choc.1    v/a - Mutual Lacunas For Born Again Lovers (c90)

choc.2    Pigsears/Prick Decay - split (c60)

choc.3    Johnny Superbad & The Bullet Catchers - Live At The Paloma And The Che (c90)

choc.4    Denkmal - The Mightiest Love (c60)

choc.5    The Folk Implosion - Walk Through The World With... (c30)

choc.6    (In Spite Of Flaming Creatures) - Recollections Of 1-5 (c45)

choc.7    Stillupsteypa - Til Eru Hijoo (c30)

choc.8    Crayon Skidder - Reeal Is Turkish For Peas (c45)

choc.9    Sagawi Carnival Giant - Silver In Scud, Holy Sound....Rambling (c?)

choc.10   Trumans Water - Couch Of The Spastics (c40)

choc.11   Pigsears/Side Mounted Scum Suckers - split (c60)

choc.12   Prick Decay - Live Next Door To Johnny Memphis (c60)

choc.13   Cunt Eats Cock - Suck The Excretion (c30) 

choc.14   Das Ist Fisch - owlanimy (c60)

choc.15   Cock ESP - Music To Wash Girls By (c60)

choc.16   Tea Culture - Silencing Services (c30)

choc.17   Pete & Carmen - Diabrotica Vittata (c60)

choc.18   Prick Decay - Use The Silence Of Alien Infiltrated Beings (c30)

choc.19   Fire Chimpanzee DBA - Mighty Mini Brute (c30)

choc.20   Crawl Unit - Sound Stain (c60)

choc.21   Coffee - Ambient #4 (1-sided c-90)

choc.22   Hood - Field Report (a)  (i) An Overcast Sky (c60)

choc.23   Prick Decay - Escape To The Depository Of Shotgun Strap-Ons (4xc30)

choc.24   Bugskull - Eye Of The Storm, I Am The Storm, Eat Me (c60)

choc.25   Jasper Newes - Do Vicars Wank (c60)

choc.26   Rake - Shock Tart Chew Up (c60)

choc.27   Jaundice - Tension Is My Arse (c30)

choc.28   Blowhole - Grey Area (c60)

choc.29   A Band - Anusol (1-sided c90)

choc.30   Melt Banana - Cactuses Come In The Flocks (c30)

choc.31   (In Spite Of Flaming Creatures) - Lost Sleep Anger (c15)

choc.32   Neil Campbell - Executive Silk Lips (c30)

choc.33   K2 - Les Extremes Se Touchet II (c46)

choc.34   Noggin/Bone Cure/King Frog - 60 Minute Cassette (c60)

choc.35   Harry Pussy - Vigilance! (c120)

choc.36   v/a - Violent Ambient (c90)

choc.37   Paul Lydon - Red Nubble Signal (c60)

choc.38   Crayon Skidder - Your Lunch Is Leaking (c60)

choc.39   Factor X - Directions (c60)

choc.40   Thirdorgan - Infectious Wars (c30)

choc.41   Mr. Velocity Hopkins - Das Boot (c30)

choc.42   El Streetfound Aerial - No.5 Cassette: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter (c30)

choc.43   Emil Beaulieau - For Those About To Rock, We Salute You (c15)

choc.44   Hands To - Hands To The Task (c60)

choc.45   Black Leather Jesus - SM (c60)

choc.46   Violent Onsen Geisha & Prick Decay - Dada Junk Spew (c30)

choc.47   Aube - Squash (c46)

choc.48   v/a - Extemporaneous Sampler Nonse Excerpts Hindle Sections (c60)

choc.49   Wooden Cunt - Goose Step Rock (c90)

choc.50   Harry Pussy/Noggin - Split (7")

choc.51   Action Pussy - vs. The Libians (c60)

choc.52   Richard Youngs - Motorway (1 sided c90)

choc.53   Inversion - Xr-S:ier-Ab.Chmk (c60)

choc.54   Emil Hagstrom - Big Head (c30)

choc.55   Crank Sturgeon - Varied Purges de Nada 94-95 (c30)

choc.56   Manplug/Last Rape - Spit Or Swallow (c60)

choc.57   (In Spite Of Flaming Creatures) w/ Prick Decay - Non Fidelity Dope Massage (c15)

choc.58   Pork Queen - Live (c60)

choc.59   Rotten Crotch - Untitled (c46)

choc.60   Darren Brown - There Is A Word For This (c60)

choc.61   Incapacitants - The Tongue (c30)

