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  Karen Constance - Ten Canon Creaks  Book £10

Every sane persons favourite Blackburn Academy of the Arts drop out follows up "Optic Rabble Arouses" with another great collection of eye wonk (paintings and collage). 100 page perfect bound book that is guaranteed to get your poor aching head out of the current narrative of crime and decline. Good time mind lube.

Numbered & Signed edition of 50


Brandstifter - Don't Call Me Dali, Darling!  CDr £5

German avant madman and all round groovy art hack Stefan Brand AKA Brandstifter returns to Chocolate Monk so soon after his collab with Aaron Moore, The Wizards Of Oi.  Here we get an intimate insight into the artist in his natural habitat, sporting nothing but his crumpled Y-fronts and an energy and message that needs to bust out and be broadcast to the outside world.  A selection of his infamous thursday morning bedroom recordings done on his favourite Casio keyboards: the SK1 and the SA-21 tonebank unplugged! With vocal ramblings sung directly into the recorder and a splattering of rough toy samples. Fear not though, his pyromaniac tendencies are pure, he just wants to light a fire in our hearts!

Numbered edition of 60

Todd W Emmert - A Summer's Day & Night  CDr £5

"No one makes being a visionary seem like an attractive career more than Todd W. Emmert. His beguilingly unassuming compositions slip through the cracks between the cosmic binaries -- your yings and your yangs, the bottom of the aboves and the tops of the belows, the magic hours of twilight and dusk. A Summer’s Day And Night oozes with the sacred perspiration wrung from the garments of the children of the supreme hypno-void getting dizzy on an interstellar merry-go-round. Four opening tracks lull you into a false sense of new age security, better than any vegan restaurant hold muzak, before Emmert goes full ghost story and bakes your head into a wax unagi pie replica in the galley of a Unarius UFO with a series of heavy, scalp-striating distorto drones that have every right to take up entire album sides. A fine, fine distillation of “splashing” and “down.” Huff it." - Seymour Glass

Numbered edition of 60

Plastic Hooligans - untitled  CDr £5

Sean Conway emerges once more from his dank Brum environs to follow up last years untitled debut with another untitled beauty of hiss and warble.  Like some kind of mythical hash peasant he cooks up weird sounds that are both musical and abstract, all recorded straight to his dying three track tape recorder. A gentle throbbing thing of dreamlike confusion.  Highly recommended for all you garbage eaters out there. Get smart, get saved!

Numbered edition of 60

Ani & Nimmo - 3: Belated Gurps  CDr

Another festive ear cheer freebie from Brighton gonks Ani & Nimmo. Again each contributing a track using Calibre Auto Recording Disks as sound source. Free with any order in December, just state that you want one and ye shall have.

Edition of 40


Natalia Beylis - Scchh...phh  CDr £5

Quit saving those pennies for that Embryonic Cell Fusuion device. Forget about those annoying questions that swirl around inside your dome (What part of the ear hears? Why do you have that strange thirst?) because Ireland's Natalia Beylis has some answers for you, all hidden within this wonderfully weird sound collage which is more intoxicating than a handful of seed vomit.  Keep your face and feet open. Keep Alert.

"These tracks are made from tapes I've gathered and recorded since I was a kid. The earliest one is a tape my dad made of my learning to talk when I was a young one. They are nearly like weird chapters of an autobiography" - Natalia Beylis

Numbered edition of 60


T.Mikawa - Rising Sunset  CDr £5

The plan for a T.Mikawa release on Chocolate Monk was hatched some years ago, when I found myself sharing a taxi with the wee man in Glasgow and we bonded over a Demetrio Stratos sing song. Finally the master of Matsudo delivers, dishing up his infamous demented electronics while adding in a healthy wallop of wild yips, yurps and other mouth madness, coating your cochlea in joy grease, which is guaranteed to deflect all New Age hookum. It is time to let your skull glow.

"I recorded these at home using a handy hard disk recorder, some gadgets and my voice . My intention was to make rather strange pieces which I think suitable for the release from Chocolate Monk.  My intention seems to be fulfilled considering the fact that you are drooling." - T.Mikawa

Numbered edition of 100



Bill Orcutt - Live At Constellation  Cassette £6

Great live set recorded at Constellation in Chicago this past February. Full on electric guitar crack-pottery that blooms up into a glorious brain scrub, which will have you either shitting in your hat or clambering for the drool bucket. Come commune with a higher power. Swaddling optional.

Numbered edition of 75

Blood Lewiis - The Toadstool Millionaires  CDr & Badge £6

The Unholy union of Blood Stereo & The Bren't Lewiis Ensemble follow up last years 'Pentecostal Gymnast Trapped In Lime Jello' with further stabs at hobbling the mind with a two course pig out of time distorting tape collage mangle and beady eyed space bending sound processing.  Gnarlos, Lucian Tielens, Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis are joined by The City Councilman, Tom Chimpson, Lilly McBilllly, Elkka reign Nyoukis, The Two WInnies & Lindy Lettuce, and at one section what sounds like a melon headed child fondling a dried umbilical stump.

Pledge allegiance to their flab with the funky 'I'm A Toadstool Millionare' badge.

Numbered edition of 60


Outréchestra feat. Bryan Lewis Saunders - Sewing Party  CDr £5

"Three nights in a row I had dreams about parties and/or sewing. Also, the batteries in my recorder were dying and I did not know. So who I went to transcribe the recordings I threw the batteries away. But then after hearing the content (the dreams) I thought this would be perfect in subject and tone for Princess Haultaine III! So then I asked him if he wanted to work with me on these parties. When he said yes, I thought shoot I should get those mostly dead batteries out of the trash and use them to their fullest potential because I thought that might complement the tone and noisy party style of the great duo Outréchestra. So then I milked those batteries for every electron in them. Hundreds of false starts trying to capture every word of the dreams in the state of death. It was a challenging task. And then Princess Haultaine III took those recordings and stitched them together with the music. " - BLS

Numbered edition of 60

C.R. Odette - Castle Two  CDr £5

Michagan's Samantha Flowers has been on the Monk radar for some time now, making our joy gland throb with some fine cassettes on Vitrine, All Gone and Alien Passengers. On 'Castle Two' she gives us a sweet slow burning clump of sonic strangeness over 11 tracks. These assembled live spliffs were recorded at night deep in the 836 Ashland swamp hole. Keyboard burbles & vocal waver bob up alongside creepy tape jams, allrecorded in between the floodssopping up sog in the process before the electronics fizz out. Pardon her hiss.

"Fragmented nonlinear renaissance crude nonesuch peasant sound tapestry." - SF

Numbered edition of 60


Feghoots - Dwindling Correspondence  CDr £5

Pete Cann emerges from his mystical house of clocks in Leeds and shows us what he has been working on for the last year. Sounds like a suitcase full of strangley lacquered secretions, electronic feathers and little moments of truth put through the scurry man's mind blender. He's got what I want, when I want it...    peculiar passages. He's got what I need, when I need it...    sonic calcification... Anton Bruhin would part a million, just to keep it. The Cann man is ready to debunk your mind.

Numbered edition of 54

Fordell Research Unit - Octuary CDr £5

Fraser Burnett is Oxgang's ONLY one man discordant drone unit. Sent here to expose your ears to everything they thought they didn't want to hear.  He rubs sonic carpet in your face and adds a lump of charcoal tone, while rocking back and forth in "a moment" with one eye closed and a  sonic gurn on his puss. Sure the Northern UK has a rich vein of  bleak monochramtic head borers, conjuring up that weird cocktail of dour-tempered-with-joy head gorf but none are more huffed out on the spores from Sharnoth than FRU.

"Is it foot chair? or is it paste?"

Numbered edition of 54 (but numbers add up to nothing)

Wizards Of Oi - Wot It Is Not CDr £5

Wizards Of Oi were founded in 2009 when Aaron Moore and Brandstifter met at Flux Factory during Brandstifter's artist residency in Queens, New York. Soon after they started improvising & recording together in Brandstifter's Lower East Side Studio (L.E.S.S.) at Flux Factory and Moore's rehearsal room and apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. During their first session in Queens they managed to kill an expensive microphone and call up a heavy thunderstorm that broke several trees in Brooklyn's Prospect Park (to be released as The Birth Of The Wizards Of Oi). Since then they have performed sporadically at several galleries and venues in New York, where Moore is resident, and Brandstifter's home city of Mainz in Germany.

Their music is created with spontaneous experimental abandon utilizing whatever instruments/non-instruments are at hand.

Wot It Is Not is a greatest hits selection from their previously self-released albums Wizards In Space and Wizards Of Fancy Smoked Oisters.

Numbered edition of 60


Cody Brant - Don't Bump Your Head! CDr £5

Chocolate Monk's favourite gutter level archivist returns with some wild spliced and diced field recordings sourced from the streets of Philadelphia. Brant sifted through hours and hours of discordant happenings he'd captured while pounding the stained and soiled sidewalks and regurgitated them into hypno-vignettes. Surprising musical textures and patterns emerge. We encourage adventurous listeners to hook up and get spun out to the Filthadelphia throb!

Lighty off topic... Has anyone actually seen Steve Fisk and Steve Brule in the same room?

Numbered edition of 60


Neil Campbell - Think Not Of The Glasses, But Of The Drink CDr £5

A glorious, demented labour of love from Neil Campbell, as he pays "tribute" to his beloved Virgin Prunes with not covers per se, but 3 wild dreangements, no doubt fuelled by copious amounts of Lidl gin.  Worth it for the picture of a 16 year old Neil on the cover alone.

"When I was 16 in 1982, Virgin Prunes were my favourite band in the whole world. Something about them chimed with my own experience, growing up in a working-class backwater, ducking out of the prevailing macho culture to create beautiful infuriating ridiculous explosive art, looking weird as hell and engaging with the world through the prism of their own private jokes and obsessions. Earlier this year, I thought it was time to reconnect with my lapsed love for the band after getting weeks of amusement from reciting half-remembered lines from Caucasian Walk to myself over and over again while going about my daily life. So, these three pieces aren't really cover versions as such, more tributes formed of a haphazard smash and grab through bits of the Virgin Prunes back catalogue that seemed still useful to me after all these years. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that brick." - N.C.

Numbered edition of 60


Karen Constance - Optic Rabble Arouses (Paintings & Collages) Book £10

The highly prolific art witch invites you, dear eyeballed, into her shed of dread. 100 pages of her paintings and collages presented in a perfect bound book (pages = 170gsm gloss, cover =  350gsm silk), that will have you scratching your brain and/or nether regions.  Like a circle in a spiral, like a orange orgasm in autumn, beat your brow and fumble your trouble.

Numbered edition of 50


Talc - Terracotta Tributaries CDr £5

Talc are Portlandian scruffs Bob Desaulniers and Shane McDonell, Terracotta Tributaries is the product of several stream of consciousness recording sessions spanning the first half of 2017. Indoor/outdoor sound materials subjected to primitive manipulation and collaged in universally agreed upon real time. Talc is the voice of the Bicameral Mind.

Numbered edition of 60

Psanck - Psanck CDr £5

Word around the twittings is that Psanck were thrown together one evening at the Safehouse (Brighton's regular free music/improv night).  Kev Nickells, Chis Parfitt & Al Strachan got so goosed up on the combination of scritchy violin, growling cornet, pingy toys, electronics and sop sax that they yodelled in unison “let’s record”. Finally sometime down the line they did just that, piecing together a thing full of beautiful otherwordly imaginings.  Like  a less processed Biota with that soft creeping Af Ursin vibe. I applied some strategic Tiger Balm to Mr Nickells and asked for his take on the disk:

"Perambulations, hitherto: procedures of coping, or cobalted errata. Blanched mouldy harmonic relations. File under: improv, but your Mum might find it tolerable."

One for Mothers Day then.

Numbered edition of 60

Richard Youngs - Fibre Optic Ballads CDr £5

A welcome return to the label after 23 years by "he of a million genres".  Youngs doesn't disappoint with this collection of strangely calming sound experiments that will (if allowed) cast out all that garmonbozia you have knotted inside and realign those chakras, leaving you feeling unblocked and balanced.

"This is music for shortwave radio and online digital converters placed in split stereo. If you want to do it yourself:
1. Record a shortwave radio. I used anywhere on the dial that sounded pleasing.
2. Imitate the sound of the shortwave radio into a voice to text converter.
3. Cut and paste the resulting text into a text to speech converter.
4. Press play and record the result alongside original shortwave. Stretch to fit.
5. Repeat." - R.Youngs

Numbered edition of 80

Claire Potter - Scally Nike Leather Glove Smoke Cs £5

Claire Potter's collaboration with Bridget Hayden Mother To No Swimming Laughing Child was the talk of the town a couple of years ago, much was mumbled about that particular corker.  Always an amazing performer/reader, Scally Nike Leather Glove Smoke finds Potter in unaccompanied reading mode. Sure to get your thinking juices flowing.

Born in Merseyside Claire Potter is an artist-writer working across performance, publishing, installation and film. CHAVSCUMBOSS was recorded live a Colour Out Of Space, Brighton in November 2016 and Penmon Point was commissioned by CCA Derry-Londonderry and recorded and Wysing Arts Centre 2017. Claire lives and works along the Todmorden Smash Belt. 

Numbered edition of 60


Adam Cadell & Carter Thornton - Potential WW3 CDr £5

Having both done time on the Soft Abuse music label of Minneapolis, Adam Cadell of Australia was eager to meet Carter Thornton of America when he traveled to pick the string brain of Henry Flynt in New York City during a multi-continent fiddle technique inquiry. The two met at the Horse Box, a shitty sports bar, and soon found they both admired the people of Finland, the metal of Mexico, and the kim chi of Korea. A collaboration occurred when Cadell built a small echo chamber out of a fiddle and forced Thornton's sounds into it through a small wire. As far as meetings of Australians and Americans go this was better than the Trump/Turnbull telephone summit that happened at roughly the same time. More Cadell can be found in releases by the Scrapes, while further Thornton can be heard on albums by Gnaw, Enos Slaughter, and Pigeons.

Numbered edition of 60

Blood Stereo - Spools & Frolics 2 x CDr £8

A double disk compilation of 3 auld Blood Stereo cassettes (Into Aquatic Maze, The Creaking Thirst, Hackit) plus tracks from various compilations (Hip Hop Shop Sweepers, I Don't Think The Dirt Belongs to The Grass, George Ferguson McKeating, Songs About Dying, Fug Gum Volume 2) and some random unreleased gunk. Each cover hand collaged by Karen Constance, rubber stamped, hand numbered with insert. Hot guff. Apologies to Kieron,Gary & Grumpy.

Numbered edition of 50

Lucas Abela & Noel Meek - Benny Does Jets CDr £5

An antipodean sound agitation hoedown between wonder scruff Lucas Abela, all sweat, blood and beers performing on glass and the always well groomed Noel Meek, New Zealand's best trimmed beard 4 years running on electronics and voice. Visceral electronic fart tones stomp a happy jig and attempt to crack that code you have floating in yr skull.

"Benny Does Jets was recorded live in Sydney at the Tempe Jets rugby club at the edge of Sydney international airport. The space has recently been converted into cavernous artist studios and venue and the local fertile free improv scene has taken over the huge central space for weekend concerts. This was the first time I'd met Lucas properly after being blown off my feet by his solo performance at a Schimpfluch-Gruppe gig in Wellington pretty much exactly ten years earlier. A master glass player, Lucas is one of the most responsive and articulate musicians I've had the pleasure to play with. Huge thanks to Jim Denley for putting the concert together." - Noel Meek

Numbered edition of 60

Robert Ridley-Shackleton - The Opera CDr £5

The Cardboard Prince returns with further insight into his subtle misshapen mind.  A 79 minute dive into the the disorientating world of the bedroom odour and vision of an outsider. Take Robert's greasy mit and let him show you how he conjures up (bare chested in stained knickers) quivering flashes of the spirit and yummy fud funk, noise, thought and dance. You can become a convert at the Carboard Club. No refunds.

“Eye was supposed 2 c 'the deity of pearls' but eye was asleep at the opera. When eye woke up the conductor said 'vir herocius sublimis' and then eye went back 2 sleep.” - R R-S

Numbered edition of 60


Stuart Chalmers - Loop Phantasy No.4 CDr £5

Mind altering tape loops for clogged heads, mental chatter and drunken monkeys.

Ingredients: Contains junk cassette samples, synths and FX. May also contain small traces of Steve Reich, Sufi Trance, Terry Riley and Tom Recchion. 

Dosage: Take 1 or 2 listens until symptoms ease. Playing through headphones recommended.

Warnings: Do not listen to when repairing rare antiques, entertaining family relatives or operating dental equipment.

Numbered edition of 60


Street Beers - Seriously Hot CDr £5

Everyone's favourite blaw bag, Ali Roberston of Usurper, returns with new solo wonk. His take on a "summer album" is like a mouthful of hot pennies.

"A prisoner of the Blighted Isle. What joy can be mined within these hard borders? I heard that it didnae get above seventeen degrees in the central belt last year. Even after electing a gaggle of Scottish Tories it remained pure brassic and we all ken that they make the fucking weather in London. I'd suggest burning the bloated bodies of those browbeaters to warm the cockles of our hearts, but I suspect the airborne grease fae their sizzling pork bellies'd seal up our skins like factor nine-thousand and serve to shield us fae the pitiful meek slivers of vit D that occasionally drizzle though the haar. Might as well get use to cold cockles anyhows. And cold whelks. And cold sea snot. There's your dinner and it's bowfing. "Street Beers? Sounds like you'll be touring with Sewn Leather next!" said Nyoukis, but please speak it in my accent as I'm just trying to celebrate one of the only reasons to remain in the EH? zone. An eternal busman's holiday on the tarmac of the 'shire? "That's not my cup of tea" say the English. "That's not my glass of beer" say the Dutch." - Ali Roberston

Numbered edition of 60

Dave Miko - Crumpled Cloud Café CDr £5

New York based artist (and all round "sound as a pound" gonk) Dave Miko returns to the label after 2009's Doyers Data Dump (choc196). No worries of quadragenarian mellowing, Miko heads further out on Crumpled Cloud Café proving he is a singular artist not for the muted of mind.

"Is it what it is? Might the early first experiments with an instrument be a beautiful music? What if they are rearranged and processed with a variety of presets? Can learning a computer program, in the time before a style or approach is ossified, quickly reveal something of the students tastes and intentions? Probably not. The second track, the usual type of vocal thing, was written for and performed poorly and with incident at Abasement5 September 21 2015. This recording is from a better re-performance at Cakeshop December 26 2016." - Dave Miko

Numbered edition of 60

Bardo Todol/Posset - International Dictaphone Relations CDr £5

Two directions in contemporary Dictaphonix. Live from Argentina's steaming tape underground, Bardo Todal creates loops of slimy chaos in the same way birds swim and bees honk . Tight and vital, in-yr-head meditations and reflections that evoke heavy psych smoke and wild, wild painted eyes staring through the bushes. The essential tape control makes the listening passage easy, like swallowing soft lead pellets. That British lag, Posset serves a gentle riot of slow faze, cut-up speech patterns and tape jaxx along with some seriously grievous organ wonk. Deceptively strong wrists whip an undertow of 'cuh-vimp-curr...' poking once again into the psychedelic domestic for inspiration.

Numbered edition of 60


Blood Stereo - Where There's Raw Grace in Garbage CDr £5

While everything may seem terrible Blood Stereo continue on their personal quest to become brain food mechanics, presenting another tape collage piece for your listening pleasure and general well being.  Where There's Raw Grace in Garbage stitches together electronic chirps & blips with low tech keys. Chair squeaks with manipulated mechanical groan & text recital (Mayuko Fujino). Vocal drones with groggy horn bloot and field recordings.  Tones, tape loops and dissected voice (Elaine Kahn) and more.  Don't let it be just the high scorers on The Hare psychopath test who get to inflate their self esteem, you deserve some good grub too.

Numbered edition of 60



rlw & Dylan Nyoukis - Gukuruguh CDr £5

"The starting point of this collaboration came around 2011. I perfomed a set of vocal gurpings at the Nefertiti Jazz Club as part of the Gothenburg Art Sounds festival which I then passed onto the sound maestro of Mainz, Ralf Wehowsky, in the hope that he would perform some of his alchemical sound transformations.  Finally after 6 years here is the result. Gukuruguh sees the original recording put through the wringer, as Wehowsky processes, cuts up, sprinkles liberally with electronics & other sounds and adds healthy dollops of  noise & silence.  I have never been more honoured to be mangled." - D.Nyoukis

Numbered edition of 69


Dog Lady Island - Future for the Body CDr £5

Further nocturnal transmissions from Mike Collino, pulsing outwards from his new Michigan Mental Mercyseat compound in Warren, MI. Dog Lady Island eases the burbling in your sick head with a collection of short pieces utilising electronics, undefinable strings, piano, violin, electrical hum, modified tape/voice, music boxes and who knows what else. Eerie and beautiful as ever.

"Hell, its never easy to talk about sound. These are closed systems. Inexplicable failures and therefore shareable. I'm able to make it and keep it because I don't understand it." - MC

Numbered edition of 60


Karen Constance - Gudgeon-Snout CDr £5

Blood Stereo's better half comes lurching out of her Shed of Dread to present us peasants with a new solo disk of tape and loop damage.  Recorded 10 years apart, one half laid down in the shit basket that is 2017 the other in those rosy days of 2007 when the Sugababes & Girls Aloud went head to head and the Doomsday clock was a comfy 5 minutes to midnight. Miss Constance invites you to take a heavy sniff of this doink.

Numbered edition of 50


Howard Stelzer & Insect Factory - Title One CDr £5

Massachusetts tape crud maestro Stelzer gets into a heady hoo-haa with processed guitar gonk Jeff Barsky (Insect Factory) to excrete out 40+ minutes of slow moving electric trickle for your tickle spot.  A foggy acid test for ears that hints at something unsavoury under the floorboards.Those in need of a head filter need look no further.

Numbered edition of 60


The Custodians - The Grape That Takes No Prisoners CDr £5

Living legend Adam 'Bohmanator' Bohman started the Custodians in 2010 with fellow London Improv Orchestra member Adrian Northover (saxophones), later morphing into a trio with the addition of Sue Lynch (Tenor Sax). Recorded at OXO studios in 2015 'The Grape That Takes No Prisoners'  combines the putter and wheeze of the saxophones with Bohman's  home made strings, objects, tapes and text cut-ups to great effect, bringing a joy gurn to the most stoic pus*. Includes the non-hits ' Muffled Mollusc Maintenance' & 'October Lumpfish'. Get lucid, Stupid.

*Scottish East Coast, Edinburgh and Dundee, means face in a derogatory

Numbered edition of 60


Cody Brant - Drop-off Center CDr £5

Visual and sound collage artist Brant presents 24 short tracks which he smears into one continuous, delightful ear wallop. Sometimes sounding like a Puzzle Punk riding aback a Pork Queen. One for the heads who miss them fine old Bananfish days for sure.

"Partially recorded while living in a rent- free house outside of Portland, OR. The one catch was that the house had to be thoroughly cleaned out for free rent.The last tenant was a hoarder, and left behind many treasures and lots of junk. The owner of the house bought an industrial sized dumpster and while cleaning the house out i recorded the trash being thrown out. Destroying all breakables along the way. Other parts of the recordings made while living behind a thrift store in the donation area (drop-off center) that my "family" owned and that i worked at. During, and after work i collected anything that could be used to make audio and paper collage. Lot's of space to break things, make movies, and record sounds." Cody Brant, behind the dumpster

Numbered edition of 60


Binnsclagg arranged by THF Drenching - Bring Back Hanging CDr £5

Further dispatches from the UK's No Audience underground as former A Band beardy weirdy and mathematical Doctor dork Karl M V Waugh shoots the shit with poet gonkette and Mumsnet terrorist Verity Spott. They attempt to put some grit in your oyster with recordings made in their Brexit bunker which are then given a crude lubing from swivel-eyed scruff bag THF Drenching. Burble and wheeze, baby.

"Binnsclagg's latest white paper is like a sort of geyser stored in Tupperware. A sprouting fridge all cut up. Exactly the wrong metronome. It presents an argument for the restoration of the death penalty which is as arresting to intellectual complacency as a machine gun. I really like it." - THF Drenching

Numbered edition of 48


Karen Constance & Elkka Nyoukis - Bicker Sweet CDr £5

New duo recordings from mother & daughter Monk. Crude & tripped out tape jams are garnished with a healthy dollop of effects to keep it super queasy. A lot of loops and manipulation, going from crinkled, hissing ear wobble to more in the red what-the-fuckery (ala Polly Shang Kuan Band). All recorded one Sunday afternoon inside Wino Lodge.

Numbered edition of 30.


Dylan Nyoukis - That One Looks Odd In The Head booklet £2

In these tumultuous times, surrounded by hate filled faces and gurning goose steppers, what better way to temporarily snap out of your misanthrophic blooze than whipping out this little pocket sized (4.1" x 5.8") booklet of crude doodles.  Apparently it is a collection of "portraits of unsavoury characters, all fictional.". 100% bamboo paper. 105gsm.

Numbered edition of 40.

Stefan Jaworzyn, Dylan Nyoukis & S.Glass - My Disgusting Heart CDr £5

Sometime in 2014 I managed to pester Stefan Jaworzyn enough that he agreed to venture out of his Chingford fester hole and make the jaunt into the twatstorm of Dalston so we could perform a set of horrible noise.  All went well as I recall, a sonic slurry of guitar, voice and other junk oozed out into Cafe Oto, after which I headed back to Brighton with a Bacchus glow and Stefan disappeared back into his pit to ruminate on despair, decrepitude, dissolution and death.  Sometime later the live recordings were sent to Seymour Glass, residing in his own little fester hole in San Francisco, so he could apply his tape loop lunacy and other audio tricks, because lets be honest, who in their right mind wants to listen to 'straight' 'improv' anyway - might as well sweeten the musical Dignitas experience as much as possible.  So here we present you four tracks of sonic salve for your noodle. Apply liberally. Cover art By Karen Constance.

Numbered edition of 80


The Tenses & Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Daughter of the Boot CDr £5

On a gorgeous spring afternoon in the PacNW, there is no better way to spend it than inside a 420-square-foot windowless room rattling sleigh bells with your foot, dropping rubber balls onto a broken old bongo drum, spinning scratchy records backward by hand, and sputtering into a shenai steadily and slowly so that it sounds like you’re pushing a desk across the floor. Here is sixty-five minutes of spontaneous sound collage, bent improv, non-musical weirdness that resembles injured mammals on the verge of giving up, surprisingly delicate noise, and general quasi-cinematic clatter by LAFMS royalty The Tenses (aka Oblivia and Ju Suk Reet Meate of Smegma) and two of the many goons (Lucian Tielens and Gnarlos) from the BUFMS spazolopolis Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, with field recordings contributed astrally by Silvia Kastel and Leroy Tick. As the track titles suggest, the two pieces delivered here by these clunkmeisters -- recording together for the first time -- are rusty, crusty, dusty and musty epics in the tradition of groups such as Morphogenesis, Solid Eye, Taj Mahal Travellers, and early Zoviet-France. Cover art by Ace Farren Ford.

Numbered edition of 80



Ani & Nimmo - 2 CDr

Ani (aka Hobo Sonn) & Nimmo return with another festive freebie.  A longish solo track each and one short collaboration thunk for yr stocking, all using Calibre auto recording disks as sound source. Plundered, twisted and mixed by these egg nog guzzling gonks.

Edition o40 given away free with any Chocolate Monk order made in the Festivus month.

Bill Nace & Tamio Shiraishi - untitled cassette £5

Heavy and considered collaboration between six string experimenter supreme Nace (Body/Head, Ceylon Mange etc) and master saxophone shrill seeker Shiraishi (ex Futshitsusha).  One side recorded in the studio and the flip a live brain bender from the Easthampton Flywheel.

Screen printed card slipcase with rubber stamp front and paper insert.

Numbered edition of 50.

Final Seed - untitled cassette £5

Jameson Sweiger used to ride high in the saddle of mind mumble combo Maths Balance Volumes, then when that braw unit evaporated he dissapeared into a dank hole, to lay an egg, somewhere in Ohio.  Although off the radar for a few years he has kept his fingers jammed into tape machines and whatnot  and these recordings, made between 2009-2013 in Toledo & Memphis, will simonize the thought dome of the listener.

Screen printed card slipcase with stuck on paper front and paper insert.

Numbered edition of 40.


Lovely Honkey - Completely Wastes Your Time CDr £5

Lovely Honkey (AKA Luke Poot) finally presents a solo disk of his unique vision for Chocolate Monk. A long time coming, Poot boy doesn't dissapoint, laying out his brain bake in  usual chaotic style. Bedroom tape warble and vocal gurps, readings about Hull's seedy underbelly and no fidelity squelch are all scrubbed and buttered up for easy insertion into any No Audience Underground orifice of choice.

Numbered edition of 40


Kent Tankred - Organ 1 cassette £5

Kent is a Fylkingen old timer, acting as chairman between 1994-97, and one half of The Sons Of God with Leif Elggren.  Working out of his workshop on the outskirts of Stockholm he dismembered an old organ then ran several of the components into their own channel in a mixer, pushing each  til it started to misbehave.  He performed at the recent Colour Out Of Space festival in Brighton using this same technique and managed to blow out one of the sound system speakers. Play loud.

Screen printed card slipcase with stuck on paper front and paper insert.
Numbered edition of 40.

Michael Barthel - Randradau cassette £5

Leipzig based concrete poet and sound artist Barthel has been releasing many short run editions for many years now, most notably on his own Recordings for the Summer imprint Always intimate and intense.  His recent performance at Colour Out Of Space was a real hightlight of the weekend.

"The poems on the cassette are dealing with the edge of racket, 
always on a edge of sureness / of being unsure, also in relationships
to and between people, in love and in a "togetherness", like in the world we´re
living in it now." - Michael Barthel

Screen printed card slipcase with stuck on paper front.
Numbered edition of 30.

Matt Krefting - Danger cassette £5

Krefting is a master of the listening practice, seemingly able to coax engrossing low fidelity ear films from nothing more than a few basic tape players, all nocturnal wooze and drone, and just ever so slightly out of focus. He also gives us a couple of mysterious recordings of what sounds like some live aktions, one of pops and crumples, the other metallic clank and rummage.

Screen printed card slipcase with stuck on paper front and paper insert.
Numbered edition of 50.
Plastic Hooligans - untitled CDr £5

Plastic Hooligans is the solo name of Sean Conway, one time stumble bum of the Gas Shepherds and last heard of as the navigational honcho of The UFO Antler Band, two of the UK's more mysterious sound smut peddlers in recent years.  This new disk of sweet grot was compiled at home in Birmingham and starts off with January Is Telepathic, like a burbling lo fi Basil Kirchin with a terrible eye twitch. Môr-Forwyn takes us for a short lo-fi jaunt down a Moroccan alleyway before we emerge out the other side into Where Are You, a strange street scene augmented by a hypnotic tape loop and acid burble. The closing track Bronze conjures up the spirit of Chrome with ALL the rock n roll extracted and replaced with aquatic jelly. It is beautiful desolate brain ooze.  Play on repeat and repent in pleasure.

Numbered edition of 54


Dylan Nyoukis & Friends - Mind Yon Time? CDr £5

Memories of drugs and the experiences they have gifted the users.  Nyoukis asked a bunch of friends to reminisce about narcotic experiences and then went about adding some audio garnish.  The orators are Angela Sawyer, Fraser Burnett, Tom Timpson, Gnarlos, Louise Donoghue, Irene Siragusa, Mayuko Fujino, Aonghus McEvoy, Catherine Plenevaux, I'D M Thfftable, Andy Bolus, Stuart Cartland, Maureen Bourne, Simon Morris, Helen McBride, Silvia Kastel, Ben Jones, Bod Teare, Yoni Silver, Dave Miko, Malcy Duff and Bryan Lewis Saunders.  Come hear their stories. Oh yeah and stay on drugs!

Numbered edition of 60

Orchid Spangiafora & Heart Of Glue - Calm Down CDr £5

Robert Carey (Orchid Spangiafora) & June Price (Heart Of Glue) want to fudge your brain up.  With delicate hands they desire to send your mind spinning across the room in a colourful smear of "Whodunnit?" confusion.  They want to get your ears all hopped up and out of joint via serious loop damage, smart ass edits and pulverising radio talkshow gibberings, advertisements (fungal infections anyone?), religious and political gonks etc.  You get two tracks a piece from these maestros before the whole thing closes with Half Life, where Carey mixes up a drone done on a junky $30 Japanese synth with a recording of him and Matt Krefting  using samplers to harrass attendees at a shindig in Byron Coleys barn.  It will have you turning to the looney juice.

Numbered edition of 75


Acrid Lactations & Gwilly Edmondez - You Have Not Learned To Play & Mock In The Psychic System CDr £5

Stuart Arnot & Susie Fitzpatrick stumble out good foot style with everyones favourite academic dunderheid Gwilly Edmondez for a collection of inspired avant jig.  Coming off at times like a more abstract John Gavanti or a peasant island take on Fatty Jubbo's missing in action Ritualistic School Of Errors. This could be post Brexit Last of The Summer Wino (sic) blues, as they go trundling down the mind slide with a wheelbarrow full of string instruments, tapes, keyboards and other junk sometimes going arse over tit with plenty yelps, gurgles and hollers only to land upright again and blow yr spinning skull with gentle creepy sway and yodel.  Seriously munged magic.

Numbered edition of 60


Papal Bull - in is in, an is an, nrmeegecy is emergency, uyo is you, cna is can, siht is shit, on is on, a is a, polihs is polish, tiancvdseetas is sedevacantist CDr £5

Jon Marshall (The Hunter Gracchus, Roman Nose etc) and Joe Murray (Posset) return with more intuitive tape trauma.  They still deliver heavy dollops of hyper jigger on dictaphones, cassettes and gobs, but there is also sparser passages. These fine focussed blossoms of sound feature trombone drones, wavering loops of restrained gurgle and carb heavy tones, like a fat tattie stuffed w/ chinese bath salts. They really should have named it Tuber Bellends.

Ben Morris, Charlie Collins and Blue Yodel all make guest appearances on mbira, drums and violin respectively.

Numbered edition of 60


Error Massage - Rooby CDr £5

Error Massage "Rooby" was committed to tape in San Diego at Singing Serpent (via 4-track) from January-June 2016. Error Massage is Glen Galloway, master glumpf from (g)olden days Trumans Water and current mung mind of Octagrape, creaking out solo guitar on all tracks except "Andromedae"(solo mangled keys). Small bits of sporadic drum crunch are thrown in, and one song "Leveled Sea" begged so hard for a bristling vocal it was finally granted. That said, spidery worm guitars really do gnaw up most of the screen as would so many yling-yling-soaked digits re-engaging vertebrae in a dreamhaze day spa.
The concept: pitting no-wave against protein sprawl. High ceilings, bare walls, wire-infested floors. Branca's Lesson No. 1 served as monolithous diving board, alongside things like Jack Ruby and Rosa Yemen...and the idea was to improvise small mutating on-the-fly loops and mix live with generous panning/pitching to approximate a transparent single-member guitar army. Sprawl then reveals itself either with more flickering numbers like "Dawn King" and "Andromedae"...or when mismatched single takes ended up in places resembling Parable Of Arable Land or Twin Infinitives or Hairdryer Peace.
O stark splurge. Ice bath in sauna room, then at least several hundred heavy towels. Best of luck on the drive home.

Numbered edition of 54


Robert Ridley-Shackelton - Tupperwave CDr £5

The shuffling, self appointed Cardboard Prince gets down in post-Brexit Britain. He has no wish to antagonise the "no audience" underground, he wants to wrap his arms around them, purple pleather jacket unzipped for their delight and comfort. As he notes himself, he isn't an outsider, he can stay indoors for days, mind and body deep in his own little universe. Come take a peek through the crack of his bedroom door, try not to splutter.

"I saw the god between the nowt and the somerfields, mute records dont even listen to my demos, there are no kings on this earth only princes, a new dawn o card, Welcome 2 tupperwave." - RR-S

"Hey. If RR-S gave me an apple, I’d take a bite. What about you?" - Joe Murray, Radio Free Midwich

Numbered edition of 42


Karen Constance - Bimbashi Joyce Art Card Set £10

12 colour prints from a recent series of collage work, each 7.3" x 5.5" on 300gsm card. Comes in  hand stamped envelope. Signed and numbered edition of 24 copies.

Non UK orders please treat as 1 CD for postage purposes.


Dan Melchior - Seaslime CDr £5

Melchior returns to the Monk with some of his wildest shit to date. In the red guitar froth, vocal cut-ups, floundering electronic pulse, junk and clunk all come together to put barnacles on your brain. Edition of 60.

"Seaslime is an attempt to replicate the ebb, flow and convergence of sound/noise/information that the human receptor experiences when passing through the urban (specifically) grotto" - Dan Melchior


Aaron DIlloway & Dylan Nyoukis - Dropout Elements CDr £5

Reissue of the out of print tape, now on the hot fidelity CDr format, the next big thing.
Long time coming collaboration. Dilloway takes tapes of Nyoukis singing,  playing violin, pogo stick and other junk and turns it into 4 tracks of heavy loop madness. Saltier than a mumified German sailor.


Blood Stereo - Hackit Cassette & Photo set £7

Several tape pieces recorded inside Wino Lodge, April 2016, hand cranked and crafted in nocturnal daze to add to your sense of "whit?".  Tape loops and real time jiggery pokery applied to a bunch of cassettes ranging from a decade old hollering to a very recent sound installation at Worthing Museum (which itself was a four casette playback wooze out), A recital of the text piece "List Of Arseholes From The Village (Myself Excluded)", a synth vs rubber band duet, organ huff, vocal cut-ups and plenty more. Cassette comes in envelope with 7 small photo inserts, photo cover, numbered and rubber stamped edition of 22.  A soon to be rare pudding.

Sorry Friend, You Missed The Dumpling
The Y Bend - Easy Listening for Nightingales CDr £5

The Y Bend is the creative mind juice spill of Stewart Greenwood, one time A Band wonk officer and fellow A Band retrobate Neil "Lenty" Lent. Following the piss trails of the finest UK underground gorf The Y Bend use clarinet, tablas, melodian, toy flute, glokenspiel, xylophone, keyboards, short wave radio, stainless steel bowl, guitar, toy drum & various objects to take a loving hatchet to the ancient concept of "music"

Numbered edition of 50.



Tear Fet - Blabber CDr £5

Manchester's Matt Dalby returns with a follow up to his previous Monk disk "Underpath".  One long improvisation for throat which hits all the sweet spots just right.

"The improvisation grew from my mother's diagnosis of the cancer that later killed her. I created a textual score tracking different emotional responses to the diagnosis, propped my Zoom on a windowledge and started. And as usual, closed my eyes, deviated from the script, and experienced whatever you call hypnagogic hallucinations when you're not half-asleep or meditating. To me it now sounds like a collision of generations with bonus fart noises."

Numbered edition of 40.


Ob - Bab CDr £5

Further gem unearthings from the North East England no audience underground. This time Ben Jones (Jazzfinger, Moon etc) is joined by the mysterious Dick Bass. Ob was the crud seed that would later blossom into Moon, when Jones & Bass were joined by various other creative riff raff layabouts.  the Ob sound was mostly made with dictaphone, saz, mandolin, cymbal, keyboard and tape, all channelled through a karaoke machine. Super quiet front room action with mid track cuts due to in room obstacle recovery and stereo effects from room flailing. Proper tit-to-mouth brain damage for budding perception blenders.

"Particularly excited about the Ob..... Very strong performance from Ben!" - Richard Dawson (cover artist)

Numbered edition of 50.

Pascal Nichols & Rogier Smal - Drums Only cassette £5

Great split tape of percussive weirdness from these two fine gents. Pascal of Mancheter, UK you'll know from his stellar trip outs with Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides or  his amazing solo LP on Discombobulate. Amsterdam man about town Rogier you may know from 1000+ projects, be it his fire music duo with Cathy Heyden or any number of his collabs (Dylan Carlson, Marshall Allen, Johannes Lunds, Eugene Chadbourne the list GOES ON!).

co-release with Tozitok Zounds. Numbered edition of 60.

Thomas Bench & Dylan Nyoukis - Dylan Thomas cassette £5

A wet and windy night at the end of January saw the first teaming up of Bench/Nyoukis, opening for the Bohman Brothers at Brighton's Sallis Benney Theatre, what transpired was a set of focussed tape improvisations and electric whack! The following month the two took the crisp desk recording from that night and set about hacking it up and shaping it into whole new world of wonk.  Side A contains Nyoukis's frantic cut-up, while the flip has Bench in full on bonkers mode.

Numbered edition of 50.

Moon - Diseasing Rock Who CDr £5

Raw outsider grunt from Richard Dawson , Ben Jones (Jazzfinger) & Sarah Sullivan(Mechanical Children).  Clanking, strumming, shouting, yodelling, droning and groaning, like a drunken Geordie ESP "rock" band with lungs FULL of smoke.  Come get your opinions modified.

Numbered edition of 60.


Aaron DIlloway & Dylan Nyoukis - Dropout Elements cassette £5

Long time coming collaboration. Dilloway takes tapes of Nyoukis singing,  playing violin, pogo stick and other junk and turns it into 4 tracks of heavy loop madness. Saltier than a mumified German sailor.

Numbered edition of 50


Wax Magnetic / Id M Theft Able - split CDr £5

New split release from the Newcastle duo of Joe Murray (Posset) and Mariam Rezaei & Portland's mung master Id M Theft Able.  All three culprits going all out to confuse and agitate music lovers everywhere.  On First Step on the Road to Swansea Wax Magentic get fruity with turntable, devices, dictaphone and mouth. Id M follows this up with There Were Two people Smoking, There Was a Little Bit of Snow on the Ground, like having your ears stuffed with imaginery dough, which he pulls off using hunks of metal, a pastry blender, gob and his ample frame.  The whole ruckus is guaranteed to put some pepper in your pipe. 

Numbered edition of 60, cover art by Karen Constance.

Karen Constance - Hannah Hooch Photo Set £10

10 photo reproductions of vintage photo collages which come in hand sewn, stamped envelope. Signed and numbered edition of 25 copies.

When order from outside the UK please treat as 1 CD re: postage.


The Teleporters - Songs Of Our Sceptred Isle CDr £5

"A spirited jaunt-in-song over the backhills and byways of fayre Englande's rump."

Russell Walker & Octogram of dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards-beat combo The Pheromoans hit the winding B roads of England in an act of sauced up anthropological hubris to record for you, dear listener, some cracking tunes of old and plenty of provincial prattle.

Numbered edition of 45.


Ani & Nimmo - untitled CDr free

More free Krimbo merryment from Mr Nimmo, this time conspiring over a pot of bubbling mulled wine with Ani (aka Hobo Sonn). A solo track each and a short collaboration. All sounds from Calibre auto recording discs, plundred, twisted & mixed by David Nimmo & Ian Murphy, november 2015. Free with all orders made between now and New year.

Edition of 40.

Odie ji Ghast & THF Drenching - ANGY IS YOU CDr £5

Odie ji Ghast (voice) and THF Drenching (dictaphones, whistles) are caught in the grid of a decelerated alarm bent down into human hearing. They carry out an hallucinatory conversation in a cloud, in a smoke. And you be like -- what is that for? Misty as it is cut through the chatter into ramparts of permeable car-chase, the sound is an inch from your eye, primary-coloured and primary-processed in blocks of dancing nodes. They are on your eyeball. Fact is, now you can't get them off.

Numbered edition of 50.


Blood Stereo - The Lure Of Gurp CDr £5

13 tracks mixing tapes, electronics, keyboards, voices and other objects. A late night wintertime infusion intended to seed bewilderment in the listeners head.  Exudes warmth like a haunted curtain in your bedroom.  Put together inside Wino Lodge over a few nights in November.  Includes your future favourites The Hand Which Will Not Cup, For Unk, Nyaff, Hog's Head Heave,The Lure Of Gurp, Huntiegowk's Return, The Folding Of The Fat Blanket, Gob & Soupy, Fake Utensils Keep, Yoni's Yip, Gaah Gaah Gaah, The Troglodyte Jig, Lurgy For Ears.

Hand stamped card cover with photos and insert.  Numbered edition of 47.


Daniel W J Mackenzie - Displacement Records: Escapsim CDr £5

At last years Fort Process event at Newhaven Fort I found myself crouched in a dark dank room, not due to narcotics intake or sexual dalliance but to be taken on a heady sound sojourn by Brighton based sound artist Daniel W J Mackenzie. That sweet short ride is presented here for your own home listening. Like a fleeting lick to the ears by Gregory Whitehead.
Hand stamped card sleeve with insert. Numbered edition of 50.

"Originally commissioned as a sound installation as part of Diep~Haven Festival Transmanche d'Art Contemporain, Mackenzie's audio collage of field recordings, captured in various European countries over the past 18 months, is now sealed to disc. Mysterious sonic artifacts, voices and environments clash with sounds of transit, envoking the intensity and magic of foreign places. Ultimately though, the work attempts to convey the sense of frustrat felt when geographical limitations remove the possibility of more inspiring places, and better things."


Neil Campbell & Spider Stacy - LUMP OF STUFF CDr £5

One time Nipple Erector and The Pogues most handsome got together with Vibra Cathedral's dad about town and former A Band swing king in North London back in 2008 for heavy priva.  Upon the walls being hung with heavy rugs and the censer filled up to bursting the duo took off with Campbell's usual charged and elated guitar UNK while Stacy brung the commotion with whistle and a healthy dollop of clarinet DUNT. This fried alien brew is all centred around a cloud of electronic rust that prevents nervous collapse and steals you away. PLAY LOUD!

Numbered edition of 50.


Michael Morley - The Burning House CDr £5

"Michael Morley's electric guitar wonking is something the sub-underground has been putting up with since the days of Wreck Small Speakers and Little Lord Corduroy back in the early '80s. We all know he can play loud, with the subtlety of a howitzer, and he can also do drone lines that make the whole world sleepy. But not many have heard him play acoustic. 'til now. and damn -- he plays great. it's almost like what could've happened if it'd been robbie basho (rather than fahey, john) who ran into loren connors at the end of his days. warm, mid-range string scramble, and perhaps (no. definitely!) the most overtly beautiful chocolate monk release ever. can't believe dylan let this one slip through his filtering system, but damn glad he did."

- Byron Coley, Lesbos, 2015


Numbered edition of 60.


Seymour Glass & Fleshtone Aura - Amplified Teacup CDr £5

"These guys both make collages all the time. Seymour's been making them since before you were born (unless you're real old like me). Zukerman's been making them for a while. They've done and still do other things when they're not making collages: Tedium House, Bananafish, Bennifer Editions, Glands of External Secretion, Foxy Digitalis, BUFMS, Gastric Female Reflex, Bren't Lewiis, Charles Balls. lots more. One lives in Toronto and the other in SF. One takes care of a little girl, and the other one's had a tumblr.
Zukerman sometimes makes me think that he is the Gunter Muller of now, if I can be permitted a namedrop that makes me way cooler than you. Because Zukerman disappears into his collaborations, & sounds like who he's playing with. That's a peculiar but hard-won skill. Glass, on the other hand, just makes me imagine there's a humongous octopus living underneath the west coast, worming into people's subconscious by way of all the little bubbles coming out of all his humongous octopus suckers.
There's almost always something missing from a collage. It's not missing as in they forgot it, mind you- just part of what a collage does. It's sustain. There are no pedal points, see? There's no sense of a bassline no matter how low the frequencies go. There are no macro moves, no big hand-wavy gestures. The only thing that runs through your whole listening experience is some pauses. So, it's a little like watching a black & white movie or playing Oregon Trail instead of World of Warcraft. You have to focus in hard and pay attention to the littlest juxtapositions. That makes this a perfect record to put on a drive somewhere and then stream to yourself, because all the stops for buffering will actually help you hear it better. It's a fun record, with laughs in it. Sometimes people think you're not allowed to take that kind of a record seriously, but that's because people are very stupid. You go ahead & laugh all you want."

- Angela Sawyer, Propping up the bar at Midway cafe, 2015.

Numbered edition of 60


Anthony Donovan & Clive Graham - Plaited CDr £5

Classwar Karaoke head (Donovan) & Paradigm Disc proprietor (Graham) haven't always seen eye to eye, famously almost coming to blows at a Toru Takemitsu listening party round at Adam Bohman's hovel in the early 2000's. Anthony was a fierce proponent of the oriental whack and wheeze of 'November Steps' while Clive was all about the 'Film Music Volume 7' compilation and its “kitsch to wild avant strings, mad vocals to Mako style psych and electronics.”. A potential skramash was averted when Bohman, ever the diplomat, diffused the situation by performing an impromptu armpit fart rendition of Takemitsu's 'Bad Boy'. So a Decade later, hatchet firmly buried, the two got together to record a burbling set of electro whodunit unprov with Anthony on light synth, electronics, zither and mics while Clive cooks up on electronics and pre recorded tapes. Numbered edition of 45


Skatgobs - Pointless CDr £5

“This is what happens when you reduce the history of jazz to nothing more than a wet-lipped smack? Super-heavyweight mung-kings MINTON/POOT/NYOUKIS play a damp three-way shove of extreme vocal improvisations. Phil has slapped his chops round brass trumpets for real. He invented the god-damn Feral Choir and made folk stream warm piss across the world. Luke fears magicians. Put simply his Very Rich Lexicon re-birthed vocal jaxx to a new generation. A performer of rare intensity and sincerity. Patron of the arts via the POOT imprint. Totally Mexico. Non-smoker. Dylan plays beef-harp in Blood Stereo and did do time in Decaer Pinga…yada yada yada. Reluctant prince of the international underground set. You heard the Chocolate Monk? Aye, that Dylan’s thing. Expect rid-raw throats and hockle-splattered cheeks, deep sinus explosions and kissy-kissy lip squelch. Best to finish off with a trio of howls from the diaphragm. Nice!” - A Better Noise. Numbered edition of 40.


The Piss Superstition - Garage Squall CDr £5

Julian Bradley returns to the surface, fresh from the dank cellars and dive bars of Manchester. The street level guitar gonk of Vibra Cathedral Orchestra (and one time Negative Kite flyer) has been working on some pungent pieces of purr, concocted from what sounds like guitar, electronics and tapes, but the components are so blurred that it could have actually been coaxed from the giant sentient lump of organic gelatinous gloop that Bradley keeps under his bed. A perfect mind massage for late night losers like yourselves, pass that pipe ya numpty. Numbered edition of 45.


Dylan Nyoukis & Ali Robertson - Every Man Deserves A Juice CDr £5

Compiled for the duos recent wee jaunt to the Low Countries, 4 pieces featuring small object improv, text recital, field recordings, tape collage, blabber and other instrumentation, each of the duo editing together two pieces using material recorded seperately and together over the last few years. Heading to the office for a juice? Morning! Every man's entitled to a juice. Morning! Every man deserves a juice. M M Morning! Numbered edition of 50.


Dylan Nyoukis - Encephalon Cracks Vol.3 (blue) Poster & Cassette £15

Third and final part in my cassette/poster trilogy series. Cassette contains two 10 minute tracks Ben The Hoose & Hear The Mooger (stereo edit from original 5.1 surround sound mix) & Return Of The Mud Sound (voice, violin, gong, reel to reels, etc - wailing live 2007) and comes in hand drawn, wax sealed envelope with insert.

Poster is A2 (420 x 594 mm) 2 colour screen print (courtesy of our man at Heavy Rock).  Numbered and signed edition of 21.



Neil Campbell / Blood Stereo - Todmorden Gonzo Attack CDr £5

Two live sets recorded in Todmorden, West Yorkshire on May 30th, 2015.  Let the brain spools reel.

Numbered edition of 60.

"Alan Godfrey was one of the two officers to inspect the body of the deceased Zigmund Adamski. Adamski's body was found lying on a heap of coal in Tomlin's coal yard in the town of Todmorden at 15:45 on Wednesday 11 June 1980. Godfrey's inspection revealed that the body had been crudely dressed: he was wearing an overcoat and a vest, but no shirt. His jacket was fastened unevenly, the fly of his trousers was unzipped, and his shoes were not tied properly. Godfrey thought that the shoes seemed as though they had been placed on Adamski's feet by someone else. The forensic inspection of the body revealed that he had died of a heart attack, and had been dead for at least 8 hours before the police arrived. There were other unusual circumstances as well: Though Adamski was found at the top of a pile of coal, no scuffs or traces of coal dust were found on his clothing or skin, nor were there any signs on the coal itself to suggest that he had climbed to the top of the pile. Furthermore, strange burn marks were found around the back of his head, and another on the back of his neck that was covered in an unknown gel-like substance. Neither the burn marks nor the substance were ever identified. It was concluded that Adamski had been missing for six days prior to the discovery of his body. Godfrey was tasked with investigating the case (thought to be a homicide), but was not able to ascertain what had happened to Adamski.
The investigation into the death of Adamski was dropped later that year, and a security clampdown forbade officers from speaking to the press. Reflecting on the case in 1993, coroner James Turnbull claimed that the case absolutely mystified him. He also expressed some willingness to believe, along with popular speculation, that a UFO had been involved. The case remains unsolved.
Within six months of discovering Adamski's body, Godfrey was given another, seemingly less pressing, assignment. The police station had been receiving multiple calls from concerned citizens regarding a herd of cows that had allegedly been appearing and reappearing on a local council estate. On the night of 28 November 1980, Godfrey was dispatched to investigate. He was driving his car down Burnley Road when he spotted something down the way ahead of him. Thinking that it was a double-decker bus that had skidded sideways on the road, he turned on his police lights and moved in for a closer inspection. When he got within 25 yards of the object, he realised that it was not in fact on the road at all; it was hovering approximately five feet off the ground. Not knowing how to proceed, he tried calling for backup in the car radio, only to discover that it would not function. His personal radio was also "completely dead." Godfrey recalled that the object appeared to have been emitting some kind of force capable of disrupting the trees on either side of the road, yet it made no noise whatsoever, nor could he feel any vibration in the police car. For safety reasons, he remained in the car and proceeded to sketch the object in front of him in a notepad he kept in the vehicle. He described the object as a diamond shape, with the bottom half rotating and the top sitting stationary. Soon after finishing the sketch, he reported a "jump in time"; he suddenly found himself driving the car again, approximately 20 or 30 yards past the point at which he met the object. Confused as to what had just happened, Godfrey turned the car around and inspected the area in which it had rested. He found that the road was perfectly dry where it had hovered, despite the fact that the entire area had been dampened from the rainfall that night. Despite initial scepticism, Godfrey later came to believe that he was the victim of an alien abduction.
Godfrey returned to the station to retrieve two fellow officers in an attempt to continue the search for the missing cattle. They managed to find them in a field, to which the only point of access was across a bridge and through a locked gate. There was no sign of the cattle having walked there themselves, despite the ground being wet and easily disturbed. Godfrey insisted that the only way the cows could have gotten there was for them to have simply been dropped on the spot.
Upon returning to the station, Godfrey also noticed that there was approximately 30–35 minutes "missing" for which he could not account. While he claims his trip down Burnley Road should have only taken him 15 minutes, he had been gone for approximately 45–50. He also noticed several other things for which he had no rational explanation; an itchy but painless mark had appeared on his foot, and his boot had been split horizontally on the sole. The next day, he also discovered that three other officers had reported seeing strange lights at the time of Godfrey's encounter.
Godfrey reported the occurrences as per standard police procedure, despite some ridicule from colleagues. He soon found that the story had been leaked to the press, much to the embarrassment of the department and his family. Godfrey maintains that the department, uncomfortable with his newfound notoriety, pressured him to resign through such tactics as replacing his car with a bicycle. Godfrey no longer works for the Police Service.
At some point after the UFO encounter, Godfrey's wife was awakened by a strange noise outside the house while the two of them were in bed together. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to wake Godfrey. The next morning, they had sex for the first time since the beating of 1977, an act which resulted in the pregnancy of Godfrey's wife. Godfrey was told that his condition had somehow reversed, and maintains the belief that "the visitors" he encountered on the night of 28 November 1980 served some sort of positive function in his life.
Godfrey was later convinced to undergo hypnotic regression to attempt to recall what had transpired during the 'jump in time' he had reported upon encountering the UFO. Despite initial reservations, he conceded. During the session, he claimed that the UFO had stopped his car engine, filled his radio with static, then blinded him with an intensely bright light which caused him to lose consciousness. His next supposed memory was being inside a room that looked very much like that of a regular house. There was a large black dog in the room, and a heavily bearded man assisted by several small, robot-like creatures with heads shaped like lamps. The bearded man, dressed in "biblical" clothes, communicated with Godfrey telepathically, revealing that his name was "Yosef" and that Godfrey already "knew" him. Yosef promised him a later encounter. Godfrey still has no conscious recall of the supposed abduction, and is unsure whether what he 'recalled' during the hypnotic session was fact, fantasy, a dream, or a mixture of all three."


Karen Constance & Dan Melchior - In The Egg CDr £5

West Lothian & Walton-On-Thames escapees team up for a trans-atlantic hand hold that sets out to bypass all the melodrama and get straight to the uncanny.  Fig leaves a flutter they mine  a strange crooked musical vein with plenty of tape wonk for your pipe.  Deep inhalation is recommended. Don't try and negate this, just let it drag your dunderheid out of focus with its languid pull.

Full colour cover.  Numbered Edition of 70


Armin Mieth - VI - Raum 1 CDr £5

"Here’s an odd one. Fifty-one minutes of serene, refreshingly aimless electronics cluttered by a shifting kaleidoscope of frantically cut-up snippets. Laughter, advertising, and other crap ruin the landscape just like we like it. Plays out like the results of a meditation retreat for attention-deficit pubescents. Weirdly hypnotic, the kind of thing that lets your ears perk up to eagerly pick up detail while the rest of your body melts into the couch." - Matt Krefting

Numbered Edition of 40


Wake (Adam Bohman, Nick Couldry, Crow) with Mark Browne & Lol Coxhill - Graveyard Coitus CDr £5

Some Notes On The Graveyard Coitus

“Is there a band playing?” Lol Coxhill

“The body is a trunk of which one is only a leaf when one realizes one is dead, and that one is not outside but inside. For the dead man has only one thought, that’s to return to his corpse, to pick it up and to go on. But it’s always the corpse which picks you up, and one obeys because one is inside.” Antonin Artaud, To Peter Watson (1946)

I had arrived late, (it must have been midday?) hung over from a night of drinking. I can’t recall the occasion, perhaps if I can find the diary for 1991 I might be able to piece it together and it might just pop up in my mind, but I just remember my head hurting. Nick Couldry had phoned me up perhaps some days earlier (if I trawl through the box of answer phone tapes it’s possible I might even be able to find the message) and asked if I would be able to turn up for this gig, it would be a WAKE performance (a short lived trio formed in 1986 with myself, Nick and Adam Bohman) I had brought with me the Wasp Synth a lead or two, and a violin bow with a Shadow 2000 contact mic attached. By then I recall they were already playing, or perhaps just warming up. Adam Bohman on prepared home made string instruments including a zither, and the usual found objects and Nick Couldry on keyboards with effects, all manner of percussive and noise making implements, and I distinctively recall a wok overturned, and a blue toy piano, they were all the rage back then. There was a generator humming, and a couple of amps.

Lol Coxhill and Mark Browne (on respective saxes) would join in with us much later in ‘the set’; perhaps they had already been on the stroll? For this was the London Strollerthon proudly sponsored by Cadbury’s. The LMC had been asked if they could provide some ‘entertainment’ en route for the London Strollers, but why the hell were we in the Bunhill Fields Burial Grounds? Perhaps this was some re-filling or final resting place (no pun intended), perhaps there was bunting and stalls offering refreshment, if so that memory has been erased from my mind. Anyhow, the public trudging through seemed bemused, or nonplussed, who were these odd looking ‘musicians’ and what was this racket all about? A few bewildered stragglers stayed behind, looked on, perhaps hopeful for some kind of summer Jazz once the guys with the Saxes arrived. I’m not going to write about the music, other enlightened beings more able and paid to write can attempt that. I do recall at varying times very forceful playing by all, Nick Couldry ferociously bowing sarcophagi. And the sound of a dog barking which we tried to play with, and children screaming, perhaps they enjoyed it.

Fast forward to 1995 and Nick (Couldry) asked me to select ‘highlights’ for a release on Polar Bear Recordings (a tape label now long forgotten) the tape links I chose between the tracks “Peristaltic Sounds in Gastrointestinal obstruction” & “Vox Romana - Six Passages from Virgil” (Latin) are from tapes recorded for me by the esteemed Adam Bohman. There were some photographs taken that day, I know that, perhaps they will turn up in a decade or so." - Richard Crow, London, May 2015

Numbered Edition of 79


Dylan Nyoukis - Encephalon Cracks Vol.2 (green) Cassette & Poster £15

Second part in my cassette/poster trilogy series. Cassette contains two 10 minute tracks At A Coal Ring Mooring (tape loops for the blind) & Soy Yog Waits (walkman drek - synth, trombones) and comes in lino printed wax sealed envelope with insert.

Poster is A2 (420 x 594 mm) 2 colour screen print (courtesy of our man at Heavy Rock).  Numbered and signed edition of 21.  Volume 3 (blue) will be out in May.



Kieron Piercy & Dylan Nyoukis - An Unripe Preoccupation With Nonagenarian Moroseness CDr £5

Piercy & Nyoukis both started off with a recent recording from their duo show at the Train Of Thought Emporium in the wilds of Worthing, each making various cuts and splices, as well as adding new sonic burps from their tape boxes to wheeze some new life into things.  Both resulting pieces were stiched together with no expense spared to create almost half an hour of ferric tom foolery that gently slips in and out of focus.  Magnets at the ready.....

Numbered edition of 50


Lost Wax - The Poacher CDr £5

Ben Morris (Chora, Akke Phallus Duo, Le Drapeau Noir etc) recently upped sticks from our peasant island to go work and adventure in China and Vietnam. Hopped up on Rượu cần and armed with nothing but a fat brick of Pu-Erh and a portable recorder he ventured around picking up all types of sonic delights, but this isn't a basic phonography document, far from it, lungs full of smog and head full of grog he took to working over the raw recordings, crafting something more in the vein of Jacques Lejuene or Alvin Currans 'Natural History'. Lewd worms be gone!

 "Sounds gathered while wandering the hutongs and parks of Beijing, and during a journey from North to Central Vietnam. Composed while trapped indoors during one of Beijing's many spates of hazardous pollution. Completed in the winter, in Derbyshire; the final track recorded in a garden shed, with a piano. Binaural field recordings, pick-up coil, contact mics, reel to reel, piano." - Ben Morris

Numbered edition of 60


Blood Stereo - Craw, Volume Two Agglomeration £25

Volume Two of the occasional agglomeration of artworks (visual and otherwise).

