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Plastic Hooligans/Blood Stereo - No Need Now To Live  Booklet, Badge & Tape £10


You are alone in a crowded room, making strangers wherever you go but don't worry as Plastic Hooligans and Blood Stereo have your back, so you can have more front.

A long in the making collaboration gives you a three ways to keep fresh.

1. The cassette tape is a split and features both acts delving into the woozy tape and electronics realm, a crud-fi mind reach.

2. The full colour booklet features collage works from all involved tapping into their joint passions (the occult, UFOs, dream states, Victorian LSD, 1970's home furnishings etc) and is designed to go in one brain and out the other.

3. Finally the accomapnying 1" badge tells the world that you are against the horror that is telepathy.

Go forth and spread the good word.

Numbered edition of 50


Psanck - II  CDr £5


"Were the second ChocoMo album by Kev Nickells (violin voice, objects), Chris Parfitt (flute, clarinet, percussion, electronics), and Al Strachan (cornet, electronics, field recordings, found sound) presented to you, me, and the spastic Mennonite as the soundtrack to a film about a sleep-deprived desert castaway struggling with mixed feelings about a residual tail, no one would blame either of us for asking if the rescue UFO at the end seemed realistic. Which is something, given how condemnation of the other is one of our era’s most versatile social currencies. Not to oversell it, but the trio’s ten tracks here are kind of astounding in the consistent economy of their journeys from disparate zones such as distressed whining, daxophonic yoib, synthetic dream-theory, tense tribal curlicues, pizzeria tragedy, and crepuscular harmonics. Without a forced or unnatural move anywhere, Psanck II slips unscathed between the ribbons of razor wire that separate blue chip avant garde chamber ensembles from the nonmusical and unwashed ineptitudes who jostle household objects for a living. Personal experience allows me to assure anyone who may wonder whether residence in the latter is as comfortable a hometown as one could ask for (it is); still, Psanck’s epistles from the outside world are more welcome than guilt-free cinnamon rolls." - Seymour Glass

Edition of 60


Posset & Glands of External Secretion - Obedience To Authority  CDr £5


You wanna it?

Huffed synth bubbles float over soapy tape? Language-collapse injected inside a plump proto-punk donut like so much unsavoury butter?

It’s them San Fran goofballs G.O.E.S holding hands across the ocean with the bristly Posset doing a ring-a-ring, or double-dutch or something or other. Whatever the dance steps this is one scatty reel; arms and legs flying, with the good whisky getting spilled all over the parquet floor.

If you have a fancy...lie low in your scratcher and drink it all in. Gobble it down, this rich clotted draft. Leave sense at the door and wipe a flannel across your knotted brow.

Layering (filo-like) ouch sounds become a universal ‘um’. It’s pure and simple. It’s dream weapon ammunition. It’s damn available...

Edition of 60


Dai Coelacanth - Pterodactyl Bunker  CDr £5


Are you familiar with the Radio Graveyard? You may recall Dai Coelacanth. For twenty tears he has been masquerading as a Graveyard Alligator, or a Radio Alligator. Hanging around bus stops. Shouting the odds. Hear him now:
"Cannibal king and her friend the Colonel shook loose in an imaginary dream. Whatever the situation there could be no suspension of broadcast. Suzi handed out nose-plugs. Don’t touch my legs you creep. I don’t have to tell you anything."

This recording should be listened to in its entirety. Don't cheat yourself. Cheaters never win.

Numbered edition of 60


Malcy Duff - The Orange Teeth Of The Beaver  Book £10


Scotland's very own comic book absurdist and all round weird walker finally delivers a full blown A4 book for Chocolate Monk. A mind melting compilation of his comic strips from 2012 - 2019. 44 pages, A4, stapled, Black and white with colour cover.

"The level of Malcy Duff’s effortlessly cubist draftsmanship is proportional to the peculiarity of his near-silent renderings of odd sentient creatures —with their impossible, soul-questioning postures, moving through situations, sometimes becoming stuck in them. His narrative style is so committed to the periphery of telling a tale, and ricochets across subconscious landscapes with such freedom, it’s hard to say if The Orange Teeth Of The Beaver is one long story, a collection of several, or any at all. You’ll figure it out eventually, but it’s not gonna be handed to you like a recipe for lemon tarts on a 4x6 index card. The inventor of the triangle strutted around marble foyers of yore bragging about his harmony of the spheres (not without good reason, by the way) and as the human race queues up like dutiful customers for our one-millionth end time, we can’t ignore the fact that harmony of the alien DNA is the resonant frequency of our time." - Seymour Glass (Bananafish)

Numbered edition of 60



The Teleporters - Buzzed In / Past These Herberts  2 x CDr £7


The Teleporters is the joint endeavour of Mad Headed Octogram and Russell Walker. The pair met in Coventry in 1999 and have pursued various creative projects together since then, most notably as two members of vulgar rock act The Pheromoans. Their output as The Teleporters is a mixture of spoken word and sound collage, and has appeared sporadically since 2009 when Walker’s own Savoury Days label released the Corsica Nightflight cassette. Buzzed In / Past These Herberts, a double album, sees the pair depart onto two separate fictional voyages, both filtered through Octogram’s crude sound portals.

Numbered edition of 60


Karen Constance - Five Girls  Poster £8


Now you can hang a bit of the Shed of Dread in your own home with this healthy A2 (420 x 594mm) poster on 200gsm uncoated paper. Numbered and signed edition of 60

As this will ship in a poster tube separately from any other items ordered please use the dropdown menu to include P&P to your location


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The Occupant - Twilight Immunity  CDr £5


Shane McDonell is known round these parts for having his greasy mits involved in Body Has No Head (choc.287), Talc (choc.375) and Delusuional Reality (choc.420) and here we have his first solo ride out for the label under the name The Occupant. Twilight Immunity is two 31 min collages in the traditional sound diary style. Sounds of voice, viola, feedback, drums, drum stick, bowed cymbal recorded through an old karaoke machine combined with radio, rental car radio feedback, river sounds, contact mic'd Broadway Bridge, keyboard/synth, voice sounds, drunken wedding orators and general party chit chat. Slickles captured all this on his trusty handheld tape machine and then for yr listening pleasure cut stuff into loops, collaged it, fed some of it into his psychoacoustic computer to provide a sense of specific sound direction/panning just for YOU. A stud and a gent.

"Shoutouts to the river spirits and the broadway bridge "before sunrise", in Portland OR for providing useful sounds and a muse." - S. McDonell

Numbered edition of 60


Dylan Nyoukis - The Failing Chase  CDr £5


Further stumblings in the direction of dreams/mind gout. Life is a failing chase and we are all living on the frontline but music is everywhere and if you just take a minute to pinch your nose, blow real hard and pop yr ears you can get anchored to your surroundings and hear it appear within the smear. I grew up among a communication of barks and angry gestures so pardon me. Features contributions from Mayuko Fujino, Seymour Glass, Natalia Beylis & Catherine Plenevaux.

Numbered edition of 60


Creep Of Paris - Geronticus Eremita  CDr £5


Mysterious south coast outsider tape wonk that tries to convince you that our normal waking conciousness, rational conciousness as we call it, is but one special type of conciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the flimsiest of screens, there lie potential forms of conciousness entirely different.

