordion–harmonica woont bends and refracts in delicate intersections of tropical weather anomalies; imploding treefrogs remain calm during their noble self-sacrifice for the greater good; the anal growls of a twenty-one-duck salute morph into pronunciation guides for… something (it’s encrypted, so who knows). The sound of Zugly keyboards rippling through corrugated tunnels indicates closing time at the Nystagmus deficiency theme park.

Whether you’re struggling with a touch of anhedonia or just feeling dumbfounded and angry, these two collages will knock the desire back into you. The blissful wooze of aneurysms proliferates inside crystal balls until they pop, scattering into stammer-inducing arrangements where you can’t tell what’s facing up and what facing down. If nothing else, Discrepant’s release of this pair of masterpieces of maniacally telescoped Scheherazadian novellas proves that freak-scrambled history is one worth living for. - Seymour Glass


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Being Happy All The Time Would Be Extremely Depressing CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

Understated and skeletal arrangements, but still chock full of unsettling mixing and weirdos voicing peculiar narratives, sort of like a bizarre misreading of ASMR.



Borbetomagus - Trente Belles Années CD £9


Like worms through an hour glass, so are the days of our live recordings – such as Jim Sauter, Don Dietrich, and Donald Miller’s final concert of their 2009 tour of Europe. Performing at Instants Chavires in the land of la vache qui fond, the trio celebrates thirty goddamn years of impossibly loud and uncompromising screech, pioneering unique strategies such as bells together, extended, flexible mouthpieces, open mouth wah wah, and never ever conserving a single volt of energy. “You know that bit at the end of the Monterey concert where Hendrix sets his guitar on fire?” guitarist Donald Miller famously asked. “That’s what we do. For a whole hour.” With Borbetomagus, bigger is bigger, better is better. It’s not up for debate.


Six Heads - Cardboard Oracle LP £10

Wintage Records and Tapes

Surreal collage and engaging avant creep-core from a Toronto sextet led by William A. Davison (who has worked with Stephen Stapleton and Gastric Female Reflex). Found sound field-recordings, cut-ups, circuit-bent electronics, and homemade instruments are the tools of these sci-fi induced, satanic backwoods Ozark jams housed inside two-color sleeves screen-printed by GFR's Andrew Zukerman on old LP jackets and spray-painted by Disguises' Kevin Crump on cardboard flats. Hand-stamped labels.


L'Autopsie A Révélé Que La Mort Était Due A L'Autopsie- Le Souffle De l’Avorton (l’Aarqlmedal’a à la Rencontre de Jean-Philippe Borbollono) LP £9


Aka_bondage, Alan Courtis, Frank De Quengo and Ogrob shepherd music by Jean-Philippe Borbollono (a composer stillborn during the 17th Century) out of the ether and onto the world stage. The para-spiritual Argentine-French quartet combines shamanism, Art Brut, medicine and occult literature via extra-human voices, distortions, litanies, guitar, short-wave tuners, electronics and effects. Handmade sleeve, insert, liner notes and postcard.


The French Doctors- Au Chevet Des Blessés LP £9


Sébastien Borgo (guitar, electronics), Franq de Quengo (electronics), Olivier Manchion (bass, electronics), Nicolas Marmin (bass, electronics), and Edward Perraud (drums, percussion) founded The French Doctors when they performed with Damo Suzuki Network on October 5, 2003, at the Cafe de la Danse in Paris (documented on the second disc of Suzuki’s 2005 CD Hollyaris). Their performances that same year with Anla Courtis of Reynols and Jean-Hervé Perron of Faust are preserved in Jérôme Florenville’s documentary Le Chant de l’Imprévu. Translucent red vinyl. With poster, gauze bandage, and red sleeve covered with human blood. Edition of 200.


Unborn Unicorn- Unborn Unicorn LP £7

Heard Worse Records

Bay Arean Aaron Coyes (Mummers Eype, Heart Of Snow, Gromskull, Hisseaters and the Common Oracles label) fills your psych-folk-fuzz cochlea with echoes of Beefheart, Velvets, Spacemen 3, Dead C, and Kenneth Higney. Limited edition, imported from the big island of Australia, handmade recycled classical jackets.


Shift- Creation and Space LP £8

At War With False Noise

"Second full-length and first on vinyl from highly acclaimed power electronics / noise / drone powerhouse. Nice silkscreen packaging in heavy-duty sleeves."


Norbert Möslang- Fuzz_Galopp LP £10

Bocian Records

Amplified, pulsating sounds of cracked everyday-electronics by former member of Voice Crack, pioneers in the field of sound installation techniques usage in live improvised music. Rhythm is a primal foundation of fuzz_galopp’s texture, based solely on mechanical objects, and its density and powerful dynamics are thrillingly vivid.


