Dora Doll

Top Ten Things To Put A Pep In The Auld Step

1. Musings of the wee one
Such as 'I've already got the itch on my bum' and 'I've got the blinks'.

2. Hanging with folks
Chatting, laughing, playing, piss taking

3. Eating out
It's made, served and cleared up, pure luxury

4. A wee swally
From cider to prosecco

5. Singing
Be it a lullaby, car shriek or wail on 'stage'

6. Kissing
The dance of a kiss and where it leads to!

7. Team Dresch
The memories of hope, longing, lyrics that makes my eyes water and Kaia's sweet voice

8. Old school anthems
Thinking of those days of dancing and wildness, pure wildness

9. Pilates
Hamstring stretch, roll down to lubricate the spine, planking til the shakes, floating tall

10. Walking
Stomping on the hills, in the quiet, al fresco peeing (always)

Dora Doll was one half Prick Decay and is one half of Hockyfrilla. Through the years she has terrorised males and females alike with her unconventional dance stylings. She can seen driving around the roads of Edinburgh howling along to cheesy pop anthems on the radio.  

Fabio Roberti

Some Films & Tv From 2017 (In No Particular Order)

1. The Phantom Thread - Paul Thomas Anderson
An exquisite take on obsessive control and how humans can rebel and relinquish control when confronted with one's mortality. Sexy, visually lush and directed and acted with amazing nuance and subtlety, Anderson continues to make fantastic films!

2. Lady MacBeth - William Oldroyd
A look at a woman who would not be taken for granted and then takes her desires and will to be who she wants to be to extremes. Excellent.

3. Get Out - Jordan Peele
This horror/comedy/social commentary has some fine twists and really cringe-worthy moments; it has a bit of a "Stepford Wives" vibe about it as well. Well done!

4. Blade of the Immortal - Takashi Miike
Pure, unbridled action as only Miike could execute. If you dig Samurai action films, this should not to be missed.

5. Good Time - Safdie brothers
Tragic and pathetic are just two of the thoughts that come to mind when we follow our hapless "hero" from one unpleasant mess to the next. Nicely edited and constructed film, keeps the pulse rate pumping...

6. I Am Not Your Negro - Raoul Peck
This documentary tells us about the African-American writer and activist James Baldwin. Present day interviews combined with archival footage are interwoven to give us a picture of not just Baldwin, but of the difficult and sometimes tragic events that have (and continue to) shape race relations in America. Engrossing and moving to say the very least.

7. Blade Runner 2049 - Denis Villeneuve
It's not going to be as iconic and era defining as the original by Ridley Scott, but it's a must see if you're at all a fan of the original. It's flawed, but definitely has its charms...

8. Twin Peaks: The Return - David Lynch Limited series -- Showtime
Easily one of the great defining moments in what is thought to be television's renaissance. Like the original Twin Peaks series, this new reboot some 25 years later, reinvents what television is, can be and/or might be. Simply one of the greatest visual experiences on television in 2017 and beyond!

9. Gomorrah - Sky Italia (series)
Violent, twisted, harsh -- just for starters. This series took me by surprise, and what a pleasant surprise it was! It's about the ups and downs of a contemporary Gomorrah (the organized crime families in Naples -- as opposed to the mafia families in Sicily). Unlike the "Sopranos" say, Gomorrah has none of the jokiness of that earlier series -- it instead goes toward a purer, maybe more severe drama. There are moments that come across almost as profoundly as greek tragedy -- shocking, powerful, memorable and deeply moving. Absolutely one of the best things on TV in ages!

10. The Leftovers - Season 3. (HBO) series
This was one wacked out series! It began with a puzzle and a vaguely apocalyptic scenario. It plodded along with this premise and characters dealing with the loss of loved ones and people all over the world -- with no logical explanation in sight. But in the third season, the show took a somewhat deeper turn into the surreal, supernatural, pseudo-religion, science fiction and ultimately, all these elements working to make some sense of being human. It ended on a high note that was not expected at all...

Fabio has been prowling the streets of NYC since its squalid and rancid punk/art heyday. One time experimental film maverick he now spends his time scowling behind the counter at Earwax records (terrifying hipsters) and presenting his radio show Strength Through Failure on WFMU. He is always resplendent in crimplene with cocktail in hand. He is Minister of the Airwaves for the Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland.