Hannah Ellul

Top 10 Women On Paper

1. Unica Zürn, Untitled (1961)

2. Christina Ramberg, Untitled (c. 1968)

3. Victoria Lomasko, from The ‘Girls’ of Nizhny Novgorod (2014)

4. Trisha Brown Untitled (Locus) (1975)

5. Faith Ringold, Die: Drawing No. 4 (1967)

6. Laure Ghorayeb, Les jours heureux (2011)

7. Geta Brătescu, Fără titlu (Untitled, 2012)

8. Laurie Spiegel,Moving to New York, For 2 Channel Electronic Tape (1970)

9. Katalin Ladik, Sonate für die Frau DDR Leipzig (Sonata for the DDR Woman Leipzig, 1978)

10. Sophie Podolski, Untitled (c.1968-70)

Hannah Ellul is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. With Ben Knight she co-runs Psykick Dancehall, a collaboration across events, releases, publications and exhibitions. She makes sounds with Human Heads and White Death.

Stefan Jaworzyn

Ten Top Tens (For A Golden Dawn Or A New Dark Age)

Top tens are bollocks innit. Gleaning how some tedious douchebag’s latest Jeff Lynne-scored string arrangements were inspired by sneaking listens to his bedlamite dad’s New Blockaders collection as a toddler is even more enervating than being kicked in the perineum by skinheads at a Sham 69 concert in 1977…But realistically it’s not like I give the flyingest of fucks these days as I’m now a full time spiritual adviser and don’t trouble myself with such squalid hokum as ‘music’…So what ho, away we go…

Ten premium vodkas for chasing down your favourite prescription meds – ecstatic enlightenment guaranteed…

Ten great early 20th century books of Neo-Freudian sexology to keep you warm at night…

Ten adorable musicians I’d happily be serving life in Broadmoor for ritually sacrificing before they succeeded in cranking out their first recordings.

Ten great opiates rated on the scale of grief, despondency and guilt your surviving family members will experience (well, you certainly won’t, let’s face it).

Ten imperatives for coshing, tasering or otherwise incapacitating anyone bandying around the word ‘offensive’, and beware: overly post-ironic usage may also result in corrective measures…

Ten reasons why you have no power to change anything around you or any aspect of your life by thought, word or deed regardless of whatever pseudo-TED talk drivel you might delude yourself into believing…

Ten reasons why we’re falling into an infinite vortex of shit but have become so stupid, passive and self-obsessed we don’t even realise, so don’t bother trying to talk to me about it because I’m too busy trolling on imagefap because of:

Ten incomprehensible reasons why slobbering, slack-jawed imbeciles voted for Brexit leading to:

Ten reasons why the zombie apocalypse will actually occur, and sooner than you’d think. Though there may be scant moments of shadenfreude once the power’s gone and we sink into the miasmal swamp of excremental Blue Passport horror and ignorance watching knuckleheads burn their lovely vinyl collections to boil up turnips, while the re-animated corpses of East Europeans torn apart by blood-crazed Brexiteering ghouls totter inexorably onwards, ever onwards…So enjoy those 180g Jethro Tull ‘remasters’ while you can...

Oh, and ten favourite movies that helped make me the man I am, why the fuck not… Roughly in the order I seen ‘em: Easy Rider, The Wild Bunch, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Apocalypse Now, Pink Flamingos, The Thing (Carpenter), Videodrome, Day of the Dead (Romero, obviously…), Hard to Be a God…

Stefan Jaworzyn is a man who claims to have no biography. Let's keep it that way.