Due Process- Combine XXIII-XXXV LP £9

Phage Tapes

Combine XXIII-XXXV brings John Wiggins, Thomas Dimuzio, and RRRon Lessard back together, whose earlier efforts Option called “serious art damage that careens from ambient industrial to the astringent squonks, bleeps and clamor of ’60s avant-garde, to the angst-ridden sonic shards and noisy electronic reflections of the post-industrial mess….” Live recordings and Zanstones’ squeezebox ditties get squeezed through the ringer and agitated, and with help from their own brand of detergents and stripping agents.


Shallow Waters- Equal Eyes  LP £9

Hospital Productions

There is no solid footing in the first full length by this active live unit from Providence, Rhode Island, only a suffocating hail of falling rock, strangling vines, and sinkholes. Like a rabbit trapped in the hole of the snake's throat, this duo comprised of members of Immaculate: Grotesque and Em Dath Rir batters and tears its way through six tracks of power electronics, eco-fallout and revolutionary anger. Offering not one moment of relief throughout this litany of rage, Shallow Waters separate themselves from the pack with the focus of a sniper and the fury of napalm.


Mama Baer- Bildnerei die Geisteskranken vol.2 - Ruhe  LP £9

Shamanic Trance

Glorious journey from whisper to testicle excision. Nauseating, repetitive. White vinyl. Edition of 300.


Gary Smith/Silvia Kastel/Ninni Morgia - Brand II  LP £9

L'Esprit De L'Escalier

Free improv by two guitarists renowned for their extended technique work and consistently inventive experimentation, and female electronics vocalist who explores the outer reaches of the voice. Seven rustling matches of self-containment, as if imprisoned inside a Styrofoam-insulated sleeping bag. Electro-chitters and micro-fweent form semi-transparent mosaics on top of the high-res screech of glass tchochtkes melting from the inside out, nth generation birdsong bending in on itself along an event horizon, color-blocked abstractions of mechanical squirrels playing a kalimba, and wolf fetuses horking into a trumpet. With master percussionist sound sculptor Marcello Magliocchi. Includes insert. Edition of 175


Gary Smith/Silvia Kastel/Ninni Morgia - Brand  LP £7


Heavyweight improviser, stereo guitar pioneer, and Aufgehoben guitarist Gary Smith has you covered in the multiple layering, complex grainy textures, dense counterpoint, influences of birdsong department. Fused with this is the guitar of free improv innovator Ninni Morgia, which floats between minimal movements of primordial electronics, pre-war slide blues and Hendrix-esque feedback. La Barbara and Torchia protégé Silvia Kastel’s moaning, screaming and howling alternates with her delayed, bubbling, glitchy or round bass synth. It’s a dense sound for three people -- not just visceral and intense, but articulate and defined, and in some instances very delicate. It’s got the deep taste of fearlessness of tempo, pulse, more conventional musical devices, or pushing to unpredictable extremes.


Factrix / Control Unit - Elegy For Rusted Souls  LP & 7" £10


The first new, previously unreleased music since 1982 by San Francisco industrial pioneers Factrix, together with Italian duo Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia. The quartet uses guitars, bass and electronics in their fusion of acoustic and electric elements, primitive rhythm patterns and ghostly, No Wave-ish vocals.


Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer/Silvia Kastel & Ninni Morgia- Two Couples  LP £9


"Two Couples is a collaboration between German artists/performers Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer, and Italian musicians Ninni Morgia (guitar) and Silvia Kastel (synth and voice).
Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer are known for their provocatice, neo-dadaesque, often extreme art and performances; and have previously worked with Smegma, Thurston Moore, John Wiese and many others. They have performed and exhibited all around the world and are part of the NY collective NO!Art Movement.
Ninni Morgia has become well-known in the NYC improv-free jazz scene, has played among others with William Parker, Daniel Carter, Peter Evans, Kevin Shea, Quivers, the psychedelic rock outfit La Otracina, and started the noise rock band White Tornado back in the 90’s. Silvia Kastel graduated in sound engineering and electronic music in NYC, studied singing with Lee Torchia and attended workshops with Joan La Barbara. She also runs the Ultramarine record label.
The music on Two Couples is a fusion of musique concrete, avant-garde, tropical psychedelia, moaning, screaming, free jazz and lots of raw synths."


Rats With Wingss - Aide-memoire  2 x LP £12

Heard Worse Records

Double LP compiling, re-editing and re-contextualising previous Rats With Wings CDR and cassette fodder - including both his Cipher Productions compilation appearances ('Night Science' and 'Underground Australia'), as well as releases on MIR, Deadline, Fiend and AEN. Sounds range from immaculately crafted compositions to splattered electronics and on into full-blown noise territory, mostly resting in that uncomfortable zone between all categories. Quite possibly Australia's worst kept secret.