"Creep Of Paris is PsyOps anti-hypnosis tapes Thomas stole from no idea where featuring a cyborg Mrs Mills soundalike. Used for unbrainwashing or "brain dirtying." - Andy Bolus/Evil Moisture

Numbered edition of 40


Tony Irving & Adam Cadell - The Partial Obliteration of GMT  CDr £5


Proof as if any was needed, that working with Stefan Jaworzyn will drive ye bonkers, Mr Tony Irving of Ascension infamny done a runner some time ago to the other side of our heating globe and was rumoured to have downed tools and taken a vow of silence in the backwaters of Oz. Then we got this disk in the post with a scraweled note that read "In 1894 a mad French Anarchist attempted to blow up the Royal Greenwich Observatory to stop the enslavement of humanity by the regimentation of time. Since 2014 I have tried to finish the job from Brisbane with nowt but a my drums and the fiest of a young fiddler." Put this CD on and smash your clocks.
More time-wrecking racket for tired clock-watchers can be found at https://tonyirvingadamcadell.bandcamp.com

Numbered edition of 50


Teignmouth Electron - Empty Shell  CDr £5


Maureen Hollomas (Polly Shang Kuan Band, Jettatura, Structure etc) told us she had a set of crud-fi experiments that demonstated the existence "remote viewing", a hithero unvalidated human capacity. We were excited and sure enough on first listen it was a feeling of a snake crawling out of something. A real vivid feeling, but on a second listen it was a cats tail. Go figure.

"A deep dip into the ebb and flow of life's twist and turns is what Empty Shell was born from. Core samples taken over a 6 month period, moments of life." - M. Hallomas

Numbered edition of 50


Mr. Duke Pinch - Mud Hen, Prick And Green Belt  CDr £5


As far as unsolicited demos go here at Wino Lodge this head healer has to be near the top of the pile. Arriving in a pastel purple envelope that reeked of Old Spice the enclosed CD came with nowt but a hand scribbled note with the words 'Take Back Your Mind!' scrawled on it (in green ink of course). My interest was piqued enough that the disk didn't go straight onto the precarious 'to listen too' wonk pile. No danger pal, it went straight in the CD player and what drifted out? Only the sound of the nimble fingers of the mysterious Mr. Duke Pinch performing Engelbert Humperdinck songs on the zither. Another fine entry into Chocolate Monk's Brain Salve cannon. Many thanks mystery man, lemme buy you a Pickleback sometime.

Numbered edition of 60


Laugh Stains - Gaze Into The Drain  CDr £5


Lock up your Grandparents as Cody Brant & Jonnie Prey are on the prowl. Two of the Monk family's more scruffy yet colourful members, you know your in for more fun than a knees up at the crack shack.

Brant: Have you ever done any kind of self-surgery?:

Prey: Well yes I have actually, but that can be answered in your second question...

Brant: What's the most wild vivid dream that you've ever had?

Prey: I've been fortunate (and sometimes unfortunate) to have experienced too many vivid dreams to recount here which one is the the most wild, but in regards to the first question, I had a series of dreams that I was doing trepanation on myself with this very Cronenberg-esqe looking device (think the Gynecologist tools from Dead Ringers) I would drill a hole into my forehead and I would see this strange critter/golem type creature behind my eyelids shaking, like he was made out of vibrating organic tissue. He had a big smile and demonic eyes that were crossed. My roommate at the time started complaining of headaches around the time of these dreams. One morning while I was making coffee, I saw him drawing at the kitchen table, I looked over at what he was doodling and it was the vibrating critter/golem from my dreams! He even drew squiggly vibrating lines! It had the exact same smile and evil crossed eyes. I asked him what he was drawing and he said "oh its this weird shaking creature that I been dreaming about" Not sure what that was all about, but it was weird!

Prey : What's the greatest thing you've found?

Brant : I feel like most things I find are better than the last thing I found, mostly because I question each thing like "how did this find me!" I cherish all personal cassettes that I own with personal messages/greetings/life...etc..
I think it's a great way to peek into the "old days". Yesterday I found a piss covered "suicide" letter.

Prey : What is the strangest /most important encounter that you've ever had?

Brant : I can't say this is important or not... But I was on a last minute planned "camping" trip with a friend in Red Rock mountains with a friend. We ended up getting to our campsite way too late and had to go to bed shortly after setting up our site. We had just picked up a marijuana strain called "lamb's bread" beforehand. We smoked some , and went to sleep. When the sun came up the next day we were wide awake. We rolled another joint in the tent. My friend Justin put the joint behind his ear and we both stepped out of the tent one by one. Immediately we saw a man prodding a fire. "Hey guys, want a beer?". We accepted to be nice. After us 3 sitting at his fire a minute, he noticed that Justin had a joint behind his ear. "I haven't smoked that stuff in a long time!". We offered it to him. He accepted. But suggested we smoke it in his van. So we go over to his van...the joint goes around twice, and the man's demeanor changes. All of a sudden he starts telling Justin, whose sitting on the middle panel of this van to pull up the cover of the panel. In there was night vision goggles, a spy microphone to hear from far distances, binoculars, and fake license plates...Then the marijuana takes full effect and he starts telling us that he had been listening to us all night the night before, knew we had weed. Then explained he was running from the law for being suspected of killing his wife. He then explained that his van only had plates on the back, which were fake, facing away from the road. The joint goes around one more time. He then denies it, and gets really paranoid. Deep down I knew Justin and I knew he had probably killed his wife..and he realized he had said too much. "You guys gotta get out of here!!" Very aggressively forces us out. We get out, and walk very fast away from the situation. 5 minutes later as we see our camp and the crazy wife killer in the distance...we see him furiously waving an object at us. We ignore it and wait a good 30 minutes and decide to finally go bank to our site. On top the truck was a boot knife I had haphazardly left on the passenger seat after being ejected from this man's car. The man had left and was nowhere to be seen. We then discussed how we would explain a crazy man with fake plates , spy gear that had supposedly killed his wife to the police...

Numbered edition of 60


Todd W. Emmert - A Serpentine Summer  CDr £5


Brother Todd returns to the Chocolate Monk bossom for a third time.

"A Serpentine Summer is my 16th full length album since 2015 when I quit using Inspector 22 as a recording name and started recording with my own given name. I am writing this, but I am gonna have to listen to it again. I'll have to refresh my memory about why I think this is good. I think it is a good album. It's an instrumental album. Isn't that good? I have given up on singing because I have said enough with my voice. I don't have many words left to say anything with. A Serpentine Summer is my best work yet, but I always say that. If you don't like vaguely minimal experimental home recorded music, you're not gonna like this either. But I do think it's good. This one is kinda twinkly in parts and it's built for the heat. I hope you like it." - Todd W. Emmert

Edition of 60


Mike Dilloway - Any Old Time Tastes  CDr £5


Aaron Dilloway and Mike Collino come out stumbling with two tracks of spoiling tape befuddlement with all the groggy side effects of heavy meds. Get to window fast and crack it!