choc.62   Nissin Retort Pouch - Super Milk Caps w/ Slammer (c35)

choc.63   v/a - The International Audio Journal Of Green Tea Consumption (c60)

choc.64   Dog Liver Oil - Para Jodor Con El Publico (c30)

choc.65   Polse - Live / Benefit For The Rag (c30)

choc.66   To Live & Shave In LA - The Wigmaker Live (c90)

choc.67   Monoshock - Pink Jelly Vibe (c30)

choc.68   To Live & Shave In LA / Peach Of Immortality - Split (c60)

choc.69   KF36 - DR. K.C. Wu's Ring (c30)

choc.70   Thurston Moore & Prick Decay - Electricity vs. Insects (7")

choc.71   You Nothing - Eat Naura (c60)

choc.72   The Beautiful Music Company - Untitled (c30)

choc.73   Polse - Con Nino (c30)

choc.74   Alvarius B - Cadenza Freedom Vol.1, Burmese Military Mandolin (7")

choc.75   Malta - The Devils Garbage (c30)

choc.76   Random Slap Emporium (pamphlet)

choc.77   Evil Moisture - Dorsal Swabs Go Roller Kotex (c30)

choc.78   Bruce Russell - Cadenza Freedom Vol.2, Toy Walkie Talkies (7")

choc.79   Dylan Nyoukis - Radio Lungs 1 (booklet)

choc.80   ? - Radio Lungs 2 (booklet)

choc.81   Karen Lollypop - Radio Lungs 3 (booklet)

choc.82   Scumbo Bolus - Radio Lungs 4 (booklet)

choc.83   Dylan Nyoukis - Kung Music 1 (booklet)

choc.84   Dylan Nyoukis - Kung Music 2 (booklet)

choc.85   Karen Lollypop - Asthma Eyes 1 (booklet)

choc.86   Wham-O - Untitled (LP)

choc.87   Dead Pharoah vs. Smeared On Monkey's Eyeball - One Inch Sucka Punch (1 sided c46)

choc.88   Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Beast People - Split (LP - unreleased)

choc.89   v/a - Patchouli & Echoes (c120/2x cd-r)

choc.90   Bill Orcutt - 4 String Dobro (7" - unreleased)

choc.91   Prick Decay - Go Go Gamelan (1 sided c60)

choc.92   The Polly Shang Kuan Band (c30/cd-r)

choc.93   Prick Decay - Wake Wilting Magnet (c60)

choc.94   Prick Decay - Studies For Postal Orgies Vol.1 (c30)

choc.95   Prick Decay - Studies For Postal Orgies Vol.2 (cd-r)

choc.96   Sepopeplel - Coal Orf (cd-r)

choc.97   Decaer Pinga / Runzestirn&Gurgelstock - Omitting The Troll (cd-r)

choc.98   Decaer Pinga & Neil Campbell - Strobelights To Boston (cd-r)

choc.99   S*T*A*R - Dancing Stars (cd-r)

choc.100  Hochenkeit/Decaer Pinga/Alvarius B - Music Inspired By The Holy Mountain (cd - unreleased)

choc.101  Lee Ranaldo - Outside My Window The City Is Never Silent: A Bestiary (LP)       

choc.102  Household Objects - 3 (1 sided c60)

choc.103  PD - Big Band Xerox (1 sided c60)

choc.104  Smoking Arabic (t-shirt)

choc.105  v/a - Swissotic  Commune Document a.k.a.  I Grapple Lisa's Tampon (1 sided c60/cd-r)

choc.106  v/a - White Music (1 sided c60/cd-r)

choc.107  Neil Campbell - Lost Predelic Moonshine Music (1 sided c60/cd-r)

choc.108  Black Alaska (cs - unreleased)

choc.109  James Jackson Tothe - Pure Juice And Heathen Fire (cs single)

choc.110  Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice - Angelhair  (cd-r)

choc.111  Julian Bradley - Hell Intercom  (cd-r)

choc.112  Puke Eaters - God Is Free  (cd-r)

choc.113  Clay's Festering Lungs - Pasture Music  (cs)

choc.114  Neil Campbell - Vol.1: Library Of Esophagus, Tongue & Tonsils (Lathe 7"- Edition Of 50)

choc.115  Supreme Reality - Universal Rundle (cd-r)

choc.116  Dylan Nyoukis - Norse Fungi Festivus (cd-r)

choc.117  Mokinox - I'm Your Chair (cd-r)