Comes in wax sealed lino print envelope (6.4" x 9") consisting of

8 colour collage prints (250gsm) bound with ribbon

15 photographic "family portraits" in rubber stamped, wax sealed envelope

New Blood Stereo recording on CDr

Modified vintage bingo card

Insert with mounted colour photo

Your own personal painted portrait by Blood Stereo (once ordered just email us a photograph of yourself or whomever you would like painted)

Numbered & signed edition of 24

Jooklo Duo MeetsThurston Moore & Dylan Nyoukis - untitled  CDr £5

Finally got our mits on the desk recording of this smoked out gig of stumbling, wailing and plonking, Vanzan's hands busted and broken from previous nights thunder drags out his recently salvaged piano and is joined by saxaphone, guitar, tapes, voice and objects.  Quartet gets down and mysterious, sweaty bodies shut out thought, hammer a nail into the crowds collective id, upwards disappearing. 

Numbered edition of 75.


Dylan Nyoukis - Encephalon Cracks Vol.1 (red) Cassette & Poster £15

First part in my cassette/poster trilogy series. Cassette contains two 10 minute tracks Without Wasting A Word (tape piece for Hausmann) & NM<MNMN<MN<M (organ solos) and comes in lino printed card sleeve with insert.

Poster is A2 (420 x 594 mm) 2 colour screen print (courtesy of our man at Heavy Rock).  Numbered and signed edition of 21.  Volume 2 (green) will be out early March.



Blood Stereo - Rid Raw Cassette £6

Less a champagne celebration of the 300th release on Chocolate Monk than a small dunt of befuddlement for the hardcore few. Two 20 minute tracks, Futtle-The-Pin & Outen-Under, numbered edition of 20 copies on red cassette.


Dylan Nyoukis - Scunnered At Breakfast CDr £5

All the hot audio gorlins of an imaginery wintertime breakfast, cooked up with nowt but accordian, tapes & voice with guest orators Hitomi Arimoto, Marco Cazzella, Seymour Glass, Paul Kirk, Ludo Mich, Angela Sawyer, Norman Shaw & Erkki Sinnemaki.  Comes with 4 text inserts.  Numbered edition of 50 copies.  End of the year queer for your ear.


Nimmo - Calibre Auto Recording #1 CDr ep FREE

Another krimbo freebie from Nimmo, included in all orders in December. A short collage piece using sounds taken from 2 calibre auto recording discs, Hammond Guthrie's Belfast Insert #2 and Sharon & Jaqueline Laughing.  Followed by the two disks in unadulterated form.

Lucian Tielens & Karen Constance - ...And The Antique African Neck Parts Split Cassette £6

Companion tape to last years "...And The German Pillow Menu" from Glass/Nyoukis finds Bren't Lewiis Ensemble stalwart trade blows with Blood Stereo's mean queen.  Tielens presents for yr ear 'Tarzan Knows We Kidnapped The Baby', just the kind of loop & cut-up heavy audio glurph you expect from the this Left Coast loon. While Karen hits you with 'Tied To A Tree In Bankkop' another loop heavy head scratcher with some fine passages of droney drump and disorientating voices. Get far from monochrome, ya freak.

"Because two farts maketh no poem, dost think two bellies cannot?" - Trocchi

Numbered edition of 40.


Tear Fet - Underpath CDr £5

"The result of a day trip to Bury with the dual intention of recording some short improvisations and getting lost. Both accomplished. The sounds tried to reference both Brötzmann/Bennink's Schwarzwaldfahrt, and images of The Zone in Tarkovsky's Stalker - though without the manliness and musical ability of the former, or the intellectual and structural rigour of the latter. What comes out is a kind of personal ritual, with an obsession about water. Which given that my sleeve art aimed for Herne the Hunter and Baba Yaga filtered through David Hoyle's Uncle David and missed by a long way has to count as a partial triumph in some quarters." - Matt Dalby

Numbered edition of 40.


Darksmith & Dylan Nyoukis - untitled split CDr £5

"Noise music." - Darksmith

"noises music." - Nyoukis

Two  pieces each to unearth. Darksmith keeps the hiss and confusion to a maximum on 'Jumbo on the Floor' & 'Jumbo up the Stairs', while Nyoukis presents the walkman compositions 'Midge down the Hole' & 'Midge in the Gutter'.  Get digging deep, pal.

Split release with Darksmith's Mom Costume label. Numbered edition of 60.


Claus Poulsen, Duncan Harrison, Paul Watson, & Sindre Bjerga - Blind Dates CDr £5

"It went down as follows. It’d been the weekend of Multiple Tap and whilst the Baron and I had been drinking direct from a reservoir of Japanese avant huh, Claus and Sindre were off chasing tail around the UK, riding that sweet wave of Scando Art Council pay day with their Star Turbine duo. Before all this those two and I were due to share a bill in London when Sindre dropped a line to suggest ANOTHER gig to close the weekend: 2 duets, but get this…only for homies never to have jammed a day in their lives together. A blind date if you will.

So they landed in London, Heathrow to be precise, and we all played pretty much fresh off the bus. Cosmic true head vibes for sure but what you want to know about is how we all went back to Beartown’s flat after and drank til 4am…about how Claus and I realised we shared a favourite band in XTC and how the greatness of our union would be sealed in that very moment, about how the Baron nicknamed Claus Poulsen Cas Pennant, about how everyone slept on the floor and met up the next day to watch Star Turbine at Electric Knife (LDN’s best record shop, don’t sleep) with heavy heads and dirty clothes. A natural kind of emotion.

Fast forward however many days and the Baron and I feel like the end bit from 2001 after a prolonged weekend of IPA and encona hot sauce, while the other lads have just got back from the concrete hell of Milton Keynes. Have you ever played in the basement of a Greek resaurant? Nobody could say they had until Blind Dates @ the Olive, London and we’ve all come off richer. Efes and Bakalava, 4 people in attendance, falling heavy for the motherly business owner and possibly the best damn set I played this year..all with some lovely, talented lad I may never have met in another life. But enough about me…listen to Sindre and Paul scraping and scratching in gleeful unison..listen for some Norwegian ALF cassette, listen out for the kind of Happy Birthday drop that only the Baron can get away with, this is not a joke. In weeks to come, Star Turbine would introduce their British hangovers to a forever changed Scandinavia and the Baron and I would bring the horror to Crater Lake. Rest in peace. Buy this recording, I give it a 9/10." - Duncan Harrison

Numbered edition of 66.


Alvarius B - Chin Spirits Cassette £6

The onetime Sun City Girls slaphead has been spotted much recently strutting round Cairo in a perpetual fag reek haze, glugging on bottles of Omar Khayyam and hanging with the locals discussing all things bent, dodgy and conspiratorial, Samson Option?? House Of Saud is Secretly Jewish? David Icke has an extensive  SCG collection?? Just be glad that he took time out from his sweaty enlightenment to pass this audio egg onto Chocolate Monk.  Some sound collage, songs, instrumentals and more importantly insight.  Originally set for a vinyl 10" release on some Belgian label, til the Reptilians got to them.

Edition of 60.


Dylan Nyoukis - Yellow Belly Cassette £6

Two 30minute pieces for organ, dictaphone, vocals and delay.

Numbered edition of 21. Yellow cassette, each in a different hand collaged slipcase with insert.


Bill Orcutt - Daddy's Got A Spice Rack Cassette £5

Orcutt serves up more of his raw, wild & beautiful guitar grunk, but as always he has some new to add into the mix, something different, this time he includes several pieces of text based vocal gibber, which sits real fine around these parts. Interspersed text and string pieces make for a weird and wonderful tape.  Honoured to have the man back on Chocolate Monk.

Edition of 60.


Dylan Nyoukis - The Flood Wants Silence Of Tongue CDr £5

Tape mulch? Cassette mess? Call it what ye will, recorded inside Wino Lodge one Thursday afternoon in April.

Numbered edition of 26. 

Sold Out

Henry Holmes - Clam Bake Cassette £5

"Throughout Henry Holmes's multi-tiered assemblage of showtune tape-loops, crushed signals thrash around in the background, tangled in a pasty murk of decaying black saliva and corrupted magnetism, while the violently cornball nature of the source material (Rogers and Hammerstein's vision of pre-bohemian utopia Carousel) gets the scrambled semaphore treatment up front. Fragments of orchestral schmaltz, melodramatic vocalizations, and snippets of dialogue with anachronistic cadences are the building blocks of this deranged spazolopolis. If your idea of heavenly reward is Flee Past's Ape Elf, Color Him Coma, Acnode One, or I Love You, Please Love Me Too, you'll find Clam Bake drool-inducing." - Seymour Glass

Numbered edition of 40.


Dan Melchior - Rock And Roll CDr £5

Rock and Roll is a concept album about the fundamental naffness of popular culture - - - the force that molds an androgynous threat to society into a fat comedian in a rhinestone jumpsuit waffling on about being a narcotics officer while high on demerol - - - it's about people in jean leggings saying 'in this country jesus is our king' - - - it's about 'the yankee preppers - - who want you to believe their poo doesn't stink!'- - - - it's about steven segal's reply to a corrupt senator who dares to tell him to 'take that to the bank' - - - it's about the fantasy of rebellion in a culture that's turned your means of expression into a broadway play enjoyed heartily by unwitting fascists longing for the good old days - - - it's about carl lewis refusing to accept he can't sing (thanks carl!) - - - it's about using the word 'freedom' a lot - - - it's about inappropriate use of pathetic sound effects - - - it's all these things, and so much less.

Body Has No Head - Unmanned Vehicle CDr £5

Portland, Oregon duo of Cody Brant and Shane McDonell who serve up a bowl of bubbling sound befuddle through overlaid tape loops jammed on wonked out four track players. Field recordings are mixed in with tapes of bowed guitars & cymbals, door creaks, electronics and other smooch, and although there is much happening on these recordings it is always afforded time and space so the loop worm can burrow deep into yr lugs.  Imagine Rock n Roll Jackie passing a Jazz Cigarette to Dilloway whom after his whitey decides he would like to have a bash at covering Brown Suppers "Quarantine The Aliens" EP.  

F.Ampism - Pattern Interrupt CDr £5

"Martin Denny's pretty cool I guess, but sometimes you wish you could visit his quiet village from a frog's point of view, yeah? Welp, now you can. Guitar, log bonking, bird peeping, electric marimba clunking, insect fwapping instrumentals that waft & meander through an enchanted bog without going anyplace at all. Mr. Ampism (nee Paul Wilson) has been playing around the adorable dolltown of Brighton UK for many years, probably eschewing the especially tasty Chinese food & scoffing at the absurdly large ferris wheel that has Steve Coogan yapping inside it 24 hours a day. Poor bastard. Last several years have seen him as a member of the big bad improv band Bolide, who should be a shitton better known than they are. Choc Monk honcho Nyoukis sez Ampism has a new studio in an attic, and that makes sense, as he's stirred up an especially focused pond of little winking and burping loops. Get it and grow your moss a little longer." - Angela Sawyer, Weirdo Records.

Montgomery, White & Julian - Thrown For Two Loops Cassette £5

Gen Ken Montgomery performed 8-Track Magic at Colour Out of Space 2013. While trying to squeeze Magic out of a dying Bee Gees 8-Track tape a minor disaster struck. The tape jammed. Knowing the cartridge would never play again, Gen Ken ejected it and threw it into the audience.

After the show the lucky woman who caught the cartridge brought it to him to sign. Thrilled to see it again. Gen Ken asked if he could have a piece of the tape for a souvenir. When she agreed, he tore out 2 chunks of mangled tape and shoved them in his pocket. Later he gave one piece to Tom White in Brighton, and he gave the other to Sean Julian in New York. What they did with these Two Loops is on this cassette. We hope it Throws You for Two loops!

Edition of 60.

Ezio Piermattei - Turismo Dentale CDr £5

Really great sound collage work from Pescara, Italy. Come huff on the detailed fumes that Ezio emits, the march of a mechanical army, far off violin quiver, street accordion roly poly, pause button tom foolery, clanking & chiming, frantic gibbering, organ tones, trumpet bloot, guest vocals by the cover stars (his mother and grandmother), and a TON more.  A really immersive listen.



Fleshtone Aura - AREA CDr £5

Andrew Zukerman, the man with the golden ears, returns with another hotpot of prime cut-up collage splut.  Electronic zwonk expertly sewn together with life affirming tape farts, plundered dialog mixed in with electric whizz and what sounds like 80s doll burps vs robotic
cow groans. There is even a section that sounds like Mayasa Nakahara tea bagging Robert Ashley's Wolfman.