"Don’t be a schmuck, man. Skip to the bottom of this paragraph and scan for the words “sold out.” If you don’t see ’em, just click the add-to-cart button and be done with it. Maybe you need convincing. Well, okay, so when Mike Dilloway disbanded Confiscated Lithium and stole the drummer from The Original Ben Franklin, they formed a power duo that swore to hump the legs of shady murk like a coupla horndog sewer workers on payday. Never has a promise been pinkier. Here are a pair of ten-minute gurglers with all the analog kung-fu darkness you could want, held down with insectoid control. Anything with generous tape g-g-grrmmph and nreeeeum, trudgely metal percussion, screeched kyphosis therapy, and pitchbent tones that warp through all five stages of getting your tongue stuck to the liberty bell — that’s walkin’-around music, the soundtrack of life on the magnetic playground. Oh, look, now they’re all gone. Scroll down and let Richard Youngs gaze at you disapprovingly." - Seymour Glass

Numbered edition of 75


Dan Fröberg - The Common Error Of Ordinary  CDr & Book £10


After much arm twisting and beard tugging we finally convinced our beloved artist/composer/sound wizard Fröberg to let us release some of his Swedish visual/aural magic. Get ready to get really, really sleepy.

The common error of ordinary.
Jesus is on the mainline.
An extended soundtrack to a movie (by Dan Fröberg), with another title.
Life goes on,
Continuosly speaking in tongues.
Always is always forever.
And one and one is one, by destiny.
By the way, whatever happened to Peter Tork?
If we can't build sideways, we have to go up!
-Is there anybody out there?
To the gates of day.
Now wind and shadows.
-Who turned the lights out?
-But first, are you experienced?
No more terra firma.
Get lost wind.
Whose threatening music troubles polar nights?
-I live only for the rare hours of eternity.
A doorway opening in holy space.
Destination unknown.
-See you there!

Full colour, 24 pages on 170gsm paper, stapled, 250gsm cover
Numbered Edition of 60


Blood Stereo - Two Drams  Cassette & Badge £5


Blood Stereo invite you to share two drams with them over a mere 10 minutes as they attempt to stretch out time with two focused tape compositions. Violin drones, field recordings and mysterious distant percussion press ruddy cheeks with what sounds like an under water church organ, lo-fi muttering and various creaks, hiccups, sneezes & burbles. More sounds for your Jungian pipe.

Pink cassette in card slip case with paste on art. Rubber stamped. Button badge.
Numbered Edition of 50.


Richard Youngs - Bad Words  CDr & Badge £5


Richard 'The Riddim' Youngs returns to Chocololate Monk and he is none too pleased. Listener discretion advised.

"Launched at Colour Out of Space 2019, this is 69 minutes of pitch corrected vocal, in the modern style. High concept derives from a conversation with Dylan Nyoukis concerning some popular musical tastes, and the collection’s title is an elusive reference to the lyrical content."

Numbered Edition of 75 comes with button badge.


Darksmith - Poverty Of Will  Book & CDr £8


"With many of Darksmith recordings, one’s imagination doesn’t immediately conjure a person creating or manipulating sound, but rather drifts toward visions of depopulated areas getting damaged by alien weather events – choked by toxic dust, pelted by freeze-dried rocks of ooze, ruptured by shrieking subterranean trauma. Human agency, when its presence is unmistakable, occupies a position of forced abandonment, like cinematic ghosts unwilling to quit the material plane or an individual dehumanized by efficient banality. Through grit-flecked remnants of grainy field recordings from environs luscious and bleak; weighed down by cackles and croaks blurred by humidity and contact mics; tangled in rusted-over playgrounds dominated by geese and tumors; molested by magnetic tape instability, truncated fidelity, and corrupted modulation fur. As the companion book demonstrates, the lad has an eye for evoking from bland and wholesome portraiture the incipient horror unknowingly embedded within. Darksmith’s stark, high-contrast line art dispenses with gradation, a nice echo of the flatness of the subjects lives immortalized by disposable time-killing entertainment magazines ubiquitous throughout medical waiting rooms." - S.Glass

Black & White, 44 pages on 170gsm paper, stapled, 350gsm cover.


Dan Melchior - Squirrel II (The Sequel) CDr £5


Our favourite Surrey expat returns with his 4th solo Monk disk (not to mention his 2 collaborations with both halfs of Blood Stereo). This time a follow up to his Chocolate Monk debut A Squirrel Could Never Be A Disappointment To Me. I will let the wee man explain..

"Most of the music on this cdr was recorded during a very brown period in my life when I was living in north east Ohio. There is some computerised commentary on the cuyahoga river, along with other weighty subjects that haunt that particular area of the great Satan. Elsewhere there is a very primitive attempt at a ‘Presque Rien’ like recreation of the infamous GIant Eagle supermarket in Fairlawn, Ohio, which was forward thinking enough to employ a bearded lady, and a woman with the exact same haircut as the lead singer of Journey.
If you have never visited the rubber city, take this musical tour as a good reason to avoid it on your future itineraries." - Dan Mechior

Edition of 60


Stuart Chalmers & Neil Campbell - Frog Dreaming Skull  CDr £5


Hurtling towards the horrors of their biological selves these two ageing Yorkshire based freaks follow up In the Vicinity of the Reversing Pool with an altogether more organic, rolling affair. Chalmers ladles on his signature stuttering tape loops and even manages to dust off his old zither, while Campbell is in a definite Vibracathedral vibe zone on guitar, percussion, toy piano, violin, electronics and voice. A continuously evolving piece, from the opening strum and stroke that will get your chakra shimmering to a gurning sonic joy mess full stop. Listener, you must struggle with glorious reality!



Eject - Zero Return  CDr £5


Eject is an Italian project shared between Francesco Calandrino and Cristiano Deison. The former lives and works way down in Alcamo in the fields of research music, net-art, language and wine. No doubt guzzling down the good grape while he generates hyper lo-fi sounds from sputtering mechanical systems like his beloved old radio-cassette stereos and wonky walkmans. While the latter has his lab way up in Varmo, where he can usually be found frothing over his Tascam 404, turntable guts and objects churning out skillful tape loop burbles, electronic skittering and field recordings. The whole thing has a great eavesdropping throb that feels like its beaming in from afar. You know they are both part of the ferment of ideas on here but it is a real whodunit. Better get your ear magnifier out, Sherlock.

Edition of 60


Dylan Nyoukis - Life Is But A Smear  CDr £5


Part of this recording started life as the opening for Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit's year end/Festering Season episode on Resonance Extra, then in a Dionysian haze I realised it was the start of a companian piece for the I Found A Photocopy Of A Dream On The Street & It Sent Me To Sleep cassette. A necessary bleak December/January sound collage purge (with some regurgitation) which may help the listener cast off their rank rotten ruminations. Originally titled Are The Voices In Your Head Weeping Or Singing? it ideally should be listened too as you attempt slumber. Featuring cameos from Crank Sturgeon, Ezio Piermattei, Ludo Mich, This is Yvonne Lovejoy, The Plastic Containers Of Nothing, Joe Possett, Karen, Elkka, Grant Smith, Tina Kerkels, Jonnie Prey, Angela Sawyer and others. No Sting covers. Give thanks!

Hand stamped cardboard cover with insert.


Evil Moisture - Drool Freezers  Book & CDr £10


Long overdue return to Chocolate Monk from Evil Moisture. A wild insight into bizarro Bolus world. Full colour A5 booklet and CDr in full colour sleeve too. Stick in yr Jungian pipe.