Daniel Menche & Anla Courtis - Yaguá Ovy  LP £10

Mie Music

Based around the Argentinean mythology of the Werewolf, or “the blue dog” that lives on the “land without evil” of Mbya-Guarani, the first collaboration by Menche and Courtis whips up primal and natural noise. Menche draws out the sound and resonances found lying in snow and rocks while Courtis bewitches pizza sauce cans and his guitar, creating this mind flaying homage to the mythical wolf.


Burial Hex - Burial Hex  LP £8

Scratch and Sniff Entertainment

Dark and focused, utterly joyless mixture of field recordings, synths, and tortured vocals by Clay Ruby. Edition of 306.


Izititiz - Lucky Bird  CD £6


Featuring: Ras Moshe/James Duncan/Carter Thornton/Jesse Wallace/Matt Heyner. "New York's IZITITIZ presents Lucky Bird, a work inspired by such personalities and artifacts as Alan Arenius, the roof of ABC No Rio, Animal, a pet pigeon, Nami Yamamoto's Freedumb and a set of Hinthouse chimes. The music is envisioned as a soundtrack to the story of a manimal drummer's search for a mythic box of Cuban Jade hidden in a paper bag. Along the way he meets a pigeon named Lucky Bird with whom he shares an affinity for dancing around socks to drum solos. While they dance, two ghosts appear: Zashiki-Warashi and Kattorimatto, two dead idiots from the clan of Takechi Samurai. Rounding out the group is a flamingo trainer, desperate for any adventure which will help him escape from the Northern authorities."


rlw - Early W4: Ajatollah Carter  CD £6


Live recordings from 1980 by avant maverick Ralf Wehowsky (PD, P16.D4) and crew. Debauched, low-key back-room skronk of the sort incorrigibly unskilled combos such as Door and The Window have delighted dozens of listeners worldwide meets the beyond-rational improv that over-educated Euros can play drunk off their asses on Jagermeister. Numbered edition of 444 copies, in a textured card gatefold jacket.


Cristal - Homegoing  CD £7

Hand-Held Recordings

J. Anthony, G. Darden, and R. Donne (Labradford, Spokane, ex-Aix Em Klemm) journey through simmering electronic, wide-screen vistas to seismic, swelling and undulating soundscapes. From the shifting sands-like textures of “Yoke” (replete with deeply moving, melancholic cello sifting through the ether) and “Streaming Wisdom” to the ever-so-slightly somber tones of “Dead Bird,” Homegoing is a wondrously thought-provoking, uplifting aural adventure. A technicolor travelogue of things possibly lost, possibly not. Available previously as a free digital download with Swedish Child seven-inch, (Flingco Sound System 2010), Hand-Held’s first-time-on-CD reissue has two unreleased bonus tracks, including a Pan American remix.


Rinus van Alebeek - Plays Luc Ferrari - Cycles des Souveniers  CD £7


Recorded by Rinus van Alebeek. Voice by Brunhild Ferrari. Recorded by Rinus van Alebeek in Montreuil, 29th of October 2010. Unmixed and unmastered. Produced by Michal Libera. Cover artwork by Aleksandra Waliszewska


Sewer System / Unsustainable Social Condition - s/t  CS £5


Six tracks of vomitus ruination by Charlie Mumma on side A, whose singular strategy of feedback, percussion and growling tension deconstructs noise-core elements with unique and totally dynamic results. Matt Purse pays feedback-laden tribute to Yukimasa Okada on side B with junk-noise conflict obliteration resolving into corrosive harsh noise cohesion. C10


Black Sand Desert & Unsustainable Social Condition - s/t  CS £5


Volatile harsh noise delivered with taut, barrier smashing intensity by Greh Holger and Matt Purse on one side, a studio recording ahead of a neck-punch, face-melting live set at The Handbag Factory, which, as it happens, is right there on the flip. C20.


Knurl - Standard Deviation  CS £5


Thoroughly superb harsh noise, abounding with blossoms of metal corruption. Alan Bloor scours and scythes through the destructive stress of an active, real-time debauching of iron caging and light gauge stainless steel. No overdubs, no loopers. C40.


Sissy Spacek - Wreck  CD £7

Phage Tapes

Thirty minutes of grind and harsh noise by John Wiese, Phil Blankenship, Corydon Ronnau and Charlie Mumma. Edition of 200.


Roro Perrot - Exécution des Hautes Oeuvres  CD £5

Premier Sang

Sixty-eight tracks in twenty-two minutes -- a plausible incarnation of some sort of harsh folk, like a French rogue and degenerate cousin of Bill Orcutt, or a Loren Mazzacane Connors on Temesta. The new project from Romain Perrot, aka Vomir, obsessive head-bagged Harsh Noise Wall icon. Edition of 500.