"Assembled in 2013/14 using Voice, Tapes, Electronics, Synthesizers, Household Objects & Unsuspecting Children."

The Zuk man is also a fine fine visual artist, you should have a sniff around his hovel HERE.

Music For Hard Times - The Bicycle Eaters CDr £5

2012 was a bumper crop year for Music For Hard Times and The Bicycle Eaters is a smorgasbord platter made from some of their tangiest shreds from that vintage era. Swallowing an entire bicycle whole in one hour is no fun. It really needs to be furiously and finely masticated into bite size morsels before complete gastronomic consumption. Just a hint of salt on the grease and a sprinkle of powdered sugar on the chrome is the difference between yet another uncomfortable effort at getting into the Guinness World Record Book and treating yrself (and yr friends) to a sparkling banquet of mechanical parts that can be consumed and enjoyed equally as a trail snack or a roadside picnic. The whole aural journey, from chomping down on gnarly chain links, the stomach acid reduction of paint chips and passing inner tubes thru the lower intestine are accurately and explicitly represented by our crack duo of surrealist foley artists.

Music For Hard Times are a San Francisco based, post-concrète, psychedelic bad trip, free improv duo who present their music as it falls off the plate - live and in yo face! Tom Nunn ( USA) has been building and playing experimental music instruments since 1976 and Paul Winstanley (NZ) has been playing the electric bass like an experimental instrument since 1988. In 2011 they started wearing cheap clothes and playing music together as Music For Hard Times, incorporating Tom's latest low cost inventions: the percussive, hyper-chattering 'Skatchbox' (made from combs and cardboard) and metal Resonance Plates as played with his spooky-tone-generating 'Lukie Tubes' (also made of cardboard). While either using yr face as the trail for an amphetamine fueled dirt bike competition or dropping yr body into the briny deep to talk with giant, lumbering sea creatures, MFHT offer the full gamut of unfamiliar experiences in complete safety.

Eric Ostrowski - Boiling A Frog CDr £5
choc.281 Whats starts off as very mellow soon turns in a torrent of head scrambling noise skronk and scrape, all delivered with the usual love and tenderness you should have come to expect from this one time Mr Noggin and King Frog.  This is noise void of all macho posturing but bloated with JOY.  Time to take yr bubble bath, baby.  And don't hold back on the vinegar.

Acrid Lactations - The Rotten Opacity Of It All (All This Rot) CDr £5

Glasgow's best dressed hun Stuart Arnot and  wee fireplug Susan Fitzpatrick continue the good fight for bizarre ear treats. Purposeful primitive playing full off violin creaks and scarpes which then  morphs into a seasick wooze.   Vocals sputter, mumble and sing with mogadon droop.  Archaic tape manipulation id sprinkled through out for yr pleasure, before ending in a Musique Brut take on a Harry Partch piece.  Wallow in their inquisitive sound world.

Blood Stereo - Craw, Volume One Agglomeration £25

Volume One of Craw. The Insert says "An Occasional agglomiration of artworks (visual & otherwise) by Blood Stereo", or as wise old Earl Kuck might say "An archive, time capsule, cartulary, emergency gonk protocols, assemblage, omnibus, caboodle". 

Who knows what future issues will spew forth, but this baby consists of...

A5 lino printed envelope (wax sealed, numbered and rubber stamped)

12 photographic reproductions of collaged vintage photos (wax sealed inside a rubberstamped envelope)

Spot The Difference, 7 colour prints on 300gsm card (banded)

Your own personal "Misfortune" as predicted & scribed by Elkka Reign Nyoukis (sealed in a hand drawn envelope,, dare you open it?)

21 minutes of new audio collage on CDr

A3 colour collaged poster (signed)

Numbered edition of 20.



Seymour Glass & Dylan Nyoukis - ...And The German Pillow Menu Split Cassette £5

First in a two volume split tape gonk off between The Bren't Lewiis Ensemble & Blood Stereo finds Chinz aka the butter knifes biggest foe Seymour Glass face off against everyones second least favorite Blackburn, West Lothian gobshite Dylan Nyoukis. Glass spins you several yarns with bottle cap, hairbrush, tapes, turntable, viloin & voice, with guest clarinet by My Little Panda. The flip side is the trip to the bottom of a bottle via tapes, voice, piano, drums, trumpet, violin, reel to reel, library of congress C1 tape player and objects.  Numbered edition of 40.

Next up Karen Constance & Lucian Tielens.  Glob help us.



Nimmo - Is This The Day That Santy Clause Came? CDr FREE

A Free Christmas gift from us to all of you who order in December, courtesy of Brightons David Nimmo. All sounds plundered from an old wax coated recordio disc. Is This The Day That Santy Clause Came? b/w Silent Night.


Marc Matter / Voiceover - L'oeil Ecclatante CDr £5

Great concrete sound-poetry from Marc Matter of Germany, digging deep into the Henri Chopin tradition of mining raw and visceral sounds from the manipulation of voice, here Matter uses records of his own vocals and manipulates them on turntable.   Really great stuff.

"I have been working as a turntablist since 1997 as a member of institut fuer feinmotorik. A few years ago i started to do DJ-Sets with sound-poetry records, and that evolved into the current project VOICEOVER in which i use mainly my own voice recordings (often based on the original lettrist-alphabet of voice-noises, coughs, sighs and hisses) and try to alienate them using turntablist manipulations (cuts, speed-variations, some effects from the mixing-desk etc). Concerning compositional approaches for this release i sewed together some improv-sessions rather having patterns of spoken-word in mind than musical structure." - Marc Matter

Sindre Bjerga - Dig Your Own Hole CDr £5

"Sound collages, gnarled-out microphone psych and the glorified magic of everyday rituals, filtered though shit-stained cassettes and over-cooked frequencies...Track 1 is a complete live recording from Oslo, which included a section where a tower of chairs were pulled down from the stage.. Track 2 is a mobile phone recording of parts of a show at the Klinker Club in London. Both tracks from August 2013"

Gen Ken Montgomery - Voice Clippings CDr £5

Volume 7 in "The Well Spliced Breath" series is a 1 hour+ audio adventure with Multifaceted New York visual/sound artist Gen Ken Montgomery.   A heady collage of voices and other sounds.  Numbered edition of 60.

"I am involved in events which bring people together to focus on the experience of listening. I've become increasingly appreciative of enduring impressions arising out of transitory moments using sound as a form of transportation." - Gen Ken

Alessandro Bosetti / Angela Sawyer - COOS Volume 4 Split Cassette £5

Volume 4 of 4 split cassettes released for Colour Out Of Space 2013, featuring tracks by artists who performed this year. All are hand numbered and hand stamped editions of 60. C28.

Alessandro Bosetti recorded an improvisation in Seoul, South Korea, using his Mask Mirror instrument, prepare for head scramble.

Angela Sawyer incorporates her unique voice along with phone and a youtube video called "the smallest air raid siren" and proves once again that she is Americas First Lady of the out sounds.


The Sons Of God / Dog Lady Island - COOS Volume 3 Split Cassette £5

Volume 3 of 4 split cassettes released for Colour Out Of Space 2013, featuring tracks by artists who performed this year. All are hand numbered and hand stamped editions of 60. C28.

The Sons Of God's field of activity can be descibed as an investigation of a mental airspace, undertaken with the aid of unconventional tools.

Mike Collino continues his journey in attempting to take Dog Lady Island as far out into the void of stagnant as possible.


Dinosaurs With Horns / Dan Melchior - COOS Volume 2 Split Cassette £5

Volume 2 of 4 split cassettes released for Colour Out Of Space 2013, featuring tracks by artists who performed this year. All are hand numbered and hand stamped editions of 60. C28.

LAFMS old timers Rick Potts & Joseph Hammer take you on a loop heavy psychedelic ride, with a an added dose of hinge-neck electric mandolin.

Dan Melchior continues his foray into into glorious head scratch territory with another focused track of the aural absurd.


DDAA / Greg Kelley & Dylan Nyoukis - COOS Volume 1 Split Cassette £5

Volume 1 of 4 split cassettes released for Colour Out Of Space 2013, featuring tracks by artists who performed this year. All are hand numbered and hand stamped editions of 60. C28.

French avant legends DDAA serve up two tracks of song deconstruction, with a faint whiff of Kraut.

Kelley & Nyoukis present one long track of tape collage mixing vocals, trumpet, domestic sounds and various other detritus.


Dogeeseseegod - Try Put Your Hand Right Through Me CDr £5

Hey Fud Nuts, you like the idea of a couple of cobblestones being strapped to your ears, right? No?  Well  what if those cobblestones had been dipped in some strange gloop  to marinade? The kind of gloop you can imagine some members of the LAFMS using to add a wonk kick to their drinks, or Gnarlos of Bren't Lewiis Ensemble using as shower gel (assuming he ever washes)? I thought so.  Southamptons finest duo of non musicians crank out a ready made classic of disorientating sound collage.  Broken instruments, dictaphone wheeze, mouth gurgles, electronic puff & pant.  I have no idea who is doing what,  a sure fire freakdom "Who Dealt It?".  Cover art by Miss Constance.

Micro_penis - Der Trompeten Sauber CDr £5

Chocolate Monks favourite French lunatics brew up horrid gronk more twisted than a gut full of leeches and salt.  Spanning two long tracks the four headed beast gets its full on pungent on.  Garbled distortion, ill advised sex music, electronic fumblings, red hot red plastic trombone poot, all slathered in the finest confusion grease making it ripe for you to rub your mind wang against it til your numb and enlightened.

Tom White - Routine Happenings CDr £5

An extended version of the 4 channel sound piece, installed in the Power Lunches bar in London during the HAPPENING! event (May 25th 2013). The source material is mostly recorded during the opening hours of the venue, including various mundane preparatory activity such as the unpacking of beer cans & bottles, tearing up cardboard packaging, bands and their sound-checking noise edited and collaged to the absurd extreme. The installation piece itself was played back in the space during the entire event until the party hungry bar staff got irritated with the racket and chose to decorate their Friday evening environment with something more friendly. These edits were originally self-released on 10 C20 cassette editions each one different to coincide with the event.

Karl M V Waugh - Neither Of Me CDr £5

Neither Of Me is a trio of explorations 'down the rabbit hole' slowly unravelling from the musical through to the noisey. Guitar improvisations, exploratory collages and noise drone panels which are sure to tweak the inner nipple of those of you who like to luxuriate in a cloud haze.

Karl M V Waugh is an improvisor, noise maker, soundscapist, doctor of mathematics and computer programmer. One half of droners The Zero Map and industrial noise makers Binnsclagg and he also perfoms for his sins reguarly with the modern day incantation of The A Band, but don't let that put you off.

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber - Yume No Kippuuri No KMR cassette £5

4th album of kito-mizukumi rouber. A collection of hit songs which all mankind should sing in chorus!  More right on failings from everyones favourite acid enka freak out band.  More broken avant-garde blues/failed garage rock than you could care to waggle yr juicy double at.  Numbered edition of 100, split release with  Papa records out of Japan.

"Kito-Mizukumi Rouber is formed at Tokyo. We are dance bands. Your ankle is be cramped with a rhythm! We are burst of laughter, drinks tea and digs the ground, and sometimes hungry!!"


Dylan Nyoukis - OACTTT 3" CDr £5

3 tracks recorded for collaboration with visual artist David Kelly as part of 'The Enemies Project' at The Hardy Tree Gallery, London.  Edition of 20.


Dan Melchior - A Squirrel Could Never Be A Disappointment To Me CDr £5

"Dan Melchior was last heard of in the UK playing to living fossils in Camden for spare change and greasy handshakes, but THINGS HAVE CHANGED (if they were ever 'the same') - scattered and haunted sounds have been flowing from his North Carolina bunker, and the last few years have seen releases on Siltbreeze and Kye, and now the esteemed Chocolate Monk is taking the plunge too. Dan hopes you will enjoy this helping of ethereal nonsense" - Some guy in the know

Since landing in our lap this disk has been on heavy rotation, brings a smile to my otherwise dour Scots puss.

Posset - My Hungry Holes CDr £5

"Material ornithology brought to you with carbon intimacy, Posset takes us to the heart of his hands where his wit jigs yarns of love, engagement, marriage, divorce, dispute, disturbance and joy. What everyone been waiting to hear. Because such a work as this serves a frank reminder that music must be true-false, bent & entertaining, crisply riveting; disturbing & adoring; impossibly & poetic, curdling your cream with unrelenting questions about blood, pulse, fibre, flesh, and the urgency of being...