"My long-promised release for the indefatigable Chocolate Monk, with a circa 20 year gap, so I was determined to bust through the wall in style, as it were, if a little en retard.
I spent endless nights, fortified with Chinese bath salt smoothies made from polystyrene packaging materials and shredded pages of "Ohayo Chinpo" magazine, condensing this stuff down on the trusty Bruel & Kjaer, reducing any surplus baroque residue and streamlining the information flow to ensure only the finest and most essential neon worms and dayglo green dog chew toys are highlighted in lsd-sharp-focus-wide-stereo-panorama for maximum ear goops. The 36 page book is in the tradition of those terrible cod-surrealist chess-board landscape cover-paintings on early Klaus Schulze albums like Timewind, and is intended to be stared at while listening." - Andy Bolus


Forrest Friends - untitled  CDr £5


"In an old issue of a London-based porn mag, the one with Funko Geräte on the cover, an essay attempts to recast Esplendor Geometrico as a Massachusetts freak-folk band. With the appropriate dosage, anything’s possible. Probably. Maybe they changed their name and emigrated from Spain and due to a translation error ended up in Seattle. Who knows what’s real and what’s made-up with that publication.
From Forrest Friends’ opening herald announcing the commencement of a marathon sweat lodge cotillion, where consensual flora gropings and various pagan engorgements run their respective courses until the inevitable dousing of the nethers with ritual electronic ooze, to the spent, post-credits vibe of a homemade horror movie, this album resembles little in the Chocolate Monk catalog. The duo’s debut release for the label was recorded by the side of the road in the middle of the night, naked but for banana-leaf loin cloths bound together with twine, crouching in the mud, staring intently at a nematomorph exiting the used-up husk that had been a typically happy-go-lucky praying mantis before the zombifying parasite took over its brain. This thirty-eight-minute disc’s high-primitive hoot coaxes spirit lizards out of a secluded northern-facing lichen shack and forces them to march on an infinity-symbol-shaped path, invoking visions of communion with First Nations spasticity. Patches of impaired fidelity, damaged by overdriven sound, smear the otherwise intimate recordings with heavy whiffs of opium cinders and Wiccan-roasted genetic structure that’s mustier than an old towel full of three-day-old phat si-io.
Everybody loves the idea of a lost world. Well, here’s one with hypnotic yelping, otherworldly accordion, dreams of the pipe, and processions of re-animated wooden children invoking the great drillbit in the sky to exact vengeance on the new president of Brazil." - Seymour Glass

Edition of 60


Yol/Lloyd/Posset - Basement Tapes  CDr £5


Using Toby Lloyd's art project ‘Between Eating and Sleeping' as a starting point Hull's Yol (bottled rust), Newcastle's Posset (tape gasbag) and Mr Lloyd himself (energy positive) tear new holes in the dictaphone/metallic junk/throat-war scene. Live from Bradford's Fuse and Leed's Basement Arts Project three heads nod in total-concrete hardcore improv mode. Switches are slipped as eyes roll back in heads. Lean in and taste the magic!

Numbered edition of 60


Translucent Envelope - A Slight Remove  CDr £5


Andy Bolus's favourite tape wizard (Bob Desaulniers) serves up a collection of low-tech cassette assemblages compiled at home in Oregon in the fall of 2018. Sounds were sourced from tapes and voice memos going back several years, like an audio junk drawer dumped out and arranged into neat little piles.


Dylan Nyoukis - I Found A Photocopy Of A Dream and It Sent Me To Sleep  cassette £6


Sound collage using field recordings, violin, voice, strings, accordion, orga, Assmann 640 dictation machine and tape players.
"I found a photocopy of a dream and it sent me to sleep. There was a lot of songs in there so I started to Sing some of my own.

salt earth he sarte
salt earth he sarte
salt earth he sarte
salt earth he sarted nam

Pay attention to bells. Recording devices are your friends. Try to be polite on the phone. Give thanks."


Slow Listener - Live At Fort Process  CDr £5


Robin 'Slim' Dickinson returns from hiatus with this live recording made at Newhaven's 19th century fort. His my first attempt at a site specific set, the first half iof which uses recordings he made around the fort a couple of weeks prior, which sounds like the old fort breathing and wheezing in its old age. . The second half comes from imagining the soldiers sitting there during the war listening to the radio and waiting.

Numbered edition of 60


Ezio Piermattei - Gran Trotto  CDr £5


Beautiful meandering collage piece from Italian sound artist Ezio Piermattei, here using tapes, field recordings, voice, harmonica, organ, bells, objects, piano, etc to weave a weird audiotory place full of head scratch, voices, chimes, sing song and distant sounds. Recorded in Tallinn, Scanno, Helsinki, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Vilinius, Rosello, Brighton, Campo Imperatore, Jurmala, Barreiro, Ortano, Budapest and Civitella Alfredena.


Blood Stereo - Tape Loop Meditations  Cassette & Badge £6.50


Recorded inside Wino Lodge using cassette tape loops this audio recording is designed to help listeners make the hateful gnashing teeth take flight. It should also counter the persistent attack on the listeners etheric self. After some time of daily practice you will find that problem solving ceases to be frustrating and traumatic. Your head throb will feel salved and the green light of freakdom will pulse out and thwart potential psychic assailants.
Show your commitment by wearing your "I practice tape loop meditation with Blood Stereo" button badge.


Beyt Al Tapes - Unprecize Music  CDr £5


Beyt al Tapes a shadowy outfit hailing from the South of Brussels. Tapes, vocals and rudimentary household objects are its mains instruments. The ghost is a key feature, acting as the spectre for the vitalist poet and the overt Romantic.
'Unprecise Music' is a collection of cuts made over the last three years. It explores, in the most literal sense. The pieces pursue an exploration of Beyt al Tapes’ possible forms, through pure sinus waves, boring repetition and raw randomness. Each piece is a matérialisation of a neuroscientist view on reality - action comes before cause, cause is nothing but a narrative to justify action. In short: the real defines reality, and Beyt al tapes dismantles through a warped process of dialectic failure the notion of the ‘self’ - whereas the self is a projection of a body’s evolutionary survival software.


The Russets - Hardship Like Fortune  CDr £5


Two of northern England's finest purveyors of head scratch, Joe Posset & Sturat Arnot, get together for some real wild brut stylings. Do the avant hunch.
"We’re outsiders here, unworthy uitlanders, carbuncles even; we’re intruders on, about, over and in this Novocastrian soil. One of us is, at least, perseverant; of three decades standing, a good chunk of anyone’s life, worthy of some sort of respect, perverse though it may seem, but the other is painfully unripe, fresh off the boat, all flapping gills and shivering and shrivelling innards. Brazenly, we attempt to appease the local wigs by paying homage as best we can to their rituals, even as we fail to read the native semiotics: we drink ourselves the wrong red and, betweeded and sweating, bray loudly but unconvincingly these half-thought half-songs, misbegotten paeans to their heroic generations; we fall out, trip and fall out onto the moor and down, through the town to the Tyne, garbed suddenly, sullenly and awkwardly in unseemly black, where we desperately expose the ferrous ribbons of our tattered fake books to the corrosive, salty sweep of the northerlies and wail."