Kou Katsuyoshi - Deaf In Sugar Avalanche  CD £8

Wildlife Insect Fish

Guitarist Katsuyoshi Kou was born in 1983. In addition to performing as a soloist, he collaborates in a project with Masahide Tokunaga and Takahiro Kawaguchi, a duo with Satoshi Hironaka, and the group Soundings with Toshiji Mikawa, Ko Ishikawa, and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, among others. Kou's unique ideas and performance style shine in all of these activities. This distinctive CD consists of 99 tracks. While Track 1 is 21 minutes 50 seconds long, the rest are extremely short: Tracks 2-93 are 8 seconds each, and 94-99 are 4 seconds each. On first listening, a sustained noise sound seems to continue in a uniform way through Tracks 1-93; but closer listening reveals that the noise is coming from the left channel only, and either total silence or an occasional extremely soft guitar sound is coming from the right channel. On the other hand, the final 6 tracks of 4 seconds each are completely silent. This sort of unexpected development is a specialty of the amazing Kou.


Sean Pawley - the Ballad Of St. Zita  7" £5

Free Odds 345X

Outsider guitar grunk. New single by the man they call Chaumpers, following a silent decade on the mid-American plains. Guaranteed to tickle any and all fans of the following: wistful and reedy guitar melodies, ineptly recorded; boneheaded mystic poetry over a taut beat; murky, smoky runs thru an Andalusian cadence or 8-bar boogie; or any basement-grade tomfoolery, in general. As illuminating as ever. 100 copies.


Foi Pour Pusillanime - Foi Pour Pusillanime  7" £5


Six micro-compositions by Caroline Ehretique (Ondes Martenot, voice, piano, analog synth, electronics, and whip) and Ogrob (analog synth, wind, chiropteran echolocation, railway signal, screams, electronics), oscillating between musique brut, musique concrete and captured nightmares. Hand-made sleeve, linocut on both sides. Edition of 300.


Alice Kemp - Impregnator Of The Death Mouth  7" £5

Harbinger Sound

The first solo vinyl release by this South England multimedia artist who has been active in the field of radical sound and performance art for 20+ years. Twelve-page full-color booklet. Edition of 150.


Balinese Beast - Soft Offerings  7" £5

self released

Three tracks of frenetic cut-up rhythm coming from treated feedback and overdriven saxophones, recorded live at Olga’s Laundry in Athens, Greece. Edition of 287.


Inspector 22 - Hey Man, I Understand  CD £6

Odessa Records

“The tonality of [the six-minute centerpiece of this album by Chapel Hill musician Todd Emmert] ‘Tea With Pazuza’ recalls two avant-garde godheads,” proclaims Indy Week, “Charlemagne Palestine and … Tony Conrad…. Maybe that’s a saxophone blowing … grainy notes…, occasionally pushing the microphone past its capacity…, a violin scraping the sky in the distance, its mean tone stretching like a filthy canvas made of flesh…, a split, spliced, and essentially subverted boogie-woogie piano line [coming] from every direction…, but its peculiarity [turns] textures into a labyrinth…. His music moves from busted country songs and scowling barroom anthems to long-tone, hypnotic instrumentals and propulsive, beat-driven pieces without a hiccup…. [This] agitated experimenter sport[s] a dashing sense of observational humor … and a gloriously intense appreciation for mangled tones.”


L.Stinkbug - The Allure of Roadside Curiios  CD £6

Starlight Furniture Company

Formed in 1997 by guitarist G.E. Stinson with bassist Steuart Liebig and guitarist Nels Cline, L.Stinkbug consciously chose to complete their line-up with a drummer who could groove -- percussionist Scott Amendola. Both Stinson and Cline prepare their guitars with an assortment of springs, toys, paint brushes, an electric drink stirrer, enough clips to make a beautician queasy, an egg whisk (that’s right, an egg whisk) and numerous other custom-made objects, and run them through a variety of effects, harmonizers and looping devices; same goes for Liebig -- chopsticks between the strings, looping devices, extended technique, the works.


The Dead C - The Damned  CD £6

Starlight Furniture Company

Nasty rock screech that sacrifices not an ounce of the grace and finesse required of tamers of gigantic, wild sandworms. The Dead C’s improvised noise rock verges on disintegration with a trademark hazy disorientation, invariably evoking hypnotic and heavy moods. But The Dead C are no bummer. They have always sought liberation from shallow and easy rock conventions; amid the murk of cardboard box guitars, underwater vocals, and ramshackle drumming, a new consciousness emerges. The recognizable, sullen strumming, mumbling and lyrical ennui of Michael Morley, anchored by percussionist Robbie Yeats and punctuated by Bruce Russell’s atonal bursts coalesce in a solid front that mocks the efforts of schmaltz-peddling hacks.