Posset weaves intricate tales in lurid tape, recounted in swatches of multi-sonic flaws, a deeply resonant harmoniousness which answers the surfaces of second nature while guzzling minerals in the first. Melodic ornamentation squirrelled into unforgiven cassettes, tonguing spatial magnetics, ribbony skirmish. So that romantic defiance will have you hopping with a locky camp that's in no rush to curry flavours out of you, instead remaining devoted to the embroidery of character in contested sauce.

In a world that's lost the nous to be itself, Posset recalls the sharp focus of a Charlie Mike Sierra or Frédéric Mercier while insisting on the nutty sweetness of a Lizzy Mercier Descloux or the blanched alphabets of a Robbie Basho. Make yourself a sky and lurch against it to the sounds on this album: unvile your heart so that we may love one. Another once again." - Gwilly Edmondez

Usurper - Fishing For Tripe CDr £5

Rejected by THREE labels since 2011, this album finally reaches you dear potential listener thanks to yr pals in the gutter here at CM.

"In 2011 when the Brothers Usurper assembled these recordings we envisioned them as our most wholesome effort to date. A real charming affair featuring two men, a wife, a pregnant partner and the Duff family plughole. So why would it be the one dose of Usurper bumf which various avant-hands got burned by and was deemed too hot to hump or handle? Maybe it'll do right by you, seeing as you're such a family-oriented advertisement for wholesome hetero-nuptials, but... i dunno, Dylan... maybe it's cursed?" - Ali Robertson

"Each usurper recording makes me think of a great day I’ve had with my friend Ali. The great day got better this day when it also included Louise (the love of my life), Collette (the love of Ali’s life) and my unborn son Linus (the lover of life). The recording features my favourite usurper moment to this point. It was recorded in my kitchen. Louise was doing her upholstery next door, and she was hammering on a chair. As she hammered the sink started to glug. Ali had been wandering with the microphone and got it right near the plughole. Louise and the plug jammed blindly together, not knowing the other was singing the same song. It was just one of those moments, you know, Jaques Tati’s paint pot in the sea. I told Ali recently that this was my favourite usurper moment. He looked at me and said “your favourite usurper moment has neither of us playing on it!”" - Malcy Duff

I'DM Thfftable - Popsicles, Icicles, Baseball And Fancy Clothes CDr £5

Having emerged a smiling (somehow chubby) skeleton from the hot bubbly tar bath of the endless blooper, with an invisible wince he flips bittersweetly through old disintegrating photo albums, trying to laugh, but sneezing instead, just a bit before sprouting himself a wicked flaccid lilac in the nethers.

I'DM Thfftable is bawdy, brisk and life affirming, get in on this greasy grind. 

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson - Operation From The Below CDr £5

"The Well Spliced Breath" series reaches volume 6.  All music by Sigmarsson, all texts written by Sigmarsson & Caroliner bampot Bonnie Banks.  Guest appearance by Leif Elggren.  Numbered edition of 60.

"My idea of a good song is a recording of my own training to become a singer. I have a reasonably good voice which I could be capable of developing into becoming as good as a voice of a opera singer. People have tried talking me into taking up a singing career. I have confidence in myself but in no one else. The greater my distrust in other people´s judgement of my voice, the greater my trust in myself. Still my only hope is to wait for the ticket out of here. I´ve written hundreds and hundreds of poems since I was eighteen years old. I am sure they are good and I force myself to listen to the recordings I´ve made over the years of my poems over and over again. Poems have helped me get myself through life, I have lived a very dangerous life in 6 seperate minds. There will be 10 or twelve assailing me by the time i die....."

The Portland Bike Ensemble - Monotony of the Veil CDr £5

Freeform click and whirrr from bikes from this decade long ever changing collective of gonks.  This time a quartet of players, Pat Maher (aka Glamorous Pat, DJ Yo Yo Dieting, Indignant Senilityetc etc), Lala Rinera (Diamond Catalog), Derek Monypeny (Freak Of Araby Ensemble) and Cody Brant (Toning) take it way out with their velocipedic hoo-ha.  Grab yr trouser clips. 

"The Portland Bike Ensemble has efectively become a general catch-all moniker for whatever incarnations arise of bike-playing improv groups in Portland, OR. In total over the past 10 years, I estimate that over 30 people have played shows and recorded with/as this non-organization, and there have been no constant members. All sounds are made by contact-mic'd and amplified implements touching bicycles; generally use of effects pedals is frowned upon, but that's not to say that it's never happened. It is my sincere hope that this release and all other activities by this particular Portland Bike Ensemble will inspire rival Portland Bike Ensembles into action." - Pat Maher

Cover painting by Karen Constance & Elkka Nyoukis.

Fritz Welch - Crumbs On A Dumpster CDr £5

Volume 5 in 'The Well Spliced Breath' series started for sound-tape collage, text-sound, radiophonic, horspiel-type muck. This time we have the pleasure of the low-brow crowds go to high brow guy Fritz Welch.  Numbered edition of 60.

A few years ago i was at a party in Miami listening to an amazing 82 year old salsa singer called La Gata. Halfway through her set a large dark shape emerged from the swimming pool. It seemed like the water was growing. At first I was sure it was some kinda ancient ageless Ghatanothoa thing that squeaked its way backward thru the drains but it soon became evident that it was an ATF agent covered in petrified sea cucumbers painted with gothic nail polish. The goon was there to interrogate me about the core structure of these works. He said Obama knew that I had ripped them from a bland reading of an important post Situationist text about labor. Yes of course it was the reading that seemed flaccid, the content was solid and unyielding. He also pushed buttons regarding the integration of a random sequence of numbers that eased into a lenient refusal. I suggested he listened closely to the singer's voice and consider the possibility of extended excavations. The stuff slipped out of old cassettes, field recordings and the dynamic and changing personalities of each Loa. I turned to head back to the bar for another margarita. The glistening speleothem tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and yelled right into its disembodied face, "Back off! I just don't wanna go around with this turd in my pocket any longer!"

Jorge Boehringer - The Suspicious String Quartet Plays Tape Guts At The Core Of The Coalman CDr £5

With fashion in string quartets oscillating wildly by the hour, this seasons offerings bring us surprise as one man has opened up his legs and become a building with canals flowing through the basement. It was one of those hot nights when those cats laid these tracks live, and the tracks were burning, most were destroyed instantly in fact, upon entry. Others were rescued partly and reconstituted using an advanced avant-garde dietary cloning process involving transparent magnets whose fields can be read like musical notation, but vertically. No longer needing to scratch cats with horse parts, Boehringer instead utilizes here a gravitational horsefield, altering tempos fluidly to outrun fashion and rescue the princess, whose harmonic tongue might resist definition, but is never short on other types of suggestions.

Papal Bull - In Ceres A Pig With Human Hands And Feet Was Born CDr £5

Another Monk dispatch from the UKs unhinged underground.  Misters Jon Marshall (The Hunter Gracchus) & Joe Murray (Posset) serve up for you, dear listener, rabid cluster of sounds using dictaphones, harmonica reeds, harmonium, sheng and voices.  Particularly out-to-lunch drones & wails, vocals that veer from having that nice mouthful of mussels vibe to a more euro-academic too much coffee buzz to private language gurgle and dictaphone work that would give Gwilly Edmondez the horn.  A nice companion piece to the Blue Yodel/Lovely Honkey, Marvo Men disks from the last batch.  Features a Mister Stephen Chase on erhu on the final track.

"Papal Bull/Paypal Foal, the still warm egg white, tense enough to contain the copper-scented yolk. Guys all linked via Chinese electronics and bamboo pipes for breathing. The leather-lined iron lung causes Sheng koff...unfortunate for Jon. Calloused thumb from Dictaphone overload flakes demurely."

Marvo Men - Give Some Idea Of The Boys At Work CDr £5

Ben Knight & Euan Curry gob out vocal pulph, sometimes in the feral free vocalisation style, other times following visual scores & also throwing tape manipulation into the pot. Raw and focused.

"It's just me & Euan, in our duo-some, brought together through our interests in each others throats, ballet dancing and the finer points of social and library work. Sometimes texts are evolved out of snooker commentary and the contents of the recycling bins at work, once we followed an imaginary route around Brighton from the comfort of our rehearsal space in GLASGOW, and all that happened was our potato scone got cold (yes, that's right me share it). "Stop that idiotic sound", one Edinburgh mother shouted at us. She was right. We didn't." - Ben Knight

Blue Yodel & Lovely Honkey - Poppies & Cocks CDr £5

Further insight into the UKs freak underbelly as Blue Yodel (Fiona of The Hunter Gracchus) and Lovely Honkey (aka Luke Poot) invite you to come close and feel their spittle in your ear. So dry yourself off and come enjoy dictaphone choke and sputter stops, panic gasps and glossolalia gulpage, cracked up breathing and cat purr, creaking and chirping spurts, deathbed wheeze and swollen throats, horse blow and smut panting. Don't expect a Wire feature anytime soon.

Various Artists - Fug Gum CDr £5

All new compilation of headscratch featuring tracks by Tom Recchion, Andrew Coltrane, Crank Sturgeon, Glands Of External Secretion, Graham Lambkin & David Payne, I'dm Thfft Able, Dog Lady, Loachfillet, The Tenses, Phil Minton & Dylan Nyoukis, F Ampism, Kuupuu with Bamse, Tomutonttu, Glyphs, Smack Music 7, Pod Blotz, Steve Kenney, Preggy Peggy and Reijo Pami.  76 minutes to tar and feather the inside of your cranium.  Comes with insert of listening notes by Seymour Glass to help optimise your 'Fug Gum' experience.

Andrew Coltrane excerpt

Crank Surgeon excerpt

Pod Blotz excerpt

Control Unit - Oto Live CDr £5

Proof if proof was needed that a gram of aqautic synth bloot is as heavy as a gram six stringed gutter wail.  Ninni Morgia and Silvia Kastel get delirious in the premier London jive joint and showcase the sound of catatonic Italy with all the quiver of a love sick robot.  Their sound is always a mix of wieldy, tactile, smart and sleazy.  Plenty of vocal, synth and guitar call and response mixed in with the way out.  So do your big ham hock of a face a favour and let them pervade your stink space.

Excerpt 1

Excerpt 2

Blood Stereo - The Trachelin Huntiegowk CDr £5

Reissue of the limited edition of 50 LP.

"Above us, blizzards of fecal snow ravage the sky, dehydrated flakes leftover from the expunged waste of civilization's folly. Below, spasms of subterranean dyspepsia crisscross the globe, stalking nomadic malignancies to devour. Tape- and glottis-manipulators Dylan Nyoukis (ya bas) & Karen Constance conduct their Blood Stereo business beneath this noxious shit-rain and eludes these randomly appearing gaia dentata with nary a scratch or impurity tainting their tartan. Composed at home, side one of The Trachelin Huntiegowk wrangles recordings of friends and family, old tape letters, a drunk Canadian arguing with Daniel Spicer about microphones (apparently, his grasp of spatial relationships leaves Her Vagesty wanting), fair lasses from clan Spicer doing the hand-clap song "Miss Mary Mack," tape cut-ups of Karen Constance singing, wee Elkka Nyoukis on drums, the old man on piano, and Giant Tank comrades Ali and Collette participating in team-building exercises at a work picnic for a company staffed by ogres, insect-bodybuilder hybrids, and baboon-hearted psychos. On side two, recorded live at Moderna Museet in Stockholm as part of the Sten Hanson festival, Nyoukis & Constance unravel the constituents elements of the event's namesake, eventually oxidizing delivery of instructions to the assembled Pee Wee Hermans on how to finesse a poison arrow out of his impaled cheeks without causing undue shredding of the flesh. Accompanied by typing lessons conducted in a burn ward and the tinkle of contaminated plasma and hemoglobin squirting into buckets underneath a poxy heifer, The Trachelin Huntiegowk wrestles across a landscape ruled by an inversion of signs, where irrational complaining is drama; despair is triumph; the haunted is droll; torture is delight; the mechanical wheeze of outdated machines is a function not of dehumanization but of Arcadian nostalgia; profundity resides within the inarticulate; virtuosity can be attained when the random happens to repeat; and speech, decimated into fragmented phonemes -- whether from internal mental agents compromising the intellect, or from intentionally adopted constructions and impairments, faulty reproduction and obstructions to enunciation -- is lyrical, soulful even."- Seymour Glass

Rick Potts - Lilies (of the Uncanny Valley) CDr £5

Rick was originally gonna do something for the 'Well Spliced Breath' series, but he got a bit too much of the sun and got all fruity. Mr Potts misfortune is your gain. Ricky boy says

"I rummaged around the junk drawer looking for some syncronicity. Then, built little gargoyles out of the orphaned parts. A crazy quilt made up of misfires, misfits, dusty Chinese gangster soundtracks and wanna-be disco hits that almost sound like music."

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