Numbered edition of 60


Delusional Reality - Unreliable Narrative  CDr £5


Cody Brant & Shane McDonell bust out their warped musical minds for this doozy. Strung out toe tapping tunes and creeped out paranoid shuffle to make yr third eye twitch. Imagine the Puzzle Punks got slipped a roofy by a young pimple faced Rick Potts.
Kill voice to skull. Sometimes good things fall apart, putting the pieces back together. Kill voice to skull. Chewing off the insides of your cheeks. Very suspicious.

Numbered edition of 60


Neil Campbell & Sticky Foster - Enge Chaleur Telegraphique  CDr £5


Two of Chocolate Monk's favourite old duffers got together for the labels 25 year birthday bash at Cafe Oto recently to cook up a long-distance psychic hook-up. These very old friends, one globetrotter involved in international espionage, the other a suburban West Yorkshire housewife, filled the venue with the sounds of far flung places, piano, electronics, rambling, etc. Disorientation never felt or sounded so sweet. A Daktari for free sound adventurers.



Colin Fisher & chik white - Pacific Rim and Hastings  CDr £5


I know you mungs like weird, slobbery affairs, so i got something stashed aside just for you. Jaw Harp wild man chik white went hiking with his sax gonk pal Colin Fisher deep into the wilds of the rain forest of Tofino, BC whereupon they stumble across a hermit hut and decided to cook up some jaw harp/voice/sax wonder. But to top of the 6 tracks of sodden wild style we have a improv piece recorded at some improv joint in the squalid neighbourhood of East Hastings, Vancouver. Quite the contrast for ya. Huff it up, pal.

SAX: hermitage humidity.. sleepless morning.. surrounding surf.. amplified microcosm.. temperate drizzling drones.. ancient ground cover.. quiescence, for the undisturbed slumber.. fine gestures now symphonic nature..
HARP: what? brah, I'm awake! I was dreamin' that you slobbered into that horn and made it churn like your insides.. you played with a mouthful of swamp sludge.. or maybe you were a singing worm in the shape of a saxophone.. I was a dozen mosquitoes or a somethin'.. it was cool.. promise.. did you.. hear a plane?
SAX: spittoon buffoons blowin' breezy steezy.. sleazy sounds nature bound firm grounds for mounds..
HARP: back in the city you snored a hole through my head.. a deep listen but made me sad that I couldn't sleep.. now we're here and I can't stop wakin' up, which is cool.. but also means.. well, I'm asleep.. hmmm.. hey, let's jam in that hole over there in the forest. YEAH?
SAX: strapless brahs feral friends forever fellas..
HARP: I concur.. drive me back to town when this is over, will ya? we'll listen to it in the car.

Numbered edition of 60


F.Ampism - Wilson Schmilsson  CDr £5


Brightons very own F.Ampism ("Yogi Bear" to his nearest and dearest) follows up last years brilliant 'The Unstruck Sound Centre' on Ikuisuus with further treks out into the mind meld zone. Exotic electronics and warm swiggle nurture your sagging chakras. Musical chirps and sonic pulse cleanses your psychic stink eye. This is the Chew Age.

Numbered edition of 60


Claire Potter - Scally Nike Leather Glove Smoke + 1  CDr £5


A welcome reissue of the long OOP tape on Choclate Monk with a bonus track added for your pleasure. Here is what big bear Byron Coley had to say about the original tape in his fine 'Size Matters' column in the Wire rag.
"Two excellent readings by this Merseyside writer, previously heard on a tape with Bridget Hayden. No music here, just words. And the words are great. Surreal chunks of image forcing their way across your brain, from ear to ear, like a hungry head-worm. Rough, brilliant stuff."


Hair & Treasure- Bijou Bastard Box Room Suite  CDr £5


Mystery duo Hair & Treasure add a third member and invite you into their brown study for some more contemplative sound probing. Sometimes sounding like Solid Eye twanging and rippling underneath a radio broadcast by a crunked up Lexie Mountain.
"An artist arrives to paint a portrait of the royal family, but Trinket is unable to get her mane to stay in place and chaos ensues when a bird flies off with her hairgrip.
Starring: Gonçalo F Cardoso, Alex Jones, Phil Lane - 3 sensitive gits, tight as a piss purse. This shiny disc is better than your last 27 purchases. Dust ain’t randy no more.
                  (Subtitles) (Repeat)
                        Rating: 6.6"


Dan Melchior & Dylan Nyoukis - Unusual Dealers  CDr £5


'Unusual Dealers' started off as a long form, hardly changing electronic piece by Nyoukis which he twanged across the Information Super Highway to Durham, North Corolina so that Melchior could work his sonic tom foolery. Once Dan fashioned it with his slick sound pomade he transfered it back over to Brighton, East Sussex where Dylan added in a few more grains of strange before mixing it down to what we have here. A journey on the heals of the unusual dealers and their untimely passing. Break the brain chain. 


Red Brut/Blood Stereo - split  Cassette £6


Containment of the shadow self is a pointless exercise, friend. After all shit = shadopw and we are all full of it. better out than in right?? Red Brut and Blood Stereo both understand that and present here a side each of tape manipulation, sound collage etc. For fledglings of all ages.


Tindegger - untitled  CDr £5


Tina Krekels & Grant Smith go hurling round a gnarled crack and show us that German-Scots relations have never been fruitier. They do a fine job of blending (or is that blurring?) Krekel's wonderful skittering and burbling saxophone with Smith's hyperactive and intoxicated electronics on some of the tracks. On others we get no-fi text pieces followed by crunked up tape whirr that eventually tramples ear remnants into the rug. You can add in serious dashes of yelps, spits and sputters and even some fried guitar strum which all helps dishonour your spiritual mentors.

Numbered edition of 60


Food People - vetch  CDr £5


A new mystery trio emerges from the grimness of shitty Brexit Isle. Lila Matsumoto, Matthew Hamblin & Greg Thomas follow up last years 'Animal Work' cassette on Beartown Records with a engrossing sojourn that pulses, drones, scrapes and baffles. A strange sedative to help you cover that attitude of cynical indifference.
"Vetch is a food made out of flowers. The violin is made of mouths. The computer is also eating the food. Hens roused and goaded to tumours, the monk is known to write nonsense. Moping at doofus, the violent node of edam is shut for maintenance. Everything will be played backwards. Sprawling peyote limbs and bees. There will be a guitar, pills and bream enacting Cnut. Everything will be played at once. Chocolate slipping into pugs, spume of rats. Tunnocks cantering at veal. There will be a sampler. Shy and numb, the tulips and goats eloped."


Dylan Nyoukis - One Of Seeks  Booklet £5


Nyoukis scrawls out paint pen reactions to these hyper bonker times. One Who Seeks is about our need for transcendence via either ingesting various plants or fungi, scratching the occult itch, chomping on the bath salts or having some extraterrestrial force lick your forehead. Double down on the Doaism, prod that pineal gland, lick the toad, take the 5-Meo and shatter into a million pieces, punk.
Full Colour, 24 pages.
Numbered and signed edition of 50



Karen Constance - Pin Down  Booklet £7


For a hot and stinky month Miss Constance put all other art endeavours to one side to spend a sweaty time in her Shed of Dread conjuring up some alternative reality where the erotic throb ain't just triggered by droll video clips of buff bodies bumping. The conventional pin up is peeled apart and envisioned anew for those who like to have there mind g-spot tickled in a more exotic manner. Guaranteed nipple erection and brain membrane secretion (other secretions may also occur).
Full colour, 40 pages.
Numbered and signed edition of 69



Moth - Scintilla  CDr £5


Mr Tim Alexander of LAFMS/Points Of Friction notoriety presents just the kind of life affirming sound wonk you might expect. Burbling and oozing broadcasts from the mind flap of a madman/maestro. If that don't wet yr dingle dangle then how about the fact that the late, GREAT, Damian Bisciglia makes an appearance? Get to it!