Lee Ranaldo - Broken Circle/Spiral Hill  CD £6

Starlight Furniture Company

Five early ’90s tracks by one of the original lords of howling, including a Sebadoh cover. With cover art by Michael Morley (of The Dead C. and Gate), this is the flailing ultimate in rubberized, flatline wawaaarph.


Lee Ranaldo - Amarillo Ramp (for Robert Smithson)  CD £6

Starlight Furniture Company

Sonic Youth’s left-minded and soft-spoken lead guitarist wields a big stick with a solo outing of the highest sonic magnitude. The title track is a 34-minute live recording from 1994 with after-the-fact wave-shaping and spectral improvement by Rafael Toral, followed by an instrumental “Anagrama” type frolic with Steve Shelley and Thurston Moore. Plus, a couple of soundtrack excerpts and a John Lennon cover featuring the late Epic Soundtracks.


Junko & Dustbreeders - Mommy Close The Door  CD £6

Starlight Furniture Company

Recorded live in France in late 2002 by Japanese vocalist Junko Hiroshige — whose murderous wail hypercubes Patty Waters, Yoko Ono, and the titular victim in Olivia de Havilland’s 1972 crime flick The Screaming Woman — in collaboration with Yves Botz, Thierry Delles, Michel Henritzi, who extend the trad power trio into a Marclay mash with brutal rock’n’roll energies. Extremely nasty, unholy screaming that’d peel paint mixed with maniacs destroying the history of popular western music one record at a time.


Sun Of The Seventh Sister - Farben Raum  CD £5

Heard Worse Records

Sun of the Seventh Sister’s debut CD -- a woolly mammoth of mushroom-fueled free-psych -- follows a 2007 New Zealand tour triple-lathe-LP and a septuple-cassette boxset on Breakdance The Dawn. The floating line-up ranges from ten to twenty-five players (with members of xNoBBQx, UnAustralians, Arse Lunch, Cock Up Shitting Whore, Rats With Wings, Stasis Duo and others): multiple drummers, multiple electrified chordophones, horns, vocals, oscillators, etc. Imagine half a dozen freak-folk ensembles congealing into a psychedelic din of Borbetomagan proportions. The CD consists of three immense tracks, taken from a three-hour session, lovingly recorded by the Pulled Out mobile unit, with mastering analysis by DJ Beefcurtains.


CS Yeh - Transitions  CD £6

De Stijl

Having rattled the hinges with last year’s “In the Blink of an Eye” seven-inch, C S Yeh flings open the door and steps inside. The startling songs on Transitions flit between sculpted guitar riffs and measured, just-shy-of-lush synth-pop with wry lyrics delivered in guileless tones. Ardent fans will have little trouble understanding the move away from handsomely carved drones or speckled and serrated noise; Transitions is simply a different form ‬of Yeh’s unmediated expression, of a spirit with Slapp Happy, but which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Magnetic Fields record.


Seht & Stelzer - Exactly What You Lost  CD £6

Intransitive Recordings

Seht is one of the post-Corpus Hermeticum bands whose peers are Birchville Cat Motel, Peter Wright, A.M., and folks like that. Stephen Clover and Boston artist Howard Stelzer first swapped recordings from their respective locales -- cars going by, planes overhead, birds in the bushes, just humdrum suburban stuff. Next, the recording of the NZ birds were played in Boston’s trees and re-recorded as the local birds sang along with the foreign tweets. Likewise, tapes of Boston cars going by were mixed with NZ cars going by. After it was all processed, scrambled and reassembled, it wound up having a certain melancholy feel. A cassette-blurp mess straightens out steadily until it’s just a flat line and the tap tap tap of a dying tape deck motor. A party record, basically.


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - I Have No Idea What You're Talking About  CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

Percussive noises are a constant menace on I Have No Idea What You’re Talking About, familiar in style and purpose to crank-addled crutzers with guinea worms freaking out about dive-bombing bats that aren’t really there. Off-kilter loops and crossfades seem derived from a Waza Ensembles competition held during a calamity on a construction barge. There are more roadblocks in this twitching, raw-fi mess than would be present if Scrantonicity covered Joeboy In Rotterdam, it was filtered through Ichiyanagi’s Extended Voices and then re-imagined by Edith Hillman Boxill as an instructional music therapy album



Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - The Inevitable Typo On Sheila Ostrich's Tombstone  CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

In Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble’s latest reportage from the front row of a nightmarish debacle no one would want to stage, Thanksgiving is a revolting feast of Pynchon-inspired cuisine on the front edge of an exploding dirigible, yoga mats double as coffin liners, heavenly choirs are replaced by glitchy, private-press inbreds howling themselves sick in vortices of serrated cubism, and people who don’t know they no longer exist are the only ones who cry “Mortality as home entertainment? This can’t be the future. Can it? Can it?” Harmonic disarray and sour electro-splat seep upward and outward like a disturbing organ meat experiment going horribly awry. Dense electronic processes mingle with field recordings of machines defective and dying of old age. Alarm klaxons and calls to arms do not overpower the soundscape so much as wanly ooze from some anemic sky sphincter worthy of an Arch Oboler thriller. The forty-minute “The Flesh Is Already Engulfing The Guns” crawls into view like a family of zombie executives exiting a fallout shelter. Nauseated screeches dry-heave at strings of metal scraping marrow-less bones into bite-sized chunks. Swarms of clinking locusts disperse above fields of plastic thrift-store detritus getting overrun from all angles by locomotives locked in emergency deceleration mode. Flightless birds elongate their synchronized death squawks and amplify their internal doom. Molecules of electronic corruption wheeze complaints to no one. Violins groan with the vigor of an old rocking chair where a corpse has been dumped. Unattended radios transmit useless advice. Drones and pulsations slowly fall apart and atomize, a mirror image of decay and putrid nothingness enveloping untethered astronauts. A portrait of the void, disembodied space globules and all. The ensemble's version of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem “Assassination Raga” embalms all the stripes of the rainbow that is America’s creep-show optimism with congealed blood. That the album is released on the poet’s 99th birthday is not a coincidence.


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Gloria  CDr £5

Butte County Free Music Society

What The Red Dragonfly calls “the well-mapped out, but slightly unmeasured, off-kilter nature” of Bren’t Lewiis’s (ahem) music welcomes overmodulation, sound saturation, tape hiss, tape decay, tape damage, room noise, and many an audio defect aided and abetted by AM radio, cell phones, police scanners, weather-damaged microphones and speakers, and anything else that could impinge signal fidelity. Massive tape collages dejectedly shuffle through hopelessness and despair. Percussion-only pieces seem to be aiming for regal, yet achieve debasement. Slowed-down, amplified voices reinforce the feeling of beaten exhaustion. Tempos come from objects getting dragged clumsily across the floor and field recordings of children, machines, and workers. The same mound of objects, electric gizmos and detritus from Rapture Piles is here (as well as some of the same tape loops and answering machine microcassettes), along with new recordings of throat-clutchingly spastic electric guitar noise, claustrophobic violin, plainly declaimed words, reel-to-reel tape, and more decrepit toys. Scandalously repetitious, enthralled by the arbitrary, and peculiarly deadpan, Bren’t Lewiis does all three in a minute and a half and makes it seem like a month. Comes with a reproduction of one of the original 24 tickets to the never-performed theater piece. Edition of 50.


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - F.A. Henderson's Casino Sordide  CDr £5

Butte County Free Music Society

Recorded in Portland, Oregon, under the influence of King Tubby, The Frogs, and shared fantasies about a 30th Century interpretation of Grey Gardens, the foundational spwahaohao of F.A. Henderson’s Casino Sordide could easily pass as the soundtrack for a demented, Justice-Schanfarber-hosted straight-to-public-access travelogue. The ingredients manifest includes: jumbush; damaged sitar; shamisen-type thing; kalimba seemingly custom-made for Richard Keel; suitcase zipper; messed-up log with big lead bolts, wire, and sounding gourd attached (like a Gambian ko that could double as a cudgel for a midget Viking); metal lid from tea canister; ScratchBox; air mattress pump; acoustic guitar; toy ukulele; flutish wind-instrument made of wood; Velcro; big exercise ball; bells; lychee-shaped keychain; metal ruler; plastic lid from a bottle of hot flash pills; homemade zither; cat toy; aloe vera gel; mild dyspepsia; and wood scraped with pushpins. These quiet, understated recordings are considerably gilded by overdubs of loops, tape manipulation, found noises, remote individual performances by farflung members of the group. Two mid-’80s tracks previously released on their debut cassette Make It Stop, along with new collage pieces, cast this album as the red-headed stepchild of Pork Queen’s Strang geeking the sort of quasi-shaman visions present on Buffy Saint-Marie’s Illuminations, covertly harassed by parasitic sociopaths, temple desecrators, and a language-impaired tribe locked in a basement long after the tornado has passed.


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Dreamhouse Prison Of The Pastel Mafia  CDr £5

Butte County Free Music Society

With as many lop-sided bleats per minute as L. Ron Hubbard’s third annual vivisection of one of Anton Lavey’s goats of Christmas past in the parking lot of Dismaland, The Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble’s cave noise conniptions get spinal-tapped by indelicate incursions of raw, untamed electronic thrusts and stabs. Toys, scratchy LPs of old Vietnamese showtunes, various nube-tubes, the forced laughter of a little person courtesy of Werner Herzog, and kitchen objects are some of the reassuring soundposts in this chiaroscuro dungeon, blinking between the cavernous scrape of dejected janitorial tasks, the feeble thuds of someone or something getting dragged across cobblestones caked with layer upon sickening layer of effluvia, and tiny metallic splats scurrying like immortal tapirs from one corner to the other. Disembodied voices speak not so much to communicate but to keep the creeping dread of the speaker at bay. The damaged soliloquy of the permanently distracted gets a thorough examination here, bolstered by the weirdly spirited yelps of the doomed and murmurs from a decomposing mule born under a wandering star. Throughout their patched-together network, spastic clunks engage in intimate congress with mechanical gasps, chokeholds, grunts, and the struggles of the restrained, rising and falling in parallel with irrational wheedle pulsations and hopeless density. Remote controlled drones buzz in and out of view, according to the trajectories of nonsensical flight-paths. Peculiar grinding from homemade spirit-breakers (known in the trade as aluminum maidens) morph from dispassionate sketches of abscess-befouled meadowlands to up-close chakra punctures and hi-sheen abscess pierce to collapsed thunder from failed Russian barge maneuvers. Includes industrial expressionist collage.


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - The Armless Marvel  CDr £5

Butte County Free Music Society

This supplementary hit of the dark, bad acid that birthed Bren’t Lewiis’s Hard Molt (via elagabalusian section, according to the doula) wallows in a comparably jagged dead-end of monolithic schmutz. Skull-bending free improv waterlogged by tape manipulation, body-snatched sound collage, and gaseous disorientation; off-center guitar wobble impaled on spikes of fuzz; relatively meditative spaz-outs, household objects, tape noise, waves of fweemp; apocalyptic, maniacally saturated and self-engorged Echoplex; lascivious caliph vocals, the moist fwapping of a bicyle-powered chicken-plucking machine, field recordings, and disturbing phlegm loops; murky, impaired fidelity. More inscrutable than a murder at an old-fashioned smorgasbord. Includes industrial expressionist collage insert. Edition of 100


Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - The Thirteenth Century German Poet (And Who Can Forget Him)  CDr £5

Butte County Free Music Society

Rampant gaping immensity and pathologically polychromatic hoot from the BuFMS wing of Saint WTF’s Asylum. Micro-episodic tape pieces (with a head-spinning variety of appropriated voices, noises, electronics, music and sound effects) merge with field recordings, cut-ups, loops, improv, live performances, and a range of cover versions that includes a Korean plastic surgery infomercial, bona fide poetry, a book review, a YouTube waif, and Van Morrison. The group delivers pastoral yet alien meander à la The Way Out by The Books, spots of electro-creep worthy of Ruth White’s Flowers Of Evil, entertainment at a LAFMS barbecue, and a variety show extrapolated from the A.M. radios in the background of Firesign Theatre’s Everything You Know Is Wrong. A dazzling and peculiar assemblage. Edition of 50.


Lawrence Crane - Craniostomy Vol. One  CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

The founder of Tape Op magazine and Vomit Launch recorded and self-released numerous cassette-only albums throughout the ’80s, mostly passed around to friends and fellow noise-makers, consigned at local record shops, and traded with like-minded travelers through the mail. One reviewer wrote, “The echoing sounds, pulsating tones, and other space age noise creations melodically swim through the compositions, occasionally colliding in dissonant tones that pout over the rhythm, sometimes created by a fuzzy bass or Schroederesque toy piano rambling.” Six previously unreleased tracks plus thirteen selections from a half dozen self-released cassettes, with Steve Valin of Ziplok on three tracks, and Matt Mumper on the full version of “Beor’s Theme.” Cover art by Karen Constance. Edition of 100


Idler Arms - Kubelik Unbugged  CDr £5

Butte County Free Music Society

Forty-six minutes of slightly off-kilter, instrumental soundtracks for non-existent, noir-ish movies, edited from three hours of improvisational boombox tapes recorded in the late '80s by Larry Crane (Vomit Launch, TapeOp), Mark Evans (Fat Chick From Wilson Phillips, Uh-Moncst), and Lucian Tielens (Bren't Lewiis Ensemble, Serious Problmz). Kubelik Unbugged collects straight excerpts with no additional processing beyond modest crossfades; the trio’s spontaneously rendered squalls form a surprisingly coherent patchwork a la Obscured By Clouds, filtered through the atmospherics of 3R4 and retrofitted for a Doug Roberts-directed episode of The Twilight Zone. Edition of 50.