choc.118  Polly Shang Kuan Band - Eye Of Horus (cd-r)

choc.119  Ykeo Clot To Brown (cd-r)

choc.120  Blood Stereo - The Trunk is Flexed (cd-r)

choc.121  Blood Stereo - Live At Sonic Protest (cd-r)

choc.122  Workbench - Live From The American Snake Machine (cd-r)

choc.123  Crossbred - We Don't Need A Pain! (cd-r)

choc.124  Green Mist - Attack Of The Centipedes (cd-r)

choc.125  Tape Salad - Each Banana Is Unique  (cd-r)

choc.126  Decaer Pinga - The Brown Mouth Downer (cd-r)

choc.127  Decaer Pinga - Plate Of Failure (cd-r)

choc.128  Glamorous Pat (as Transparent Pat) - Starer (cd-r)

choc.129  Blood Stereo/Moysk en Chimyser - Split (cd-r)

choc.130  The Polly Shang Kuan Band - For The Blood (cd-r)

choc.131  Smack Music 7 - Plain Whorl (cd-r)

choc.132  The Skaters - Pavilionous Miracles Of Circular Facet Dice (cd-r)

choc.133  Birds Of Delay - Chambers (cd-r)

choc.134  Math Balance Volumes - Cattle Skulls & Railroad Tracks

choc.135  Directing Hand - An old Soul At The Helm (cd-r)

choc.136  Carlos Giffoni - The Last Analogue Sessions (cd-r)

choc.137  v/a - From The Lips Of Lepers (cd-r)

choc.138  Taurpis Tula - Steel Rods Bruise Butterflies (cd-r)

choc.139  Family Underground - Axial (cd-r)

choc.140  Mongoloid Men - From The Void (cd-r)

choc.141  Spectre Fone - Newsday Long Island for Nipsey Russell (cd-r)

choc.142  Neil Campbell & John Clyde-Evans Live At Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (cd-r)

choc.143  Pee In My Face With Surgery - Damnation Road (cd-r)

choc.144  Greg Kelley - 1 Hour As Something That Didn't Turn Out The Way I Intended It To (cd-r)

choc.145  Robedoor - Christs Vipers (cd-r)

choc.146  Ashtray Navigations - Sweet Iron Feet (cd-r)

choc.147  Gas Shepherds - untitled (cd-r)

choc.148  Blood Stereo - For Heavy Lung (cd-r)

choc.149  Blood Stereo - Little Creeper (cd-r)

choc.150  Dylan Nyoukis - Owl Tapes (cd-r)

choc.151  Towering Breaker - Those Who Do Not Believe In The Subversive Power Of Love Have A Corpse In Their Mouths (cd-r)

choc.152  Maths Balance Volumes - Hospital Dubs From 128 Satanical Square (cd-r)

choc.153  Reminguez - Stupid With Brains

choc.154  v/a - Broken Brain (cd-r)

choc.155  Anla Courtis & Dylan Nyoukis - Fight The Pyramids (cd-r)

choc.156  Smack Music 7 & Reijo Pami - Kuppa, Iloinen Tauti (cd-r)

choc.157  Blood Stereo - Enfold The Hiss (cd-r)

choc.158  Axolotl - Prophetic Ass (cd-r)

choc.159  Family Underground - Grave Passage (cd-r)

choc.160  Preggy Peggy & The LazyBabymakers - Gang Rape Of A Short Bus Rider (cd-r)

choc.161  Castings - Punk Rock Is bunk Squawk (cd-r)

choc.162  Gas Shepherds - Tu (cd-r)

choc.163  (((vluba))) - Inventions For Inflatable Guitar (cd-r)

choc.164  Minn Minn Lights - Right Whale (cd-r)

choc.165  Sand Rattle Kins - 13 Steps From Kava Conch (cd-r)

choc.166  U-Boat - Condor Song (cd-r)

Choc.167  Hollow Bush - Null-A pt.1 (cd-r)

choc.168  Pod Blotz - Radar & Nest (cd-r)

choc.169  Borful Tang - Unreleased Gems & Timeless Classics (cd-r)

choc.170  Ryan Jewell - Autodidact Starfruit Motherfucker (cd-r)

choc.171  Bolide Awkwardstra - The Authority Of Omar (cd-r)

choc.172  F.Ampism - A Cerimonial Swirly (cd-r)

choc.173  Infinity Window - Trans Fat (cd-r)

choc.174  Reijo Pami - Please Stop Breathing