"I try to find just the right perfume for each robot, and to allow the ghosts in the instruments to haunt the soundscape.
Always looking for a balance of intentional and unintentional elements when bringing sounds together that affect me on an emotional level, the ideas and internal logic of each piece is secondary to that inner resonance. It’s an open process of discovery and revelation where beauty and terror may become sublime twins, boredom is self reflection, and confusion is the highest state of consciousness.
The sounds are generated by the improvised playing of objects and mostly broken or prepared instruments, field recordings, and other sources, and those sounds then become the raw material which undergoes a transformation. Multi-track looping, digital tape effects, sampling and pedal effects add new sounds, and take us into their cobbly worlds.
In those worlds, as in our own:
Things look that way as long as you look at them that way."


Jonnie Prey - Life On Bob-Lo Island  CDr £5


Ye gawds! What is this terrible sight that stands before me?? Bulbous, potato head man with acrid stench stumbling around in a scruff suit. Worry not for it is only Jonnie Prey. Jonnie is from Detroit Michigan. He took a Greyhound bus to Oakland California where he lived and made art and self released tapes for some years. He currently lives in Los Angeles California where he co-runs the experimental arts space Coaxial Arts in Downtown Los Angeles. He remains an outsider lurking in the dreams of discarded mannequins. He recntly performed a 5 hour long performance art piece at Cary Loren’s Punk House at the Mike Kelley Homestead. But what the hell is Life On Bob-Lo Island? Well I will let Mr Stinky himself explain...

"Life On Bob-Lo Island is concept album about an abandoned Amusement Park located just outside of Detroit, Michigan. A very real place, in its heyday it was like a dwarfed Atlantic City, a kid casino with all the trappings of an old school Amusement Park, wooded rollercoasters, a funhouse, drunk clowns roaming about, Taffy Machines buzzing along with the Cicadas and two identical twins on the boardwalk called The Kimchi Twins. Bob-Lo closed for good in 1993 due to folks getting sick from the water when they installed water slides to help boost attendance. Years before the current Flint water crisis, Auto plants had been dumping Heavy Metal sludge into the Detroit River for years, eventually getting into Bob-Lo's water supply. Years later there were rumors that strange hobo's lived in the park, squatting in the funhouse and in the Steamboat that carried folks from Detroit to the Island. This album is about that time, the park itself, and the strange men that lurked with in it. Today it is all Mansions, but for many years it was this decrepit kingdom, a sort of island of the dammed.
Detroit darkness cloaked in a clowns shroud, holes punctured through a laughing reality as a mask of spinning dice reveals the corroded dream: Children playing in yellow haze, black corn swaying to the machines, families disappearing into the night like polaroids developing in reverse, dogs lurking as co-conspirators with the shadows, machine laugher trapped in the bog, A UFO made of straw slowly crashing into a black swamp, abandoned vacations vacated now by lost men, give one an offering and maybe he'll tell you a story, his life on Bob-Lo Island perhaps.....

Numbered edition of 75



The False Face Society - Half Time 1916  CDr £5


Hitchin's finest scruff about the square Russell Walker (The Teleporters/Lloyd Pack/Pheromoans etc) does some readings from his upcoming novel, the follow up to his poorly selling 'When New Towns Act Tough'. Not a man shy of wetting his sandwich, Russell here enlists the help of two mates to add sonic saucing. James Tranmer adding his techyes/no beat crud and Tom James Scott adding more of a loopy drone mumph vibe. Come feel the mundane mumble friend.



The Negative Kite - Gone All To The Down  CDr £5


No fi abstract crunk merchants Steve Clarke & Julian Bradley aka The Negative Kite appeared briefly in the mid-90s, shuffling out of Birmingham to release a 7" and a few limited cassettes before evaporating. Bradley resurfaced in Vibra Cathedral Orchetra etc while Clarke teamed up with Sean Conway (Plastic Hooligans/UFO Antler Band) to further confuse with The Gas Shepherds before disappearing again. He returns under The Negative kite moniker and serves up a 40 plus minute dollop of solpistic sound compost. Is he the only one here? Or is that you?Sounds fade in and out, is there a crumbling counterpoint? Headscratch. Tarot = toe rot.

Numbered Edition of 75.


Sick Llama - Snake Code  CDr £5


Detroit's demented noise chess master lays his first cracked egg for Chocolate Monk and it is the out and out mind melter you would hope for. Cracked electronics sit alongside blown out tape damage. Electric insect skitter and life affirming creep pulse also make an appearance. A heavy on the hiss classic that will scribble your mystic centre. Strange zones await unexplored.

Numbered Edition of 75.



Henry Holmes - Twisted Nerve  Cassette £6


The lowlife behind 2014's Clam Bake and one half of the mysterious Occult Hand is back with another burbling transmission of tape loop damage. Don't let the hawaiin shirt fool you, this is the kind of Uher damage that is going to leave the listeners integrity in a pool of jellied crumbs on the floor. Like a three day chemical chew with no additional hydration aka ferric bruxism. Let the Prince of Dorkness help get yr ass on that dissecting table, baby.

Numbered Edition of 50.



Amanda R. Howland - Mona Cost Returns To Canton  CDr £5


Continuing the fine family tradition of euphoric ear shred Miss Howland gives Brother Skin Graft a run for his bitcoins with a heavy dose of American Midwest hot sonic gruel which is guaranteed to singe those inner lughole hairs of yours. The four tracks laid down here were recorded live in the Howland practice space while Amanda was working on her novel Don't Fear the Night Duende, much of which takes place in Canton, Ohio, where she grew up. The listener is encouraged to find their own inner Monument Park and get woke. Recorded and mastered by Wyatt Howland. Artwork by Karen Constance.

Numbered Edition of 60.



Todd W. Emmert - A New Normal  CDr £5


Mr Emmert makes a quick and welcome return to Chocolate Monk with another hot shot of life affirming sonic glimmer that is 100% guaranteed to cleanse your wounds and fill your gut with the good stuff.

"A New Normal is just a quick postcard to people who are suffering from traumas and there is no way out. That's what the title means... finding a new place to rest inside of yourself, because all previous normalcy was destroyed by trauma. It's been said to me in therapy and I have heard the phrase used when talking about about a tragically traumatized person who will never have back what they had before the trauma. There is no fixing things, you have to find "A New Normal"." - Todd W. Emmert

Numbered Edition of 60.


Psychonic Imaging - Time Vaccine  CDr £5


Philadelphia reprobate Cody Brant is back and this time he has a formidable partner in crime in the form of Tim Alexander (LAFMS, Points of Friction, Moth) so you know you are in for a real ear greaser.

“Skliream so loud that all the tiredneknow inside me, all the sadneknow vanishes in the air."