Serious Problmz - Nervous Youth  CDr £6

Butte County Free Music Society

The featured guest on half the tracks on this obscure 1980s quintet’s second BuFMS disc is Cole Marquis (28th Day, The Downsiders, The Snowmen, The Marques), whose guitar playing merges his recognizable elongated twang and loosened psychedelic drawl with Serious Problmz’s industrial rurf (aka very damaged rural surf). The sustainable clang cultivated by Marquis, guitarists Lucian Tielens and Mark Evans, Thor Heglund on Mattel Synsonics drum machine, and Dave, the inevitable bass-player whose last name no one remembers, supports vocalist Felix Mace’s hazy, sun-burned encounters, who recounts in full voice with autobiographical authority episodes from a sketchy drifter’s harsh journey across peculiar landscapes made of salt, through disorienting urban environments, to the middle of somewhere or somewhere else. The apocalyptic tale covers survival techniques such as boosting toilet paper from public restrooms, transporting hitchhikers and potentially lethal alien larvae, avoiding capture by whomever or whatever is pursuing them, and finally mutating into some new kind of disturbed consciousness. Friend, it’ll drop your ass in the dirt.


Serious Problmz- 369 1/2  CDr £5

Butte County Free Music Society

This obscure ’80s quintet never released anything in their day, and performed live only a couple dozen times. The excerpts from their semi-private recording sessions preserved here (with minimal effort on a boombox) are pensive, quasi–industrial meditations peppered with dire and distorted melodies of immaculate brevity and the musings of disoriented hicks. The unhinged landscapes navigated by Serious Problmz would make Diane Arbus blush -- musical and poetic territories littered with paranoia, dread, desolation, emotional and psychological predation, spookily anthropomorphic farm animals, and objects of inexplicable provenance. As players, guitarist Lucian Tielens, Thor Heglund on Mattel Synsonics drum machine, Felix Mace on vocals, lyrics, homemade noise-makers, and assorted objects, guitarist Mark Evans, and Dave, the inevitable bass-player whose last name no one remembers, achieve a comfortable familiarity with one another, without sacrificing the ramshackle spontaneity essential to their brand of very damaged rural surf (aka rurf). Guests The Whitefronts’ Phil Smoot and Tim Smyth of Bren’t Lewiis help push the primitive jams in new directions with elements such as running water, the clack of a manual typewriter, a telephone ringing, random clangs of a metal canister, and the sinister grinds of an electronic corn-and-callous remover.


Uton-Courtis - Flokka Kur  CD £7

Music Atlach

Collaborative “Shamanic music in urban context” and “sounds for non-Euclidean geometry landscapes,” which start with the noisy, mystical drones of the Finnish Uton and continues with the Argentinean Courtis’s manipulations and extra noise. Thematically linked by flowers, mixed with Spanish and Finnish language.


Michael Barthel - Stapel. Efeu-Fährten  CD £8

Tochnit Aleph

"After many years of self-published micro-edition cassette and cdr releases this is the long overdue first proper collection of pieces by german conceptual artist Michael Barthel recorded between 2009 and 2012. Barthel was born in Berlin in 1977 and has been working in the fields of musique concrete, noise compositions, concrete phonetic poetry and fine arts since the mid 1990's, first with his project The Nautilus Deconstruction, and since the early 2000's under his own name, moving away from his earlier personal noise collage works towards more conceptual direct sound-poetry and outsider musique concrete compositions. Using mostly just his own voice and tape-machines, Barthel creates very poetic and mysterious environments. By means of their simplicity, fragility and lo-fi aesthetics his pieces manage to captivate and shock on a very emotional level. Edition of 500 copies with 12 page booklet."- Tochnit Aleph


Mr. Hageman- Twin Smooth Snouts  LP £12

Starlight Furniture Co.

Old time favourite round here inside Wino Lodge. Songs to grease the heart and the brain.

"Oddly distorted guitars, mangled erhu, manipulated violas, unrecognizable African percussion, bouncy Hagemanizer™, bizarre noises, and found nonsense looped, stretched, chopped, sped up, and warped by Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 guitarist. "- Starlight Furniture Co.


Mr. Hageman- Twin Smooth Snouts  CD £7

Starlight Furniture Co.

Old time favourite round here inside Wino Lodge. Songs to grease the heart and the brain.

"Oddly distorted guitars, mangled erhu, manipulated violas, unrecognizable African percussion, bouncy Hagemanizer™, bizarre noises, and found nonsense looped, stretched, chopped, sped up, and warped by Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 guitarist. "- Starlight Furniture Co.