"I felt immediately after first making noise with Cody in late 2015 that there was something especially complimentary in what we do. We were organizing textures and colors, shaping primal meeting grounds and discovering a soundscape together by taking turns painting in the elements. So often I found myself making horizontal gestures while Cody was working out vertical contrasting marks. Our different paths to goosebumps led to the same place. I’ll be atmosphere and he’ll counteract with a chilling arrhythmia, or something trying to escape shackles. Or if I my Barbie guitar detonated above ground his Fostex 4 track cassette recorder was deep enough in the Cocoon to plan a return to the surface. He was in Portland too briefly for me, and in the Cocoon we were mostly business. We went to work making our sounds, and it worked quite naturally. We are both collagists, of sorts, multimediaists by nature. We had accumulated quite a few recordings and Cody had done considerable mastering work when he rather expertly helped me dismantle a sofa with an axe, and then split for Philadelphia by way of Colorado or Vegas or both in mid 2017. But none of those bits appear on this collection. We met in LA in 2017 for 2 performances at small clubs, which were a blast, and a very special jam with Points of friction on KXLU’s Glossolalia program. None of that’s here either.
Cody put together all this material from the remaining 2016-2017 recordings in Portland, and sent it to me in batches, asking for my thoughts, and for titles.
The way we work is somehow an inoculant to the darker forces at play in the world, and in ourselves.
A Time Vaccine" - Tim Alexander

Numbered Edition of 60.



Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Snack A Delica  CDr £5


The Cardboard Prince returns to Chocolate Monk for his third outing after Tupperwave and The Opera. Here he presents a fine selection of mostly live actions that really capture his magnetic power. He works hard so you can get down.

"i am reborn new rrs, year of snack a delica, party like your a corrugated funky wannabe, im so sorry this album isnt as good as the opera, but i did try, if u want me to perform for u and the payment is snack just call my name in the night and ile shake on over your way" - RRS

Numbered Edition of 60.


Mike Dilloway - Hay Bale Paws  CDr £5


Aaron Dilloway & Mike Collino give thanks to the Creeping Presence with a series of warped and mangled mini mantras thick on the crude tape vibe with heavy doses of clank, scrape and electronic whirr for added levitation. Be brave, coward!
Aaron Dilloway: Metal, Cymbal, Synthesizer, File and Phonic Mirror
Mike Collino: Violin, Zither and Amnesia Machines

Numbered Edition of 75.



Wizards Of Oi - Pop Oil View  CDr £5


Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear) & Brandstifter return for a second swig of the poison after last years Wot It Is Not, which had WFMU's Daniel Blumin frothing from the ears. With full bellies they foray further into the forest of broken music (or is that musical & mental breakdown?) incorporating a wide selection of instruments and guff to create sweet swaggering tomfoolery all with a distinct whiff of Paul McCarthy (those demented sounding vocal ditties) or Mike Kelley (ala The Poetics or early D.A.M). Be brave you sack o' meat, tie one on. The Wizards have got yr ftaback covered.

Numbered Edition of 60.


John Godbert - The Sealed Container  CDr £5


Three absolute mind melders from the dusty archives of John Gobbert, hand picked by everyone's favourite Yorkshire bear hugger Neil Campbell.
"When I first met John Godbert towards the end of the twentieth century he used to send me the odd tape of solo recordings he'd made on an old karaoke machine, mixed with songs by his then-unknown friend the creepy lounge singer Herb Diamanté. We all know that Herb has since gone on to live a salubrious life of global stardom, whereas John's been so broke and desperate he's even resorted to joining the bloody Vibracathedral Orchestra. Life just ain't fair.
So, what better time could there be to unearth some of those dusty old Godbert recordings, vast aching tableaux where he's wailing on the reeds and causing irrepairable damage to guitars and keyboards borrowed from Matthew Bower? Not enough people have heard these sounds, which is a huge hole in the collective understanding of the whole Northern English heavy liquid infinite blah third eye whatever scene and a crying shame. God Bless Chocolate Monk." - Neil Campbell

Numbered Edition of 60.



chik white - Their Faces Closed  Cassette £6


"Their Faces Closed is a collection of live recordings from my fall 2017 cross-Canada tour. I didn’t sleep well and my thoughts were uneasy for much of the trip, yet the beauty of the country, especially the mountains out West, put me in a reverent and contemplative mood. I had a lot to work through each night on stage. The tracks I chose for this release all felt earnest and whole when they spewed forth—a mix of comedy and confusion for the spectator, no doubt. But know that I tried my best to acknowledge what was flowing through me in each moment. I was attuned to the jaw harps as well.
The sounds at the end are from a cassette of ocean recordings that I had buried in a salt flat for awhile. It’s a bit gnarled. I took this recording of my home with me on tour and used it as part of my set only once—when I reached the Pacific in Victoria, BC. Eventually it’s all washing over.
Thanks to the folks across Canada who indulged me during this time. And thanks to Dylan for giving these weird introspections a home." - chik white
Chrome cassette in recycled card sleeve with insert.

Numbered Edition of 75.

Sold Out

Meek/Glass - Molasses  CDr £5


Forty minutes of electronics and loops recorded during an impromptu session at No Spray 205 in San Francisco, named after the 1919 disaster that buried an entire neighborhood of Boston in deadly sweetened ooze.

Numbered Edition of 60.


S.Glass - If You Can't Be Good, Be Reasonable  Booklet/CDr £8


An alarming, detailed travelogue by The Fourth Chinz-man Of The Apocalypse about his November 2017 trip to witch-trial country, where he played shows with Phil Milstein and Ariella Stok (aka Suppressive Persons) and on his own. CDR includes the trio’s entire set at Feeding Tube Records in Florence, Massachusetts. “The only thing weirder than what comes out of this motherfucker’s mouth is what goes in,” says Roland Woodbe. “Seriously, is there anything S. Glass won’t eat?” Forty-eight pages. The first in Chocolate Monk’s Lunkhead Library series.

Numbered Edition of 100.




Brandstifter - Don't Call Me Dali, Darling!  CDr £5


German avant madman and all round groovy art hack Stefan Brand AKA Brandstifter returns to Chocolate Monk so soon after his collab with Aaron Moore, The Wizards Of Oi. Here we get an intimate insight into the artist in his natural habitat, sporting nothing but his crumpled Y-fronts and an energy and message that needs to bust out and be broadcast to the outside world. A selection of his infamous thursday morning bedroom recordings done on his favourite Casio keyboards: the SK1 and the SA-21 tonebank unplugged! With vocal ramblings sung directly into the recorder and a splattering of rough toy samples. Fear not though, his pyromaniac tendencies are pure, he just wants to light a fire in our hearts!

Numbered Edition of 60.


Todd W Emmert - A Summers Day & Night  CDr £5


"No one makes being a visionary seem like an attractive career more than Todd W. Emmert. His beguilingly unassuming compositions slip through the cracks between the cosmic binaries -- your yings and your yangs, the bottom of the aboves and the tops of the belows, the magic hours of twilight and dusk. A Summer’s Day And Night oozes with the sacred perspiration wrung from the garments of the children of the supreme hypno-void getting dizzy on an interstellar merry-go-round. Four opening tracks lull you into a false sense of new age security, better than any vegan restaurant hold muzak, before Emmert goes full ghost story and bakes your head into a wax unagi pie replica in the galley of a Unarius UFO with a series of heavy, scalp-striating distorto drones that have every right to take up entire album sides. A fine, fine distillation of “splashing” and “down.” Huff it." - Seymour Glass

Numbered Edition of 60.


Plastic Hooligans - untitled  CDr £5


Sean Conway emerges once more from his dank Brum environs to follow up last years untitled debut with another untitled beauty of hiss and warble. Like some kind of mythical hash peasant he cooks up weird sounds that are both musical and abstract, all recorded straight to his dying three track tape recorder. A gentle throbbing thing of dreamlike confusion. Highly recommended for all you garbage eaters out there. Get smart, get saved!

Numbered Edition of 60.


Outréchestra feat. Bryan Lewis Saunders - Sewing Party  CDr £5


"Three nights in a row I had dreams about parties and/or sewing. Also, the batteries in my recorder were dying and I did not know. So when I went to transcribe the recordings I threw the batteries away. But then after hearing the content (the dreams) I thought this would be perfect in subject and tone for Princess Haultaine III! So then I asked him if he wanted to work with me on these parties. When he said yes, I thought shoot I should get those mostly dead batteries out of the trash and use them to their fullest potential because I thought that might complement the tone and noisy party style of the great duo Outréchestra. So then I milked those batteries for every electron in them. Hundreds of false starts trying to capture every word of the dreams in the state of death. It was a challenging task. And then Princess Haultaine III took those recordings and stitched them together with the music." - BLS


Talc - Terracotta Tributaries  CDr £5


Talc are Portlandian scruffs Bob Desaulniers and Shane McDonell, Terracotta Tributaries is the product of several stream of consciousness recording sessions spanning the first half of 2017. Indoor/outdoor sound materials subjected to primitive manipulation and collaged in universally agreed upon real time. Talc is the voice of the Bicameral Mind.
Numbered Edition of 60.



Psanck - Psanck  CDr £5


Word around the twittings is that Psanck were thrown together one evening at the Safehouse (Brighton's regular free music/improv night). Kev Nickells, Chis Parfitt & Al Strachan got so goosed up on the combination of scritchy violin, growling cornet, pingy toys, electronics and sop sax that they yodelled in unison “let’s record”. Finally sometime down the line they did just that, piecing together a thing full of beautiful otherwordly imaginings. Like a less processed Biota with that soft creeping Af Ursin vibe. I applied some strategic Tiger Balm to Mr Nickells and asked for his take on the disk:
"Perambulations, hitherto: procedures of coping, or cobalted errata. Blanched mouldy harmonic relations. File under: improv, but your Mum might find it tolerable."  One for Mother's day then.

Numbered Edition of 60.


Adam Cadell & Carter Thornton - Potential WW3  CDr £5


Having both done time on the Soft Abuse music label of Minneapolis, Adam Cadell of Australia was eager to meet Carter Thornton of America when he traveled to pick the string brain of Henry Flynt in New York City during a multi-continent fiddle technique inquiry. The two met at the Horse Box, a shitty sports bar, and soon found they both admired the people of Finland, the metal of Mexico, and the kim chi of Korea. A collaboration occurred when Cadell built a small echo chamber out of a fiddle and forced Thornton's sounds into it through a small wire. As far as meetings of Australians and Americans go this was better than the Trump/Turnbull telephone summit that happened at roughly the same time. More Cadell can be found in releases by the Scrapes, while further Thornton can be heard on albums by Gnaw, Enos Slaughter, and Pigeons

Numbered Edition of 60.


Lucas Abela & Noel Meek - Benny Does Jets  CDr £5


An antipodean sound agitation hoedown between wonder scruff Lucas Abela, all sweat, blood and beers performing on glass and the always well groomed Noel Meek, New Zealand's best trimmed beard 4 years running on electronics and voice. Visceral electronic fart tones stomp a happy jig and attempt to crack that code you have floating in yr skull.

Benny Does Jets was recorded live in Sydney at the Tempe Jets rugby club at the edge of Sydney international airport. The space has recently been converted into cavernous artist studios and venue and the local fertile free improv scene has taken over the huge central space for weekend concerts. This was the first time I'd met Lucas properly after being blown off my feet by his solo performance at a Schimpfluch-Gruppe gig in Wellington pretty much exactly ten years earlier. A master glass player, Lucas is one of the most responsive and articulate musicians I've had the pleasure to play with. Huge thanks to Jim Denley for putting the concert together." - Noel Meek

Numbered Edition of 60.

Sold Out

Street Beers - Seriously Hot  CDr £5


Everyone's favourite blaw bag, Ali Roberston of Usurper, returns with new solo wonk. His take on a "summer album" is like a mouthful of hot pennies.

"A prisoner of the Blighted Isle. What joy can be mined within these hard borders? I heard that it didnae get above seventeen degrees in the central belt last year. Even after electing a gaggle of Scottish Tories it remained pure brassic and we all ken that they make the fucking weather in London. I'd suggest burning the bloated bodies of those browbeaters to warm the cockles of our hearts, but I suspect the airborne grease fae their sizzling pork bellies'd seal up our skins like factor nine-thousand and serve to shield us fae the pitiful meek slivers of vit D that occasionally drizzle though the haar. Might as well get use to cold cockles anyhows. And cold whelks. And cold sea snot. There's your dinner and it's bowfing. "Street Beers? Sounds like you'll be touring with Sewn Leather next!" said Nyoukis, but please speak it in my accent as I'm just trying to celebrate one of the only reasons to remain in the EH postcode zone. An eternal busman's holiday on the tarmac of the 'shire? "That's not my cup of tea" say the English. "That's not my glass of beer" say the Dutch." - Ali Roberston.

Numbered Edition of 60.



Dave Miko - Crumpled Cloud Cafe  CDr £5


New York based artist (and all round "sound as a pound" gonk) Dave Miko returns to the label after 2009's Doyers Data Dump, heading even further out.Proof he is a singular artist not for the muted of mind.

"Is it what it is? Might the early first experiments with an instrument be a beautiful music? What if they are rearranged and processed with a variety of presets? Can learning a computer program, in the time before a style or approach is ossified, quickly reveal something of the students tastes and intentions? Probably not. The second track, the usual type of vocal thing, was written for and performed poorly and with incident at Abasement5 September 21 2015. This recording is from a better re-performance at Cakeshop December 26 2016." - Dave Miko

Numbered Edition of 60.


Acrid Lactations & Gwilly Edmondez - You Have Not Learned To Play &  Mock The Psychic System  CDr  £5


Stuart Arnot and Susie Fitzpatrick stumble out good-foot-style with everyone’s favorite academic dunderhead Gwilly Edmondez for inspired avant jig, coming off at times like a more abstract John Gavanti or a peasant island take on Fatty Jubbo’s missing-in-action Ritualistic School Of Errors. This could be post-Brexit “Last of The Summer Wino” blues, as they trundle down the mind slide with a wheelbarrow full of string instruments, tapes, keyboards and other junk — sometimes arse over tit with plenty of yelps, gurgles and hollers, only to land upright again and blow your spinning skull with gentle creepy sway and yodel. Seriously munged magic.

Numbered edition of 60.